Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Women of Hope Amidst Covid19 Scare

Look: These women have become the light of hope in their communities amid the COVID-19

In this time of Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ),some of us might have already felt the urge to think of ways we can lend a helping hand. Whenthe  opportunity to provide   assistance have come knocking  on  the   doors   of  some   ordinary,everyday women like Marielle Solomon, Sarah Jane de la Rosa, Pia Alviola, Melissa Olit, andAngela Lapinosa, they embraced the chance to help and made things happen!

They have beenvoluntarily and wholeheartedly taking on tasks of providing food, of sourcing for relief goods, ofcreating PPEs, and mobilizing resources for Filipinos in COVID-harm’s way. They didn’t thinktwice to go out of their comfort zones to share a part of themselves and be a light to others.Marielle Solomon is a marketing professional who currently spends most of her time aroundvolunteers like herself in Siargao Community Kitchen to ease the plight of families in the islandwhose source of income have been affected by COVID-19.

At present, they have provided over4,000 food packs, staying true to the belief that community starts with sharing. Through herefforts, Marielle is just one of the women who bring the light to the island of Siargao.Student Sarah Jane de la Rosa’s light has truly radiated throughout the Metro. She has proventhat being a differently abled person is not and will never be a hindrance if you put your heart inthe service of a solid cause. A volunteer at the Barangay Holy Spirit Person with DisabilitiesAssociation, Sarah who is afflicted with cerebral palsy, ably leads her team as their President inproviding relief packages in the area. As of today, the association has provided much neededhelp to more than 1,000 PWD’s and their families.

Project Love PPE and Masks has produced and donated over 1,500 masks and 600 PPEs invarious hospitals. This initiative is the brainchild of Pia Alviola, a Fashion Designer based inMakati City, who has found a way to bring the light among our healthcare front liners the bestway she knows how, through her skills, and her desire to not only provide a source of incomefor her team of seamstresses and tailors, but also to be an instrument of providing protection inthese times.

 In Puerto Princesa, Melissa Olit, the founder of Chef Aiza’s Community has seen to it that hercommunity in Palawan is given the proper nutrition and sustenance they need. From front linersto students, and even to hard working construction workers stranded on the island, Melissa hasmade sure the food she prepares, and delivers are sourced from local farmers to sustain theirlivelihood. Over the course of bringing light to front liners and local farmers, her group hasalready served more than 5,000 food packs.

 Through a drive called RICEaboveCOVID, Angela Lapinosa, one of the lead organizers of theinitiative, has illuminated the city of Cebu with her generosity and service. At the Cebu Instituteof Technology, Angela is known as a student leader. But for the two hundred beneficiaries of the
cause she represents, Angela is one to remember only with the kindest of words. The youngones also acknowledge her as someone who has shed light into their lives and has given themhope for being the project manager of “Para Kay Baby”, a project under RICEaboveCOVID thathas allocated 100 relief goods to the families of infants and children in her town.

 These   five   extraordinary   women   have   truly   become   light   bearers   in   their   communities   forserving   as   volunteers   who   through   their  service  and   heart,   have   greatly   contributed   to   thecommon   good.   Like   these   women,   SkinWhite   has   always   believed   that   anyone   can#BeTheLight especially in times of uncertainty. Every effort no matter how small, can have aconsiderable amount of good especially to those who are in need. Let us continue inspiring andencouraging these women by supporting their causes, as we too can be the light in our ownways.

Here are ways to reach Marielle, Sarah, Pia, Melissa and Angela as we make these challengingtimes lighter! Siargao Community Kitchen - +63 939 883 4033 | visit their Siargao Community Kitchen onInstagram and Facebook pageBarangay Holy Spirit Person with Disabilities Association - Sarah de la RosaProject Love PPE and Masks - Pia AlviolaChef Aiza’s Community - Melissa Olit, Community Kitchen’s page   ,   or      Chef Aiza's Community   on InstagramRICEaboveCOVID –    Cebuano Youth Ambassadors, Inc.    Lapinosa

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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Shopee Resumes Full Operations

Users can buy all their essential and non-essential goods from the safety of their own home
MANILA, April 30, 2020 - Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, announced today that it will resume full operations and fulfillment of all orders nationwide -- including non-essential goods like beauty products, fashion, and many more. Cash on Delivery will also be available for all items.
Martin Yu, Associate Director of Shopee Philippines, said: “We’re glad to announce that Shopee will be resuming full operations and nationwide fulfillment for all goods and services. Aside from essential goods, our Filipino users can now have access to non-essential goods from different categories like fashion, beauty, and many more. We are also working closely with our brands, sellers, and partners to ensure that we continue to provide our users with greater convenience and value during this period and beyond Covid-19.”
Shopee will also continue to serve its users with their essential needs with the recently launched 5.5 Shopee Mart Sale. Running until May 5, Shopee offers deals as low as ₱5 and a Free Shipping with P0 minimum spend on essential products including food, personal hygiene, health supplies, and many more.
In addition, Shopee will be offering discounts up to 90% off on fashion items with the Shopee Bazaar Sale.
 for more information.
Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.
About Shopee
Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It is a platform tailored for the region, providing customers with an easy, secure and fast online shopping experience through strong payment and logistical support. Shopee aims to continually enhance its platform and become the region’s e-commerce destination of choice.
Shopee has a wide selection of product categories ranging from consumer electronics to home & living, health & beauty, baby & toys, fashion and fitness equipment.
Shopee, a Sea company, was first launched in Singapore in 2015, and has since expanded its reach to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Sea is a leader in digital entertainment, e-commerce and digital financial services across Southeast Asia. Sea's mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology, and is listed on the NYSE under the symbol SE.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

2019 Bar Exam Passers

Source: Supreme Court

  1. ABABAN, Jade S.
  2. ABAD, Bridget R.
  3. ABAD, Eunice Ann
  4. ABAD, Isaihlene Jyhl E.
  5. ABANGAN, JR., Richard C.
  6. ABAS, Maria Danise Ranchelle
  7. ABAS, Michael Andrew G.
  8. ABATA, Marivir G.
  9. ABATEN, Wilson M.
  10. ABCEDE, Josephus M.
  11. ABDULCALIM, Amira Alyssa G.
  12. ABDULHALIM, Jamela Jahaira M.
  13. ABDULJALIL, Ahmad U.
  14. ABDURAHIM, Hassanal H.
  15. ABELEDA, Marie Eugenie Lourdes B.
  16. ABELLA, JR., Frederick M.
  17. ABENOJA, Nenani Rose S.
  18. ABING, Patrick I.
  19. ABIS, Kim Ranielle E.
  20. ABLAZA, Dreiann B.
  21. ABNASAN, Janine Grace B.
  22. ABOLUCION, Diane M.
  23. ABOT, Leo Francis F.
  24. ABRAHAM, Justin Mikhael B.
  25. ABRAZALDO, Donn Joseph M.
  26. ABRERA, Haydee M.
  27. ABRIGO, Yassen Jo Martin J.
  28. ABRIL, Dennis Aran T.
  29. ABRINA, Joshua L.
  30. ABRINICA, Ronie G.
  31. ABUT, Paula P.
  32. ACABADO, Mark Nico A.
  33. ACCAD, Clarisse B.
  34. ACERDEN, Karyl Trinidad C.
  35. ACLETA, Jessica Samantha D.
  36. ACORDA, Ernesto B.
  37. ACOSTA, Mabelle E.
  38. ACUARIO, Gretch Mary B.
  39. ACUESTA, Sherlyne A.
  40. ACUROS, Mel John E.
  41. ACUSAR, Daniel V.
  42. ADAJAR, Esron Joseph L.
  43. ADTOON, Meve Shyral B.
  44. ADVIENTO, Tristan Juveniño U.
  45. AFAN, Ma. Elizabeth R.
  46. AGAPITO, Joselito
  47. AGBAYANI, Dyrol Cesnan A.
  48. AGCAOILI, Joeshua Kaye Q.
  49. AGCAOILI, Karlyn Mae E.
  50. AGEAS, Henrik T.
  51. AGITO, John Carlo R.
  52. AGOD, Marigold Adarlyne P.
  53. AGOOT, Joy D.
  54. AGRAMON, Wayne Justine D.
  55. AGUILANA, Carlo Nico B.
  56. AGUILAR, Ara Lou Margaret A.
  57. AGUILAR, Charmaine G.
  58. AGUILAR, Chrisel H.
  59. AGUILAR, Joses Niño G.
  60. AGUILAR, Verona D.
  61. AGUILAR, JR., Carmelo R.
  62. AGUILAR-NOCEDA, Cherry Kerr P.
  63. AGUILON, Marie Gene D.
  64. AGUIRRE, Edrese O.
  65. AGUSTIN, Chrissete C.
  66. AGUSTIN, Elreen Pearl A.
  67. AHMED, Jude Fayaz A.
  68. ALAGOS, Hernalie D.
  69. ALARAS, Marichie B.
  70. ALARILLA, Mark Ellison S.
  71. ALBA, Ma. Angela Beatriz P.
  72. ALBA, Mary Anne S.
  73. ALBAO, Myk Gregory L.
  74. ALBARRACIN, Roby Anne L.
  75. ALBAY, Miami Frianz F.
  76. ALBAÑO, Charles Augustine R.
  77. ALBAÑO, Phoebe Charis A.
  78. ALBESO, Odessa P.
  79. ALBESTOR, Saviya Basille O.
  80. ALBRECHT, Reinhard Dietrich A.
  81. ALBURO, Rachel G.
  82. ALBUTRA, Jerbee F.
  83. ALCAYRO, Paul Nikon T.
  84. ALDABA IV, Victorino M.
  85. ALDEZA, Daniel Francis C.
  86. ALEGADO, Glory Jane A.
  87. ALEGRE, Andrea Y.
  88. ALEJANDRINO, Michelle S.
  89. ALEJANDRO, Flora May L.
  90. ALFARO, Maria Aileene A.
  91. ALFARO, Rennette Joy G.
  92. ALFECHE, January M.
  93. ALFILER, Lorah Marie Nhel M.
  94. ALI-ARUMPAC, Jehan A.
  95. ALIH, James Bryan Ibrahim A.
  96. ALIMON, Jose Jireh T.
  97. ALIMPOLOS, Irish Jhade G.
  98. ALINSOD, Joseph R.
  99. ALIUDEN-MUA, Fahleah M.
  100. ALMADEN, Rosalie S.
  101. ALMAREZ, JR., David S.
  102. ALMERINO, John Anthony F.
  103. ALMINAR, James A.
  104. ALMOJUELA, Justine Ria M.
  105. ALO, John Arjie T.
  106. ALONZO, Angelica S.
  107. ALPARAQUE, Earvin Jay I.
  108. ALTOBANO, Myra C.
  109. ALVIARNE, Aprille S.
  110. AMADO, Joselito E.
  111. AMAGO, Jann Claudine M.
  112. AMAGO, JR., Florencio C.
  113. AMANTE, Ana Karmela S.
  114. AMANTE, Kevin Q.
  115. AMBIDA, Jonathan, Jr. C.
  116. AMBOLARIO, Mariphi C.
  117. AMBROSIO, Stephanie L.
  118. AMBULO, Wenzel Kenn D.
  119. AMISTAD-ZOZOBRADO, Michelle C.
  120. AMOR-FORMILLEZA, Flouellen M.
  121. AMPARADO, Margarita C.
  122. AMPARO, Nestle M.
  123. AMPUAN, Kevin John D.
  124. AMUAN, Nicole Marie I.
  125. ANCAJAS, Menchu P.
  126. ANCERO, Van Allen M.
  127. ANCHETA, Eros Freuy B.
  128. ANDALES, Samantha D.
  129. ANDAYA-BORJA, Catherine Mae B.
  130. ANDRES, Inna Camille C.
  131. ANDRES, Jhorolar N.
  132. ANDRES, Mary Grace D.
  133. ANG, Jefferson G.
  134. ANG, Monique B.
  135. ANGAS, Riezyl Reen P.
  136. ANGELES, Sigfred P.
  137. ANGELES II, George S.
  138. ANGELES III, Fernando E.
  139. ANGIT, Christine G.
  140. ANGOT, Ladylou G.
  141. ANIEL, Jeramil C.
  142. ANTALA, Jeff Kevin D.
  143. ANTALAN, Carlo Mayo P.
  144. ANTENOR, Maria Joycelyn M.
  145. ANTIOJO, Kriska R.
  146. ANTONIO, Joseph Mark A.
  147. ANTONIO, Nathalie Hiroko T.
  148. APACIBLE II, Tomas C.
  149. APOSTOL, Jinny M.
  150. APUYAN, Kaye Patrice A.
  151. AQUILIZAN, Zyra Frances P.
  152. AQUINO, Ar-reb B.
  153. AQUINO, Jonina Marie Q.
  154. AQUINO, Leona Isabelle A.
  155. ARABE, Edward Francis M.
  156. ARADO, Jerome T.
  157. ARAGO, Jez Charlemagne
  158. ARANAS, Janine Karla A.
  159. ARAYA, Urie R.
  160. ARBIOL, Christian Adrianne M.
  161. ARBIOL, Kress Ryan P.
  162. ARCE, Aya M.
  163. ARCE-MARCELINO, Arvie Joy O.
  164. ARCEO, Reginald M.
  165. ARCHIVAL, Lorenil A.
  166. ARCILLAS, Klarissa U.
  167. ARENAS, Christine Marie L.
  168. ARENAS, Jackie Lyn M.
  169. ARENAS, Janine Aira D.
  170. ARENGA, Mary Ann U.
  171. ARES, Marie Bernadette P.
  172. AREVALO, Angeline F.
  173. AREÑO, Chiles Megan M.
  174. ARGUELLES, Anvari F.
  175. ARGUEZA, Darwin P.
  176. ARIAS, Earvin Joelet B.
  177. ARID, Hannah Mhae G.
  178. ARIENZA, Ellen Lovea J.
  179. ARIOLA, Louella C.
  180. ARITCHETA, Mycel C.
  181. ARIZ, Jamaica F.
  182. ARNAEZ-LLABAN, Clarisse Joy C.
  183. ARPIA, Kathleen V.
  184. ARPON, Marco O.
  185. ARPON, Seguncencia S.
  186. ARREOLA, Renz Homer S.
  187. ARREZA, Jerame A.
  188. ARUGAY, Lorman T.
  189. ASENSI, Ma. Triscia Giebon D.
  190. ASERON, Xavier Alexen R.
  191. ASIDOY, Cyruz Generey G.
  192. ASPILLA, Lanie Joy M.
  193. ASUNCION, Elias Pacifico L.
  194. ASUNCION-PANTALEON, Farah Lurdez R.
  195. ATAS, Celeste B.
  196. ATIENZA, Lovelyn M.
  197. ATIENZA, Sarah S.
  198. AURE, Mark Lester L.
  199. AURELIO, Mikaela Armina L.
  200. AURELIO, Pristine Amber C.
  201. AURO, Ian Deo A.
  202. AUSTRIA, Cyrelle A.
  203. AUSTRIA, Dan Oliver M.
  204. AVENDAÑO, James Lee N.
  205. AVILA, Anton Luis A.
  206. AVILA, Neil M.
  207. AVILA, Roxanne B.
  208. AVIÑON, Fidelis T.
  209. AYENTO, Paul Sidney D.
  210. AYSON, John D.
  211. AYSON, Paul Jonathan L.
  212. AYUBAN, Violeto D.
  213. AZANZA, Raiya Angela M.
  214. AZARCON, Ronel M.
  215. AZIS, Sittie Najliah A.
  216. AZORES, Mae Diane M.
  217. AÑONUEVO, Jon-jon V.
  218. AÑONUEVO, Paolo Daniel Rolando R.
  219. BAACO, Gellian Grace B.
  220. BABALCON, Gee Colleen D.
  221. BABAO, Anniza M.
  222. BABIANO, Kim Marie R.
  223. BACANI, Alson John S.
  224. BACANI, Cecilia F.
  225. BACANI, Krystle Marie C.
  226. BACATAN, Abundio A.
  227. BACCAY, Marc Aldous C.
  228. BACLEA-AN, Albert B.
  229. BACOSA, Shelly Kate M.
  230. BACTOL, Elijah B.
  231. BACULI-BUDADEN, Cynthia D.
  232. BADULIS, JR., Reynaldo R.
  233. BAES, Kaye F.
  234. BAESA, Marc Edwin S.
  235. BAGA, Noel C.
  236. BAGAOISAN, Jillian Ira L.
  237. BAGUIO, Nichol John B.
  238. BAGUIOEN, Mark Jacob G.
  239. BAIDDIN-LIM, Seraina M.
  240. BAJAMUNDE, Maree Louise Bianca R.
  241. BAJAO, Michael P.
  242. BALAD, Vincent A.
  243. BALAGASAY, Eden Ivy Rose V.
  244. BALAGON, Beverly Anne F.
  245. BALAGOT, John Lester M.
  246. BALANAG, Justine Marie R.
  247. BALANAY, Mae Niagara M.
  248. BALANAY, Rendel Bryan L.
  249. BALANQUIT, Nikki Isabel G.
  250. BALBIN, Veronica Grace S.
  251. BALBIN II, Edgardo M.
  252. BALDERAS, Danika Blin M.
  253. BALDUGO, Michael Justin T.
  254. BALICAS, Whyte Roy S.
  255. BALINGASA, Gerlin Myca S.
  256. BALINGASA, Mary Angeline S.
  257. BALINO, Danica T.
  258. BALISI, Jessica Cassandra Leen C.
  259. BALLARTA, Ian John D.
  260. BALLESTEROS, Theodore S.
  261. BALLON, Anjelyn C.
  262. BALLUNGAY, JR., Nelson C.
  263. BALONDA, James Horace A.
  264. BALUBAL, Kristy Joy B.
  265. BANA, Maria Kristina Jihan C.
  266. BANDAL, Aldrin F.
  267. BANDIOLA, Dawna Fya O.
  268. BANDOLIN, JR., Rudy A.
  269. BANGALAN, Maricon D.
  270. BANGCOLA, Ashyanna Alexine Adia Amira-labi A.
  271. BANTAO, Mohhamad Ali M.
  272. BANTUAS, Alyannah V.
  273. BANZUELA III, Prospero B.
  274. BAQUILOD, Ma. Carmel M.
  275. BARANDA, Myra M.
  276. BARBARONA, Erika Q.
  277. BARCENAS, Benedict Rey B.
  278. BARCENAS-SERGIO, Catherine F.
  279. BARLOLONG, Vanessa G.
  280. BARRANTES, Hannah R.
  281. BARRE, Alyanna Mae A.
  282. BARRIETA, Sheen Joshua B.
  283. BARRINUEVO, Jonas C.
  284. BARRION, Dennis P.
  285. BARRIOS, Janmar
  286. BARRIOS, Ronifelle L.
  287. BARROT, Riorose Mair Q.
  288. BARTOLATA, Hazel Marie A.
  289. BARTOLOME, Jose Rafael A.
  290. BARTOLOME, Rajin Ellis B.
  291. BASADRE, Den Krystian C.
  292. BASALLAJE, Jose Bernard V.
  293. BASAY, Analyn Grace Y.
  294. BASER, Wilson Kyle S.
  295. BASILLA, Jomari Ace V.
  296. BASILONIA, Ma. Bernadette B.
  297. BASUNGIT, Waylan L.
  298. BATAC, Eliza Pauline R.
  299. BATAC, Karlo Gonzalo G.
  300. BATACAN, Maria Ayra Celina S.
  301. BATALLA, Balsy J.
  302. BATALLA-NOCOS, Jinky B.
  303. BATOON, Em Epsan M.
  304. BATTUNG, Pauline Ruth T.
  305. BATUCAN, Kristine Joyce F.
  306. BATUGAN, JR., Jamael U.
  307. BATUL, JR., Sunny A.
  308. BATULAN, Krizza Mae L.
  309. BATUNGBACAL, Roberto N.
  310. BAUTISTA, Ephraim A.
  311. BAUTISTA, Joseph Raymund I.
  312. BAUTISTA, Joshua E.
  313. BAUTISTA, Mark Joseph T.
  314. BAUTISTA, Noe M.
  315. BAUTISTA, Roland Dave S.
  316. BAUTISTA, Ruphy Anne A.
  317. BAUTISTA, Sheryl Y.
  318. BAUTISTA, Soliman Allen V.
  319. BAUTISTA, Vanessa A.
  320. BAYA, Jayvee Wilfred C.
  321. BAYANI, Alyanna Dia Marie B.
  322. BAYLON, Jocelyn H.
  323. BAYUCAN, Melfort Girme M.
  324. BEHIGA, Sarah Jane F.
  325. BEJA, Nielgem S.
  326. BELGICA, Andrew A.
  327. BELLO, Jecko G.
  328. BELLOGA-EDROSOLANO, Shane Marie C.
  329. BELO, Clarisa
  330. BELOSO, Darlene Mae P.
  331. BELTEJAR, Mervan Calie T.
  332. BENCIO-ANAS, Aiza
  333. BENEDICTO, Ana Victoria Therese M.
  334. BENEDICTO, Camille S.
  335. BERAD, Brandon L.
  336. BERBAÑO, Kevin Joseph C.
  337. BERBERABE, Farah Fides T.
  338. BERDUGO, John Paul F.
  339. BERECIO, Gervien T.
  340. BERGUIA, Paul Jordan T.
  341. BERMAS, Ralph Erik B.
  342. BERMAS, JR., Wilfredo F.
  343. BERNABE, Jayson B.
  344. BERNALDEZ, Joshua T.
  345. BERNARDES, Marianne Gail L.
  346. BERNARDEZ, Jairus Vincent Z.
  347. BERNARDEZ, Loreto Placido Rudov E.
  348. BERNARDINO, Ellaine Anne L.
  349. BERNARDO, Eljay M.
  350. BERNARDO, Jessa G.
  351. BERNARDO, Mark Ebenezer A.
  352. BESA, Tristan Ray I.
  353. BESARES, Alyanna Mariz C.
  354. BIADO, Kia A.
  355. BIAGO, Mary Jane R.
  356. BIASE, Sheron C.
  357. BIGALBAL, Jesselle DC.
  358. BIGORNIA, Joanna Ursula S.
  359. BILLONES, JR., Leonardo B.
  360. BILOG IV, Gregorio R.
  361. BINALAY, Lenina Dyanne D.
  362. BINOYA, Mark Adrian C.
  363. BISDA, Jemimah Faye I.
  364. BOLILAN, Vina A.
  365. BOLINAO, Victor Enrique G.
  366. BOLO, Vincent Dannie B.
  367. BONCAY, Lester John R.
  368. BONCAYAO, Paty Karie C.
  369. BONDOC, Franz Vico M.
  370. BONDOC, Jan Michael A.
  371. BONIEL, Cerfranz A.
  372. BONITE, Kim Kervin B.
  373. BONOS, Sarah Esther H.
  374. BONRUSTRO, Sandra Mae B.
  375. BONTAGEN, Jessa M.
  376. BORBON, Ma. Jennifer Y.
  377. BORCES, Jo David Z.
  378. BORROMEO, Carlo Raphael C.
  379. BOSLENG, Myrene A.
  380. BOTE, Karina Ana P.
  381. BRAVO, Anna-patricia C.
  382. BRAVO, Giovanni J.
  383. BRAÑA, Brigette M.
  384. BRIGOLI, Charmaie G.
  385. BRIONES, Fatima Dennise D.
  386. BRIONES, Andrea D.
  387. BRIONES, Ma. Cristina M.
  388. BRITANICO, Camille Astrid O.
  389. BRIZ, Sharmaine C.
  390. BROLAGDA, Raphael Carlo D.
  391. BRUAL, Nico Allen A.
  392. BRUNO III, Teodoro Jose M.
  393. BUAQUEN, Aleli C.
  394. BUCANG, Rizza Mae M.
  395. BUCTUAN, Faizal June T.
  396. BUCU, Lorelei Joselle H.
  397. BUEMIO, Mark Darryl P.
  398. BUENAVENTURA, Louben D.
  399. BUENDIA, Frances Juliene Marie A.
  400. BUENVENIDA, Necelle Y.
  401. BUENVENIDA, Ria S.
  402. BUENVIAJE, Iñigo R.
  403. BUERGO, Rhowee D.
  404. BUHISAN, Jay Patrick R.
  405. BUISON, Elgieraydolph Y.
  406. BULALACAO, Rudito D.
  407. BULAONG, Karl Anthony SA.
  408. BULDA, Ma. Zillah G.
  409. BULFANGO, Audrey Louise T.
  410. BULLANDAY, Lawrence T.
  411. BULLO, JR., Edron T.
  412. BULOSAN, Marx Erson R.
  413. BULOTANO, Kevin J.
  414. BUMANGLAG, Aldette Eve V.
  415. BUNAGAN, Mack Hale E.
  416. BUNDOC, Russel Anne C.
  417. BUNIEL, Emmy Tessalu S.
  418. BUNOAN, Marivic Q.
  419. BUNQUIN, Danielle D.
  420. BUNYI, Maria Paola C.
  421. BURGOS, Dabuimar
  422. BUSTAMANTE, Jessica Sharla G.
  423. BUTALID, Vince Patrick L.
  424. BUTANTAN, Oberly Mae T.
  425. CAADAN, Julie Anne I.
  426. CABACANG, Maria Tanya P.
  427. CABACUNGAN, Trisha Jesica R.
  428. CABACUNGAN-ESBRA, Marianne M.
  429. CABAHUG, John Dexter P.
  430. CABALLERO, Rhonalyn M.
  431. CABANSAG, Rex Mark M.
  432. CABARDO, Joime Ann A.
  433. CABATUANDO, Mari-nessa N.
  434. CABAUATAN, Chary Kae V.
  435. CABILDO, Josephine Ivane V.
  436. CABILES, Riza R.
  437. CABILI, Safrali S.
  438. CABLING, Carolyn M.
  439. CABRAL, Jan Louie Antonni S.
  440. CABRAL, Ma. Angela Francesca Y.
  441. CABREDO, Edsel Marquino P.
  442. CABRERA, Christian C.
  443. CABRITO, Carlo Angelo D.
  444. CABSON, Claire B.
  445. CABURAL, Alyssa Marie C.
  446. CACHA, Zara Janella M.
  447. CACHERO, Noel D.
  448. CADIENTE, Daphne Tricia G.
  450. CADORNA, Jerekko A.
  451. CAGANG, Ranielle Marie G.
  452. CAGOCO, Anna Kristine L.
  453. CAIDIC, Zina D.
  454. CAIGAS, Joyce Ann A.
  455. CAINDAY, John Kelly B.
  456. CAJAYON, Ella Cecilia A.
  457. CALA, Ellen Charmane S.
  458. CALAGUI, Glenda (jay Gee) T.
  459. CALANO, Kathrine Jessica G.
  460. CALATRAVA, Kim Lorenzo G.
  461. CALBE, Norhaisah A.
  462. CALIGDONG, Dexter Sejm L.
  463. CALIMAG, Racquel L.
  464. CALIMLIM, Jeninah A.
  465. CALIWAN-GASPAY, Cherrylyn A.
  466. CALLANTA, Margaret H.
  467. CALLANTA, Robelen-ann G.
  468. CALVAN, Althea Samantha A.
  469. CALVARIO, Arven E.
  470. CAMALIG, John Robert A.
  471. CAMANSO, Nicky Joy M.
  472. CAMEYENG, Sheena Seemba D.
  473. CAMITAN, Michaela L.
  474. CAMPILAN, Krissette Grace F.
  475. CAMPOS, Melissa A.
  476. CANDOLITA, Therese Anne S.
  477. CANLAS, Camille Victoria F.
  478. CANLAS, John Dairen U.
  479. CANLAS, Pauline Monica A.
  480. CANONIZADO, JR., Edwin M.
  481. CANTOS, Leula Dianne G.
  482. CAOILI-MARCELO, Deness Louise G.
  483. CAPADOCIA, Merchadel O.
  484. CAPAL, Ronaleen Giselle A.
  485. CAPALUNGAN, Jaycee M.
  487. CAPARAS, Aaron Sage R.
  488. CAPELLAN, Glecie Suzanne T.
  489. CAPILI, Arlene C.
  490. CAPISONDA, Claire Iris J.
  491. CAPULONG, Christopher A.
  492. CARAAN, Krisppina Krissanta A.
  493. CARAANG, Joanna Marie G.
  494. CARABIDO, Jay-rom R.
  495. CARAGGAYAN, Noemi S.
  496. CARAMTO, Carlo Stephen D.
  497. CARBONELL, Cherryl G.
  498. CARIAGA, Arianna L.
  499. CARILLO, Jane Marie Bianca B.
  500. CARINGAL, Elaine A.
  501. CARINGAL, Joshua Angelo A.
  502. CARLOS, Maria Elena B.
  503. CARO, Monica Celine A.
  504. CARPESO, Kevin R.
  505. CARPIO, Arlene B.
  506. CARPIO, Emilyn Carmela Y.
  507. CARPIO, Lisanie O.
  508. CARPIO, Micah Celine S.
  509. CARRASCO, Marlo Karlo T.
  510. CARRIDO, Mark Joseph M.
  511. CASAN, Johari P.
  512. CASAÑARES, Arianna C.
  513. CASER, Allan Bryan A.
  514. CASQUEJO, Charmaine Fhaye C.
  515. CASTAÑEDA, Maria Patricia L.
  516. CASTELLANO, Kristina S.
  517. CASTELO, Yves Mikka B.
  518. CASTILLO, Aleczandra M.
  519. CASTILLO, Maria Victoria M.
  520. CASTILLO, Miguel M.
  521. CASTILLO, Rio Star B.
  522. CASTILLO, Roman George P.
  523. CASTILLO, JR., Renato S.
  524. CASTILLON, Eurika Jessa D.
  525. CASTILLON, Kristel Anne D.
  526. CASTRO, Joana Arilyn T.
  527. CASTRO, Kathrine Celine R.
  528. CASTRO, Levi Mae N.
  529. CASTRO, Marhen ST.
  530. CATAMCO, Ed Manuel P.
  531. CATIPAY, Ralph Ronald S.
  532. CATOLICO II, Robert F.
  533. CAYABAN, Roseann L.
  534. CAYABYAB, Kristine Alma T.
  535. CAYOSA, Domingo Angelo F.
  536. CAÑETE, Francis C.
  537. CAÑETE, Theamer Niña S.
  538. CEBALLOS, Celeste June R.
  539. CEDIÑO, Kristine Mae A.
  540. CELESTE, Kazel C.
  541. CENIZA, Gio Raymond P.
  542. CEPEDA, Maria Luisa J.
  543. CEPEDOZA, Paul Vincent O.
  544. CEREZO, Pearl Angeli R.
  545. CERIACO, Jeremae Ann T.
  546. CESANTE, Royce Nikko J.
  547. CHAGUILE, Brix Paul B.
  548. CHAN, Johanna Celine Mari A.
  549. CHAN, John Psalmuel V.
  550. CHAN, Tiffany G.
  551. CHAVES, Consuelo G.
  552. CHAVEZ, Eunice V.
  553. CHAVEZ, Kristine P.
  554. CHAVEZ, Ma. Katrina Daniella B.
  555. CHIN, Christine Lily Angely T.
  556. CHING, Apple Kris J.
  557. CHING, Ryan Omar D.
  558. CHOI, Anthony Ernest D.
  559. CHU, Alecsandra Deniece D.
  560. CHUA, Dane Larieze L.
  561. CHUA, Edward King L.
  562. CHUA, Johnn Hanson D.
  563. CHUA, Joseph Welson F.
  564. CHUA, Lodelyn S.
  565. CHUAHIOCK, Brian Q.
  566. CHUN, Celinka Morgan L.
  567. CHUN, Tatiana Elaine L.
  568. CID, Cedric Michael B.
  569. CIMAFRANCA, Horace E.
  570. CIPRIANO, Linden C.
  571. CLARIN, Nikka C.
  572. CLARITE, Benjo E.
  573. CLAUDIO, JR., Norberto C.
  574. CLEMENTE, Darwin D.
  575. CO, Anne Lorraine P.
  576. CO, Christine Joy G.
  577. CO, Francis Salvador B.
  578. CO, Selynn Alexis S.
  579. COLINA, Alexander Abraham P.
  580. COLINA, Judd Marx C.
  581. COLIPANO, Joey Ann T.
  582. COLON, Edzel Anthony G.
  583. COMETA, May Anne S.
  584. CONCEPCION, Edwin Roberto L.
  585. CONCHA, JR., Romulo V.
  586. CONDE, Mae Kristine A.
  587. CONEJERO, Marijo Angela T.
  588. CONFESOR, Kristine G.
  589. CONSERVADO, Sheena Marie V.
  590. CONSTANTINO, Edgar Noel V.
  591. CONTRERAS, Fabian A.
  592. CONTRERAS, Samantha Marie V.
  593. COOPERA, Scarlette Joy N.
  594. COPIA, April John Ray F.
  595. CORDERO, Andrewfer D.
  596. CORDERO, Kimberley Ionne Y.
  597. CORDOVEZ, Mary Gertrude O.
  598. CORPUZ, Jose Miguel A.
  599. CORPUZ, Lina Flor D.
  600. CORPUZ, Shiela Joy B.
  601. CORTEZ, Arvin Paolo D.
  602. COSMOD, Dennis G.
  603. CREDO, Kenneth Louie R.
  604. CRISOSTOMO, Judy Anne S.
  605. CRISOSTOMO, Rafael Rufo B.
  606. CRISTOBAL, Darlene Ciara G.
  607. CRUZ, Bea Angela C.
  608. CRUZ, Hershey T.
  609. CRUZ, Lean Richard T.
  610. CUA, Japheth B.
  611. CUANAN, Jodelle Chris G.
  612. CUBELO, Jose Jello S.
  613. CUENCO, Julius Anthony R.
  614. CUTAMORA, Algene May O.
  615. CUTOR, Michael L.
  616. DABA, Albert Wences Iii C.
  617. DABAO, Alexa Monica P.
  618. DABATOS, Drixel Jann S.
  619. DACARA, Charlene Mae C.
  620. DADANG, Sheen Leigh J.
  621. DADIVAS, Ma. Louise B.
  622. DAGAERAG, Micah Stefan B.
  623. DAGATAN-SALVADORA, Juliebeth M.
  624. DAGDAG, Lex Vincent P.
  625. DAGUMAN, Jennifer G.
  626. DAJAO, Lalaine A.
  627. DALAYAP, Marvinson Mark B.
  628. DALIS, Shalini Kristy S.
  629. DAMALERIO, Glemarie S.
  630. DAMASCO, Alaine Joyce O.
  631. DAMAYO, Jovany A.
  632. DANGATAG, Brandon B.
  633. DANGLOSE, Denize C.
  634. DANSAL, Angelica Krystle L.
  635. DARAGANGAN, Nor-ainah M.
  636. DATUDACULA, Boy Omar G.
  637. DAVAD, Airah S.
  638. DAVID, Archimedes M.
  639. DAVID, Maria Angelica D.
  640. DAVID, Maria Clara Theresa C.
  641. DAVID, Ronaldo E.
  642. DAVID, Vincent Paul C.
  643. DAVILA, Ernest Benz S.
  644. DAYAO, Sabrina Victoria M.
  645. DAYAP III, Rafael B.
  646. DAYOS, Kim Patrick P.
  647. DAYRIT, Daryl Kenneth R.
  648. DE ASIS, Camille Anne P.
  649. DE ASIS, Juris Giovanni A.
  650. DE BELEN, Charles Fredricksson O.
  651. DE CASTRO, Ana Kathrina Rose I.
  652. DE CASTRO, Ian Paulo M.
  653. DE CASTRO, Lindolf F.
  654. DE GUIA, Jon Robert Raymond H.
  655. DE GUZMAN, Alden V.
  656. DE GUZMAN, Beatrice Anne DC.
  657. DE GUZMAN, Dino Roel J.
  658. DE GUZMAN, Erika Bianca S.
  659. DE GUZMAN, Jorielle Dave G.
  660. DE GUZMAN, Joseph Martin A.
  661. DE GUZMAN, Maria Elisa C.
  662. DE GUZMAN, Maria June Gelian M.
  663. DE GUZMAN, May DL.
  664. DE GUZMAN, Miguel Rico E.
  665. DE GUZMAN, Pamela Jane P.
  666. DE GUZMAN, Samantha C.
  667. DE GUZMAN, Sarrah B.
  668. DE GUZMAN, Victor V.
  669. DE JEMIL, Marvin E.
  670. DE JESUS, Leigh Anne DL.
  671. DE LA CRUZ, Judee Anne C.
  672. DE LA CRUZ, Mary Astrid T.
  673. DE LA CUESTA, Joseph Adrian A.
  674. DE LA ROSA, Marie Elizabeth G.
  675. DE LA TORRE, Lovely L.
  676. DE LARA, Claudette Abigail B.
  677. DE LEON, Anthony Nash O.
  678. DE LEON, Beatrice Mae C.
  679. DE LEON, Phoebe Ruth T.
  680. DE LEON, Vanessa Arrha A.
  681. DE LEON-GUZMAN, Kristelle Hannah M.
  682. DE LEON-SERRAN, Lorelie D.
  683. DE LOS SANTOS, Katrina Q.
  684. DE LUNA, Rudolf Conrad G.
  685. DE MATA, Annamarie Junel G.
  686. DE TORRES, Rhodylyn B.
  687. DE VERA, Mark Anthony B.
  688. DE VERA, Mary Ann A.
  689. DE VEYRA, Grace Anne B.
  690. DE VEYRA, JR., Eric L.
  691. DE VILLA, Cecille M.
  692. DECIN, Ronick P.
  693. DEGOLLACION III, Manuel F.
  694. DEGOLLADO, Patricia Jillianne P.
  695. DEIPARINE, Jan Meryll M.
  696. DEJAÑO, Lady Victoria M.
  697. DEL CASTILLO, Aida Mae F.
  698. DEL MUNDO, Angelo Raphael B.
  699. DEL ROSARIO, Clement M.
  700. DEL ROSARIO, Dan Marco R.
  701. DEL ROSARIO, Julienne Angela B.
  702. DEL ROSARIO, Keren Michelle P.
  703. DEL ROSARIO, Zandra Jane J.
  704. DELA CRUZ, Adela T.
  705. DELA CRUZ, Adrian M.
  706. DELA CRUZ, Carel Brenth Z.
  707. DELA CRUZ, Christian M.
  708. DELA CRUZ, Emmanuel F.
  709. DELA CRUZ, Juan Miguel C.
  710. DELA CRUZ, Kimberly D.
  711. DELA CRUZ, Lourdes Anna A.
  712. DELA CRUZ, Maria Margarita B.
  713. DELA CRUZ, Paul Arwin A.
  714. DELA CRUZ, Reyan Vincent D.
  715. DELA PEÑA, Micaela T.
  716. DELA ROSA, John Paul A.
  717. DELFIN, Daniel Al B.
  718. DELFIN, Erna A.
  719. DELGADO, Shekinah Kitta H.
  720. DELOS REYES, Belynjohn T.
  721. DELOS REYES, John Richard A.
  722. DELOS REYES, Miles R.
  723. DELOS SANTOS, Joel P.
  724. DELOS SANTOS, Riemann J.
  725. DEMDAM, Abigael S.
  726. DENNA, Giovani C.
  727. DEPRA, Jupet S.
  728. DEREQUITO, Cherry Laine A.
  729. DERI-ON, Ma. Jonnalie A.
  730. DERRAMA, Hyacinth Kate A.
  731. DESALISA, Aybel Joice D.
  732. DESCALLAR, Frisian Gail B.
  733. DESTAJO, Pierre Honcel Angela T.
  734. DESUASIDO, Grace Lilac F.
  735. DEVESA, Roy C.
  736. DEVORA, Romeo Alexis B.
  737. DIAMITAS, Jan Erik B.
  738. DIANGCA, Saniarah U.
  739. DIAO, Edsel Marc E.
  740. DIATO, Jea Mari D.
  741. DIAZ, Jose Rodolfo Y.
  742. DIAZ, Karen Cadez P.
  743. DIAZ, Kirstie Mae Dianne V.
  744. DICO, Reymar E.
  745. DIEGO, Bryan Anthony C.
  746. DIETA, Ma. Carmela L.
  747. DIEZ, Emelie Marie T.
  748. DILANGALEN, Czaressia C.
  749. DIMAANO, Juvy Lyn A.
  750. DIMACULANGAN, Ramon Jose A.
  751. DIMALIGALIG, Karl Joseph V.
  752. DIMAO, Sittee Junaira B.
  753. DIN, Ma. Ethel Christine S.
  754. DINO-POBLETE, Ma. Katrina Loris D.
  755. DINOPOL, Mona Lisa M.
  756. DIOLA, Gail Ann C.
  757. DIONEDA, Sheena M.
  758. DIRAGEN, Mona B.
  759. DISOMANGCOP, Yacob-ali T.
  760. DITCHELLA, Jay-ann S.
  761. DIVA, Joanna Sarah T.
  762. DIVINO, Argelique M.
  763. DIWAG, June C.
  764. DIWAS, Chiquito P.
  765. DIZON, Jenine Andrea D.
  766. DIZON, Pamela Domenique M.
  767. DIZON, JR., Alfred A.
  768. DOCE, Toche Vic B.
  769. DOCENA, Robbin S.
  770. DOJILLO, Lex N.
  771. DOLLESIN, Jouvani I.
  772. DOLOR, Cyril James V.
  773. DOMASING, Jasreel A.
  774. DOMINGO, Ala Mei T.
  775. DOMINGO, Calvin Patrick P.
  776. DOMINGO, Kristine Leigh G.
  777. DOMINGO, Lucky Joy A.
  778. DOMINGO, Rozette DM.
  779. DOMINGO, Zarah Donna S.
  780. DOMINGUEZ, Victor John L.
  781. DONAIRE, Michiko N.
  782. DONATO, Lionell L.
  783. DONES, Paulo Enrico M.
  784. DOSIL, Mark Julius V.
  785. DOÑA, Rose Anne C.
  786. DRIO, Constantino D.
  787. DUERO, Ian C.
  788. DUEÑAS, Kevin Lester T.
  789. DULAY, Nicole Bernadette M.
  790. DULAY II, Sofronio C.
  791. DULDULAO, Pauline Rose T.
  792. DULNUAN, Gloria Diana C.
  793. DUMANCAS, Denyri R.
  794. DUMAOG, Katrina F.
  795. DUMAPIAS, Gay S.
  796. DUMAYAS, Mitzi I.
  797. DUMDUMA, JR., Judy M.
  798. DUMLAO, Aristotle T.
  799. DUMMANAO, Adrianne Marie P.
  800. DUMOL, Aubrey Maris A.
  801. DUMORAN, Marlon L.
  802. DUNGO, Mark I.
  803. DUQUE, Duchess Aleksei B.
  804. DUQUIATAN, Joel B.
  805. DUQUILLA, Zaira Nancy N.
  806. DURAN, Noreen Rose A.
  807. DURON, Krizea Marie K.
  808. EBAJAN, Ma. Jennielyn Milagros F.
  809. EBERSOLE, Philip F.
  810. ECALDRE, Rudmar Angelo L.
  811. EFONDO, Joseph Val M.
  812. EGIPTO, Kathlyn Jaylou T.
  813. EISMA, Ma. Denise Jolyn T.
  814. ELAMPARO, Jeo Angelo C.
  815. ELARDO, Ma. Krishna Athena G.
  816. ELEGINO, Adams Ralph Jordan S.
  817. ELNAS, Arjay J.
  818. ELUMBA, Fiona B.
  819. EMNACE, Neoven Patrick C.
  820. ENATE, Chris Za Bea E.
  821. ENCABO, Cara Maria T.
  822. ENCARNACION, Rafael Enrico H.
  823. ENCARNADO, Marvie Kate T.
  824. ENCINAS, Jade
  825. ENDOZO, Aurea Jeicelle A.
  826. ENRIQUEZ, Ephraim T.
  827. ENRIQUEZ, Flourence Kathrine S.
  828. ENRIQUEZ, Flourence Marie S.
  829. ENRIQUEZ, Keir Cedric L.
  830. ENTENA, Verlin A.
  831. EQUIZA, Janil Jay S.
  832. ERNI, Maureen Dyan D.
  833. ERUM, Margaret Anne C.
  834. ESCALA, Joan M.
  835. ESCANLAR III, Ricardo E.
  836. ESCASURA, Manuel Martin C.
  837. ESCOBAR, Jillian Danielle M.
  838. ESCOBIA, Aleisha Merryl Z.
  839. ESCOL, Hanzel Grace
  840. ESCORPIZO, Rick Angelo C.
  841. ESCUADRA, Chris G.
  842. ESGUERRA, Mary Grace E.
  843. ESONGA, Jenelle M.
  844. ESPARRAGUERRA, Karen R.
  845. ESPERACION, Angelica Marie
  846. ESPINO, Yzabel Renee R.
  847. ESPINOSA, Aimee Rose A.
  848. ESPINOSA, Frederick V.
  849. ESPIRITU, Marie Angelica C.
  850. ESPIRITU, Mark Lee B.
  851. ESPIÑO, Rosanna E.
  852. ESPORMA, Laila Veronica S.
  853. ESQUIVEL, Shiela Camile S.
  854. ESQUIVIAS, Michelle Anne P.
  855. ESTAYO, Lalaine A.
  856. ESTEBAN, Reziene I.
  857. ESTERON, Frances Adele U.
  858. ESTILLORE, Lizette Kaye F.
  859. ESTIMO, Andrew M.
  860. ESTIOKO, Mary Therese Gabrielle B.
  861. ESTIOKO, Robert Charles P.
  862. ESTOQUE, Julius Jefferson S.
  863. ESTRELLA, Elaine N.
  864. ESTRELLA, Mara Clara M.
  865. EVANGELISTA, Danica C.
  866. EVANGELISTA, Jorolenlou Marie T.
  867. EVANGELISTA, Ma. Clara G.
  868. EVIDENTE, Fiel Aldous A.
  869. EVIOTA, Alyssa V.
  870. FABELLO, Jocelyn B.
  871. FABIAN, Janry V.
  872. FABROS, Christopher Lambert M.
  873. FAJARDO, Claudine Dominique R.
  874. FAJARDO, Mica Joy S.
  875. FAJARDO, JR., Luis A.
  876. FAJILAN, Emmanuel L.
  877. FAJUTAG, Ardy F.
  878. FALCONITIN, Tomas Justine M.
  879. FALCOTELO, Diane Kristel E.
  880. FAMOR, Jewel Jade M.
  881. FANG-ASAN, Joma Sagummay D.
  882. FAUSTINO, Ma. Theresa G.
  883. FAVOREAL, Myleen Joyce R.
  884. FELICIANO, Michael Angelo G.
  885. FERAREN, Francheska Laurent L.
  886. FERIL, Samantha Famae M.
  887. FERNANDEZ, Anna Kathrina C.
  888. FERNANDEZ, Carlos Alipio Serafin T.
  889. FERNANDEZ, Eusabel C.
  890. FERNANDEZ, Jyrevi Mae A.
  891. FERNANDEZ, Rechel A.
  892. FERNANDEZ, Therese Marie L.
  893. FERNANDO, Alexandria B.
  894. FERRER, Joel P.
  895. FERRER, Princess Vanessa L.
  896. FERRER-LABARDA, Jennelyn R.
  897. FLORDELIZA, Janella Carla C.
  898. FLORENDO, Rose Stephanie D.
  899. FLORES, Janet Rocca C.
  900. FLORES, Jherod David G.
  901. FLORES, Kamille Monica B.
  902. FLORES, Kerven G.
  903. FLORES, Lloyd Marc Vincent M.
  904. FLORES, Marie Camille Allen C.
  905. FLORES, Marjorie Camille A.
  906. FLORES, Nastassja Nicole J.
  907. FLORES, Ninna Beatrice S.
  908. FLORES, Steffi Nicole P.
  909. FONACIER, Ronald Jay L.
  910. FORONDA, Franzine F.
  911. FORTUN, Maria Selena Golda R.
  912. FORTUNA, Shannine C.
  913. FORTUNATO, Moises L.
  914. FORTUNO, Gissandra L.
  915. FRANCISCO, Imee Ruth T.
  916. FRANCISCO, Jo-ann C.
  917. FRANCISCO, Ma. Concepcion C.
  918. FRANCISCO, Migmar Bernped S.
  919. FRANCISCO, Princess Joy B.
  920. FRANCISCO, Sarah Camille G.
  921. FRANCO, Manuel Joseph U.
  922. FRIAS, Anton John Vincent M.
  923. FRIAS, Helen May M.
  924. FRONDOZO, Princess Jezrael A.
  925. FUENTES, Andrea Justine V.
  926. FUENTES, Ralph Christian L.
  927. FULGAON, Laures L.
  928. FULGUERAS, Philip Gerald S.
  929. FUMERA, JR., Jesus J.
  930. FURIA, Juliet Czarina V.
  931. GABA, John Elland C.
  932. GABRIEL, Julio Agustine A.
  933. GABRIEL, Roselle A.
  934. GACAL, Glenn Francis E.
  935. GACUTAN, Marifren C.
  936. GACUYA, May Argentina B.
  937. GADDI, Ralyana Knushara M.
  938. GADOR, Moses Keith B.
  939. GAFFUD, Adrian Jared M.
  940. GAGATE, Ross Werle Bryan P.
  941. GAGATIGA, Regilyn C.
  942. GAITE, Danielle Joanna C.
  943. GAITE, Rhio Angeline T.
  944. GAJETE, Xyra Krezel I.
  945. GALAMGAM, John Carlos T.
  946. GALANG, Ruth Hazel A.
  947. GALAS, Eden Mae E.
  948. GALES, Joane Therese B.
  949. GALIA, Leizyl Mae R.
  950. GALLARDO, Kenneth Charisse I.
  951. GALLO, Vevirlie O.
  952. GALVEZ, Jean Claudette L.
  953. GAMARO, Winzel V.
  954. GAMBOA, Leolita Isabell M.
  955. GAMBOA, Rica Rae C.
  956. GAN, Precious Rochelle O.
  957. GANDAMRA, JR., Saidali A.
  958. GANDINGCO, Ma. Jillian C.
  959. GANDOLA, Faith Therese P.
  960. GANGAN, Miguel Angelo T.
  961. GAOIRAN, May Encarnina P.
  962. GARANZO-APUHIN, Leonie Vee N.
  963. GARCES, Wennonah Marie R.
  964. GARCIA, Coco Chanel G.
  965. GARCIA, Dustin Michael H.
  966. GARCIA, Greta Almina C.
  967. GARCIA, Hazel G.
  968. GARCIA, John Ray M.
  969. GARCIA, Judylyn O.
  970. GARCIA, Kathleen Mae N.
  971. GARCIA, Kris Vermie T.
  972. GARCIA, Maria Jose C.
  973. GARCIA, Raymond Joseph S.
  974. GARCIA, Shirly C.
  975. GARCIA-NATIVIDAD, Kris Dianne D.
  976. GARINGO, Vanessa Q.
  977. GARVIDA, Philip Victor G.
  978. GASPI, Alandia May D.
  979. GASTARDO, Justtine Joel Vincent U.
  980. GATCHALIAN-GALVEZ, Aimi Frances B.
  981. GATMAYTAN, Aileen P.
  982. GAUNA, Ma. Patricia Paula S.
  983. GAYO, April Valerie B.
  984. GAYO, Raymond Ruther C.
  985. GEALON, Jo-al Y.
  986. GEMANIL, Sarah Marie S.
  987. GENERALAO, Iresha Lou C.
  988. GENTAPAN, Shienah Mae C.
  989. GERERO, Monica S.
  990. GERNALE III, Sulpicio Lee L.
  991. GERONA, Monica B.
  992. GERONGA, Ralph Benedict M.
  993. GERONIMO, Jenny Joy B.
  994. GESTA, Ma. Vanessa R.
  995. GEVERA, Ma. Bernadette S.
  996. GIMANG, Mary Rose G.
  997. GINGCO, Ray Mark C.
  998. GO, Alfonso Jose B.
  999. GO, Josephine Grace M.
  1000. GO, Stefanie Ann B.
  1001. GO, Vanessa Jane J.
  1002. GO-CASTRO, Kathleen Jennifer Y.
  1003. GODINO, Juan Lorenzo D.
  1004. GOLEA, Ma. Consorcia A.
  1005. GOMEZ, Anica Angela G.
  1006. GOMEZ, Eflynne F.
  1007. GONZAGA, Nigel Angelica M.
  1008. GONZALES, Audreylyn D.
  1009. GONZALES, Cynthia O.
  1010. GONZALES, Jefferson S.
  1011. GONZALES, Leonard Bryan DG.
  1012. GONZALES, Trixie Carmela J.
  1013. GONZALES, Van Angelo G.
  1014. GONZALEZ, Jana Felice P.
  1015. GONZALEZ, Jed Nathaniel M.
  1016. GOOPIO, Kim A.
  1017. GRAN, Renz Gerald J.
  1018. GRANDE, Jonicocel M.
  1019. GRESUNES, Jessie Kris L.
  1020. GUADALUPE, Sydney Hershey C.
  1021. GUANZO, Jezabel D.
  1022. GUAY-DELOSTRICO, Rouella S.
  1023. GUAZON, Junn Justice O.
  1024. GUECO, Jean Paul Marie R.
  1025. GUERRERO, Jaime N.
  1026. GUERRERO, Philip Frantz T.
  1027. GUEVARA, Carlo C.
  1028. GUEVARA, Lawrenz Matthew L.
  1029. GUEVARRA, Archie D.
  1030. GUEVARRA, Jhaypee D.
  1031. GUEVARRA, Marc Darryl K.
  1032. GUILING, Asnia G.
  1033. GUILONSOD, Joanna Karla P.
  1034. GUINDO, Johayveer S.
  1035. GUINGONA, Francesca Angela C.
  1036. GUIUNTAB, Lizzette Ann R.
  1037. GULLA, Brian Edward P.
  1038. GUMAL, Maria Romina B.
  1039. GUMBAN, Ro Ann Marie H.
  1040. GUMBOC, Maria Katherina L.
  1041. GUMILAB, Rafie S.
  1042. GUTIERREZ, Jenina Ysabelle M.
  1043. GUTIERREZ, Nikki Manuel T.
  1044. GUZMAN, Kent Alvin L.
  1045. H. ABDULKARIM, Yasmin M.
  1046. HABIJAN, Ma. Reina F.
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  1048. HALILI, Dominic Oswald C.
  1049. HAMOR, Arvin D.
  1050. HAO, Guenavere J.
  1051. HAO, Tristan Jeremy S.
  1052. HERAMIZ, Alvin B.
  1053. HERBOSA, Angelo Francesco F.
  1054. HERMOGENO, Ma. Rizza S.
  1055. HERNANDEZ, Janeth G.
  1056. HERNANDEZ, John Kevin R.
  1057. HERNANDEZ, Joseph Nelson A.
  1058. HERNANDEZ, Maria Isabel S.
  1059. HERNANDEZ, Wilbert R.
  1060. HILASGUE, Ma. Ju Elaiza B.
  1061. HIPOLITO, Mary Grace G.
  1062. HIPOLITO IV, Raymundo L.
  1063. HIRANG, Leomarie F.
  1064. HORTILLOSA, Kim S.
  1065. HUAN, Roxanne Gayle A.
  1066. HUEVOS, Giuseppe Christian M.
  1067. IBANEZ, Jim Louis V.
  1068. IBAY, Yasmine A.
  1069. IBAÑEZ, Patricia D.
  1070. IBBA, Sharmaine A.
  1071. IBUS, Mark Jim S.
  1072. IGNACIO, Mervin Kenneth C.
  1073. IGNACIO, Tristan Gabriel DP.
  1074. ILAO, Mikael Gabrielle E.
  1075. ILAYA, Gabriel L.
  1076. ILEDAN, Ray Jan I.
  1077. IMPORTANTE, Bernard Joseph V.
  1078. IMPROGO, Ryan Joseph D.
  1079. IMPROGO, Wengie B.
  1080. INCISO, Ma. Bernadette T.
  1081. INCISO, Yasmin Soleil M.
  1082. INDINO, Ivan Justin B.
  1083. INFANTADO, Bianca Nerizza A.
  1084. INGUILLO, Mary Louisse S.
  1085. INOCENCIO, Mary Frances D.
  1086. INOFERIO, Ma. Dina Danielle D.
  1087. INOVEJAS, Deurod Joe C.
  1088. INTIA, Liz Angela A.
  1089. INTUD, Roland B.
  1090. IRIBERRI, Cyril Ann Q.
  1091. ISNANI, Harradier P.
  1092. ISRAEL, John Patrick A.
  1093. ITAO, Mary Krizia B.
  1094. IWAKI, Mariko C.
  1095. JABAL, Jasmin Micah R.
  1096. JABAL, Joel Malcolm D.
  1097. JACINTO, Ma. Christine Joyce A.
  1098. JACOBO, Stephen Rey A.
  1099. JALA, Charmaine I.
  1100. JALUAG, Kristine T.
  1101. JAMIAS, Maria Abigail A.
  1102. JAPOS, Kristine Mae P.
  1103. JARDINEL, Hannah Cyndall V.
  1104. JARETA, Jirah L.
  1105. JARON, Marie Antonette N.
  1106. JAVIER, Elojra Carmiel D.
  1107. JAVIER, Mary Grace R.
  1108. JAVILLONAR, Eugene Albert O.
  1109. JAYME, Rene G.
  1110. JEREZA, Veronica Louise B.
  1111. JERRERA, Karla S.
  1112. JERUTA, Kris Sarah M.
  1113. JIMENEZ, Joeriel E.
  1114. JIMENEZ, Joseph James I.
  1115. JIMENEZ, Leryhc Andrei T.
  1116. JOAQUIN, Marione Ann C.
  1117. JOE, Haibe M.
  1118. JORE, Ma. Jovi P.
  1119. JOVELLANOS, Jamie B.
  1120. JUAN, Domer Ed A.
  1121. JUAREZ, Andrea Filipina B.
  1122. JUAREZ, Rowelle Sheena J.
  1123. JULIAN, Stephen C.
  1124. JUMALON, Ben Zedrick B.
  1125. JUMLAIE, Zharmaine Cynara C.
  1126. JUSTOL, Maria Thaisa D.
  1127. KADJIM, Mohammad Annesir I.
  1128. KALAW, Mariliza V.
  1129. KAUFMAN, John Jacob D.
  1130. KONG, Marchini Sandro C.
  1131. KYAMKO, Ricky S.
  1132. LABADOR, Maylane N.
  1133. LABALAN, Jonalyn A.
  1134. LABOG, Miraquel A.
  1135. LACADIN, Anna Raeza A.
  1136. LACHARON, Vanessa Lane C.
  1137. LACIDA, Niña Viola G.
  1138. LACPAO, June Antonette C.
  1139. LACUATA, Venezia Maxinne P.
  1140. LADEZA, Dominic Amon R.
  1141. LADICA, JR., Jose Elcid C.
  1142. LADORES, Trina Faye D.
  1143. LAGRADA, Raemman M.
  1144. LAGUIALAM, Lyzzaik L.
  1145. LAIGO, Gilda Maria D.
  1146. LALUSIS, Leo Anselmo LV.
  1147. LAMANILAO, Egwin L.
  1148. LANGNGAG, Claris E.
  1149. LANGOMEZ, Claire B.
  1150. LANZAR, Julie Tanya P.
  1151. LANZUELA, Roxanne B.
  1152. LAO, Ariff A.
  1153. LAO, Jill Kathryn S.
  1154. LAO, Joshua G.
  1155. LAPAAN, Roxanne Daphne O.
  1156. LAPLANA, Kristine Marciana L.
  1157. LAPU, Ana Grace E.
  1158. LARA, Ronald C.
  1159. LARGOSA, Beverly J.
  1160. LARIOS, Mikhail Andrei F.
  1161. LAS MARIAS, Shawn Michael R.
  1162. LASAC, Margarette G.
  1163. LASUDEN, Henrietta T.
  1164. LATIP, Jordanna I.
  1165. LATORRE, Alan Emmanuel R.
  1166. LAURE, Rheo Ringo P.
  1167. LAURO, Aimee Flor A.
  1168. LAVARES, Danielle Frances D.
  1169. LAVERINTO, Jeoy G.
  1170. LAXA, Chloe Chrysilla A.
  1171. LAYGO, Erick John Rae M.
  1172. LAYNO, Vianca Mariel V.
  1173. LAZARO, Aprille Keith M.
  1174. LAZARO, Charissa Elaine B.
  1175. LAZARO, Krizia Lissa C.
  1176. LAZARO, Miragrace S.
  1177. LAZO, Lovely Anne Joy C.
  1178. LEAÑO, Chrismund A.
  1179. LEAÑO, Gabriellee A.
  1180. LEAÑO, Jasmine P.
  1181. LEAÑO, JR., Samuel C.
  1182. LEE, Bea Veronica M.
  1183. LEE, Owdylyn L.
  1184. LEGASPI, Maryann Lorraine M.
  1185. LEGITA, Sophie Joyce P.
  1186. LENIZO, Joan Karl L.
  1187. LENTEJAS, Grafer-carl D.
  1188. LEONARDO, Andrew Lewis Ephraim M.
  1189. LEONARDO, Mary Louise P.
  1190. LETABA, Richard Reyan L.
  1191. LIBERATO, Suzette Ria T.
  1192. LIBERTAD, JR., Nonilo V.
  1193. LIBOON, Princess Rexille V.
  1194. LIBRES, Miles M.
  1195. LICAYAN, Joseph Jebon S.
  1196. LICUP, Kimberley N.
  1197. LIGGAYU, Mc Anthony M.
  1198. LIM, Clark Jay M.
  1199. LIM, Constance Marie C.
  1200. LIM, Danielle Lauren K.
  1201. LIM, Elver P.
  1202. LIM, Frederick Xavier R.
  1203. LIM, Nikki Joanne A.
  1204. LIM, Rapunzel Grace T.
  1205. LIM, Redmond Alejandro B.
  1206. LIM, Sashin Mae M.
  1207. LIM, Shalma Mariae M.
  1208. LIMBARING, Lowela Aileen T.
  1209. LIMPAO, Zainaldin D.
  1210. LINGAN, Karl Erik M.
  1211. LINGBAWAN, Garri G.
  1212. LINTAO, Jude Erwin P.
  1213. LIONG, Kimmy D.
  1214. LISING, Ieuan C.
  1215. LLANOS, Jhun Louys B.
  1216. LODIAS, Rey John L.
  1217. LOMEDA, Dan Allen D.
  1218. LOMOD, Mark Paul T.
  1219. LOPEZ, Katrina Isabel L.
  1220. LOPEZ, Mischelle A.
  1221. LOPEZ, Noele Anne B.
  1222. LOPEZ, Rachella Marie G.
  1223. LOPEZ, Viveka C.
  1224. LOPINA, Zenith Julio S.
  1225. LOQUERE-SINGSON, Ivy Loudanie B.
  1226. LORENZO, Jade A.
  1227. LORENZO, Jeffrey Brent B.
  1228. LORENZO, Maricon T.
  1229. LOZANO, Caren Joy G.
  1230. LOZANO, Erik Roy V.
  1231. LOZANO, Katrina S.
  1232. LU, Kathrine C.
  1233. LUA, Denise Leavina G.
  1234. LUCERO, John Nico R.
  1235. LUGASAN, Leslie Ann R.
  1236. LUMABAS, Angela B.
  1237. LUMANAG, Janine Rose G.
  1238. LUMAPAS, Ria Danielle A.
  1239. LUMBRE, May Rosarie Anne D.
  1240. LUMIO, Jhon Rommel L.
  1241. LUMONGSOD, Jose Neil D.
  1242. LUNA, Mary Grace D.
  1243. LUYABEN, Cris Margot A.
  1244. LUZ, Erickson C.
  1245. LUZ, Lizette L.
  1246. MA-AT, Harlem P.
  1247. MAALA, Ren Marc P.
  1248. MABILANGAN, Janine V.
  1249. MAC, James Philippe
  1250. MACADATAR, Abbas S.
  1251. MACALA, Lindzei Mae M.
  1252. MACALINO, Nikki Nakhiska N.
  1253. MACALINO, Rachelle C.
  1254. MACALINO II, Marc Artemio N.
  1255. MACALINTAL, Krezza Gem L.
  1256. MACANDOG, Andrei Kristoffer G.
  1257. MACAPAGAL, Rowen Melvin B.
  1258. MACAPUGAS, Fatima Zyra R.
  1259. MADEJA, Ruby Angelie V.
  1260. MADERA, Bebelan A.
  1261. MADERA, Marione Laarni H.
  1262. MADERAZO, Timothy Mark G.
  1263. MAESTRE, Mikael Regin B.
  1264. MAGABILIN, Cherilyn Bernadette D.
  1265. MAGALIT, Ryce J.
  1266. MAGALONG, Jonelle Elline A.
  1267. MAGARANG, Ana Nihara D.
  1268. MAGHIRANG, Andrei L.
  1269. MAGNO, Christ Denn Joy A.
  1270. MAGONGCAR, Abdul Nassive B.
  1271. MAGPANTAY, Froilan A.
  1272. MAGRATA, Rhodel S.
  1273. MAGSOLING, Therese Princess Gem B.
  1274. MAGTIBAY, Carmel Genevieve S.
  1275. MAGUIGAD, Basil G.
  1276. MAHDI, Omira S.
  1277. MAHILUM, Honnely G.
  1278. MAHINAY, Lenyth Jann B.
  1279. MALABAD, Alimar Mohammad
  1280. MALABANAN, Eissel J.
  1281. MALABANAN-PEREZ, Devie Marie S.
  1282. MALAGSIC, Junry C.
  1283. MALASI, Jessie Mae M.
  1284. MALATE, Dane Juriel G.
  1285. MALAYAG, Rowi Arbilon P.
  1286. MALENIZA, Rosauro Angelo B.
  1287. MALIAWAO, Sittie Rashida U.
  1288. MALINAO, Kennerly Albert R.
  1289. MALLARI, John Patrick S.
  1290. MALLARI, Paul Jerick O.
  1291. MALLONGA, Aileenjane P.
  1292. MAMAILAO, Jasim B.
  1293. MAMARUNGCAS, Nasihah S.
  1294. MAMBUAY, Norhanifah M.
  1295. MANAHAN, JR., Remigio M.
  1296. MANALANG, Carla Jane A.
  1297. MANALIGOD, Jamaica C.
  1298. MANALO, Maria Veronica M.
  1299. MANATAD, Joseph Dave D.
  1300. MANCIA, Ryle Scott D.
  1301. MANGADLAO, Jessa D.
  1302. MANGASER, Cecille Diane DJ.
  1303. MANGILA, Kathryn Jane P.
  1304. MANGUERA, Quinnmer M.
  1305. MANGULABNAN, Ryan Emmanuel S.
  1306. MANIPON, Kriszan F.
  1307. MANIQUIS, Kahela Ayna G.
  1308. MANOG, Gerald S.
  1309. MANSION, Princess Honey Anne B.
  1310. MANTARING, Lourd Mackintosh G.
  1311. MANUEL, Kenneth Glenn L.
  1312. MANUEL, Maurice Victoria E.
  1313. MANUEL, Realyn I.
  1314. MANUEL-BAHUL, Josephine B.
  1315. MANZANO, Ranieri B.
  1316. MANZANO, Tennessee Denise M.
  1317. MAONGCO, Ansarah Julynne R.
  1318. MAQUIRAN, Azalea Marie S.
  1319. MARABE, Florlita Zarina Jane A.
  1320. MARANDA, Kahlil Gibran D.
  1321. MARANDA, Khalil Fedmar D.
  1322. MARAVE, Marco Riener F.
  1323. MARAVILLOSA-BACARRA, Michelle C.
  1324. MARCELO, Grecilda D.
  1325. MARCELO, Maria Denise Claire C.
  1326. MARCILLA, Ma. Elaine E.
  1327. MARCOS, Cloydie Mark A.
  1328. MARDO, Pauline Grace G.
  1329. MARELLA, Jose Maria L.
  1330. MARFORI, James Ellem E.
  1331. MAROTO, Neptali G.
  1332. MARQUEZ, Bettina Isabel C.
  1333. MARQUEZ, Carl Lemuel P.
  1334. MARQUEZ, Donna Mae G.
  1335. MARQUEZ, Gabriel P.
  1336. MARQUEZ, Jo Erika F.
  1337. MARQUEZ, Rod Francis B.
  1338. MARQUEZ, JR., Narciso C.
  1339. MARSANGCA, Muhammad Murshid M.
  1340. MARTIN, Angelique Ashley B.
  1341. MARTIN, Mary Grace R.
  1342. MARUZZO, Marc Armand B.
  1343. MASANGKAY, Margarita Louise D.
  1344. MASAOY, Queencel Mae M.
  1345. MATA, Nomar Jethro Y.
  1346. MATABUENA, Agatha Josephine V.
  1347. MATEO, Alyssa Carmelli DF.
  1348. MATIAS, Joulle Lynton E.
  1349. MATIB, Fabienne P.
  1350. MATIENZO, Millicent SJ.
  1351. MAULEON-TING, Jeannie Ozelle M.
  1352. MAUNTOL, Saydamin M.
  1353. MAYLON, Ron Stevend P.
  1354. MAYO, Mark Steven S.
  1355. MAYORALGO-ACANTILADO, Maria Remedios C.
  1356. MEDIAVILLO, Yuji Marce G.
  1357. MEDINA, Evan Ephraim P.
  1358. MEDINA, JR., Emmanuel P.
  1359. MEDRANO, Kimberly Jean DC.
  1360. MEJES, Pauline Shiela M.
  1361. MELICOR, Ruth F.
  1362. MELLA, Sarah Joy T.
  1363. MENDIOLA, Aiza Gail S.
  1364. MENDIOLA, Ezer V.
  1365. MENDOZA, Camille Angelica A.
  1366. MENDOZA, Emir- Deogene V.
  1367. MENDOZA, Jezreel M.
  1368. MENDOZA, Jose Ranulfo R.
  1369. MENDOZA, Mark Jerome H.
  1370. MENDOZA, Melissa Roe R.
  1371. MENDOZA, Myko F.
  1372. MENDOZA, Neil Jason P.
  1373. MENDOZA, Roland Joseph C.
  1374. MENDOZA, Rovi Grace T.
  1375. MENGUITO, Leo Angelo S.
  1376. MENOR, Arlane V.
  1377. MERCADO, Allen S.
  1378. MERCADO, John Kristopher S.
  1379. MESA, Grant Buena Joy C.
  1380. MESA, Jevan S.
  1381. MIGUEL, Jose Gabriel G.
  1382. MIJARES, Maricel
  1383. MILES, Danielle D.
  1384. MILLANO, Ma. Elena A.
  1385. MIRANDA, Katrina Jean C.
  1386. MIRANDA, Mel Catherine C.
  1387. MODERES, Raymund C.
  1388. MODESTO, Diane Erika L.
  1389. MOISES, Joseph Bar Paulo V.
  1390. MOLAER, Airisa Fe Esperanza D.
  1391. MOLDERO, Jessa Jane C.
  1392. MOLINA, Marc Joseph N.
  1393. MONDARES, Flora May M.
  1394. MONDEJAR, Carl Vincent G.
  1395. MONDEJAR, Mary Kimberly Lucille L.
  1396. MONDERIN, Christine P.
  1397. MONER, Khalidbinwalid D.
  1398. MONES, Anna Liza B.
  1399. MONROYO, Mikael Edward M.
  1400. MONSANTO, Matthew Kressler A.
  1401. MONTECILLO, Diana Erika A.
  1402. MONTECLARO, Jaelein Nicey A.
  1403. MONTES, Mark David A.
  1404. MONTORO, Noelito P.
  1405. MONZON, Romelyn T.
  1406. MORADA, Cheenee V.
  1407. MORADO, Jonnah Marie D.
  1408. MORAL, Cheza Marie M.
  1409. MORALEJO, John Michael E.
  1410. MORALES, Majal Margret A.
  1411. MORALES, Rangelique N.
  1412. MORANO, Pamela Emilia E.
  1413. MORELOS, Mark P.
  1414. MORTEJO, Jennifer P.
  1415. MOSTRALES, Thea Kharina I.
  1416. MUCHAMIEL, Lynill Haze L.
  1417. MUNGCAL, Anna Marjouree M.
  1418. MUNGCAL, Charish D.
  1419. MURILLO, Maria April L.
  1420. MUTIA, Ariel Joshua L.
  1421. MUÑEZ, Evangeryl A.
  1422. MUÑOZ, Florelyn P.
  1423. NADATE, Allan Chester B.
  1424. NAINGUE, May Anne M.
  1425. NALA, Jassien Cindy A.
  1426. NAPOLES, Janine Faye A.
  1427. NAPOLES, JR., Rogelio P.
  1428. NATIVIDAD, Kalipay Franchesca A.
  1429. NATIVIDAD, Michael Ryan
  1430. NAYVE, Josephine A.
  1431. NAÑADIEGO, Yvette Marie Y.
  1432. NEPOMUCENO, Joseph Erik Y.
  1433. NEQUINTO, Catherine Jane E.
  1434. NICDAO, Ma. Angelica N.
  1435. NIETO, Bianca Ysabel E.
  1436. NIETO, Kathleen Mae L.
  1437. NIVERA, JR., Rolly B.
  1438. NOBLE, Maria Jessa G.
  1439. NOGUERA, Antonio Karlo A.
  1440. NONATO, Peter Emil P.
  1441. NOOR, Halim M.
  1442. NOPUENTE, Ivn Maj M.
  1443. NOSTRATIS, Jalyn L.
  1444. NOVAL, Christopher M.
  1445. NOVAL, Don A.
  1446. NOVELERO, Junar T.
  1447. NOVILLA, Danica Stephanie T.
  1448. NUGUID, Alexis John N.
  1449. NUÑEZ, Ma. Angela D.
  1450. NUÑEZA, Maricris L.
  1451. OBANI, Mie C.
  1452. OBAR, Romualdo B.
  1453. OBIAS, Jacques Michele R.
  1454. OCAMPO, Daniel Kristoffer S.
  1455. OCAMPO, Lorenzo Angelo A.
  1456. OCAMPO, Maricar P.
  1457. OCAMPO, Niko Paolo M.
  1458. OCAMPO, Rhonald S.
  1459. OFALSA, Rebecca S.
  1460. OFILAN, Joel V.
  1461. OKKO, Alma T.
  1462. OLAIVAR, Rhea Mae E.
  1463. OLALIA-LAURETA, Anafel P.
  1464. OLAÑO, Kathy A.
  1465. OLEA, Stephanie Marie Abigail B.
  1466. OLI, Charlotte P.
  1467. OLIVA, Ma. Teresa Arika Gail C.
  1468. OLIVEROS, Ma. Liana R.
  1469. OLMOS, Ruel C.
  1470. OMANDAP, Noel Alberto S.
  1471. OMBAO, Pauline Anne O.
  1472. OMNES, Regina R.
  1473. OMOROG, Ana Mae S.
  1474. OMPAD, John Patrick A.
  1475. ONA, John Joseph A.
  1476. ONG, Cesar Ruperto P.
  1477. ONG, Christian Edward F.
  1478. ONG, Janzl B.
  1479. ONGLENGCO, Eriza Nicole M.
  1480. ONGOCO, Katrina Grace C.
  1481. ONTAL, Gil Ray V.
  1482. OQUIAS, Ma. Nikka Andrea F.
  1483. OR, Mary Elizabeth D.
  1484. ORAPA, Jassey Jane B.
  1485. ORBITA, Eugene Lawrenz M.
  1486. ORETA, Samantha Joy H.
  1487. ORIAL, Dorothy Dale D.
  1488. OROLAZA, Casimir S.
  1489. OROPESA, Hazel Marie AC.
  1490. ORTEGA, Emer Ley Ayesa Y.
  1491. ORTEGA, Regine Marie N.
  1492. ORTIZ, Mirabel Sanchria K.
  1493. OSIAS-WONG, Josha L.
  1494. OTADOY, Charmaine Regine C.
  1495. PABRUA, Anna Karenina S.
  1496. PACALLAGAN, Roy Joseph S.
  1497. PACHECO, Raychelle S.
  1498. PACIENTE, Zarah Joy C.
  1499. PACIS, Czarina Maybellyne V.
  1500. PACULBA, John Philip S.
  1501. PADAO, Inez Monika C.
  1502. PADATE, Kemal M.
  1503. PADILLA, Jo Anne Florenz G.
  1504. PADILLA, Kim Austine M.
  1505. PADILLA, JR., Lamberto M.
  1506. PADLAN, Camille S.
  1507. PADUA, Meilyne C.
  1508. PAGAL, Eva Cristine G.
  1509. PAGALILAUAN, Gerome A.
  1510. PAGSIBIGAN, JR., Antonio S.
  1511. PAGTABUNAN, Anna Marie
  1512. PAGUYO, Gretelmar R.
  1513. PAJARITO, Iris Clara R.
  1514. PAJO, Julie Ann Mae O.
  1515. PALABAY, Rana Alyssa M.
  1516. PALAJE, Paulin Jessa S.
  1517. PALANCA, Irvin L.
  1518. PALER, Chantal Sue P.
  1519. PALER, Marinel June S.
  1520. PALMA, Jasmine Clarissa C.
  1521. PALMA, Ray Marvin A.
  1522. PALMA, JR., Emmanuel L.
  1523. PALSIW, Edward Raymond B.
  1524. PAMITTAN, Amie L.
  1525. PAMPILO, Hansel Jake B.
  1526. PANGANDAMAN, Alamiah S.
  1527. PANGANIBAN, Aubrey Jane A.
  1528. PANGANIBAN, Princess Sarah G.
  1529. PANGCOG, Don Albert Philippe C.
  1530. PANGILAMEN, Mohammad Nour Seddiq A.
  1531. PANGILINAN, Joseph R.
  1532. PANILAGAO, Shea Ira P.
  1533. PANLILIO, Kyla Monica M.
  1534. PANTI, Catherine B.
  1535. PANTOJA, Maria Dominique M.
  1536. PANULAYA, Mae Honeylet C.
  1537. PANUMPANG, Johaima D.
  1538. PARAHIMAN, Princess Fatima T.
  1539. PARAISO, Ma. Abigail Francia M.
  1540. PARAISO, Rashidi Fahad A.
  1541. PARALISAN, Arianne N.
  1542. PARAS III, Edgardo P.
  1543. PARCIA, Charlotte Criztel Y.
  1544. PARILLA-GUZMAN, May-ann DC.
  1545. PARMISANO, Janna Christi M.
  1546. PARREÑO, Rb Grace Hope T.
  1547. PASCUA, Alice B.
  1548. PASCUA, Dion Ceazar M.
  1549. PASCUA, Donna Phoebe M.
  1550. PASCUAL, Aizen Paula DS.
  1551. PASCUAL, Jennett Marie M.
  1552. PASCUAL, Joshua Lawrence A.
  1553. PASCUAL-PRANADA, Sheila Marie S.
  1554. PASTOR, Jan Kristy Y.
  1555. PASTOR, Von G.
  1556. PASU-IT, Virnell P.
  1557. PATANAO, Mariz D.
  1558. PATAWARAN, Pamela Marie C.
  1559. PAULICAN, Earl Russell S.
  1560. PAUS-TUMAYAN, Mary Rose L.
  1561. PAY-ONG, Van Poks O.
  1562. PAYAD, Azanith Ann B.
  1563. PAYNOR, Miljohn Denver Y.
  1564. PAZAULAN, Sittie Junaidah C.
  1565. PAÑO, Maria Regina Victoria L.
  1566. PEDOC, Enrique G.
  1567. PEDROSA, Catherine P.
  1568. PELAGIO, Maria Cecilia M.
  1569. PELAYO, Michael Lawrence C.
  1570. PELINGGON, John Raphael M.
  1571. PENALES, Trixie Marcel H.
  1572. PEPITO, Maria Bernadette M.
  1573. PEPITO, Romeca Kristine Kate T.
  1574. PERALTA, Jennifer V.
  1575. PERALTA, Patricia Mae G.
  1576. PEREZ, Aidyl Pearl U.
  1577. PEREZ, Arabhel M.
  1578. PEREZ, Carla Patricia S.
  1579. PEREZ, Esther Lauren M.
  1580. PEREZ, Jethro C.
  1581. PEREZ, King Anthony Y.
  1582. PEREZ, Reginald M.
  1583. PEREÑA, Albert Caesar M.
  1584. PETIILAN, Bolkia B.
  1585. PETILLA, Kiefer Clint L.
  1586. PETILOS, Vinci M.
  1587. PETRACHE, Ria Kriselle P.
  1588. PEÑA, Lea Kathryn D.
  1589. PEÑA, Sir Laurence T.
  1590. PEÑAFIEL, Wendy Angeline A.
  1591. PICHAY, Nimpa T.
  1592. PIEDAD II, Florian A.
  1593. PIMENTEL, Theresa May P.
  1594. PINEDA, Irish A.
  1595. PINEDA, Ma. Jhysty G.
  1596. PINEDA, Nina Sarah P.
  1597. PINO, Gilson Y.
  1598. PINTOR, Rea Irish Michelle R.
  1599. PIOQUINTO, Lara Mae B.
  1600. PITULAN, Lorenza C.
  1601. PLANAS, Marlouis U.
  1602. POBLETE, Maria Isabelle J.
  1603. POCAIS, Laurice L.
  1604. POCSOL, Brigitte G.
  1605. POJAS, Kristofer Abe B.
  1606. POLOYAPOY, Dreiston Ace P.
  1607. PONCE, Cristilyn K.
  1608. PONGCHACHEN, Mariano S.
  1609. PORNELDA, Airha Kae V.
  1610. PORTES, Mikee Angelu S.
  1611. POTOY III, Melquiades B.
  1612. POWAO, Jayford O.
  1613. PRADO, Tamsin Vizzenta N.
  1614. PROSPERO, Patrisse Bea D.
  1615. PROTASIO, Josine Ma. V.
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  1617. PUERTO, Khenett R.
  1618. PUGONG, Harvey A.
  1619. PUJOL, Justin E.
  1620. PULIDO, Fredison L.
  1621. PUNAY, James Oliver T.
  1622. PUNONGBAYAN, Kim V.
  1623. PUNONGBAYAN, Paulito M.
  1624. PUNSALAN, Alysa Gieter Q.
  1625. PURA, Valentin V A.
  1626. PUSOD, Lord Anthony A.
  1627. PUYOC, Miracquel P.
  1628. QUE, Bienz Reiner Draeion A.
  1629. QUE, Maria Louisa M.
  1630. QUEJADO, Maria Katrina V.
  1631. QUERIDO, Maria Louise R.
  1632. QUERUBIN, Nestly A.
  1633. QUESTIN, Clarice Angeline V.
  1634. QUEZON, Mark Lorenz C.
  1635. QUIACHON, Rudith Ann W.
  1636. QUINLOG, Junalliez Yreka N.
  1637. QUINTANA, Irish May D.
  1638. QUINTANA-DELFIN, Rachelle R.
  1639. QUINTOS, Louisa Marie J.
  1640. QUIPSE, Melcah T.
  1641. QUIÑONES, Edione B.
  1642. RABANG, John Christian S.
  1643. RABINO, Stefanio Andrenicus A.
  1644. RACCA, Mary Antelope F.
  1645. RADOVAN, Althea Therese T.
  1646. RAFAEL, John Rommel V.
  1647. RAFAEL, Kristine Denise C.
  1648. RAGILES, John Paul A.
  1649. RAMEL, Ezra Denise L.
  1650. RAMIREZ, Cristian Lee R.
  1651. RAMIREZ, Karen Tatiana C.
  1652. RAMIREZ, Rachelle Mae A.
  1653. RAMIREZ, Rosylyn L.
  1654. RAMON, Razel May M.
  1655. RAMOS, Angela Lorraine S.
  1656. RAMOS, Dan Christian E.
  1657. RAMOS, Israel M.
  1658. RAMOS, Jan Gabriel M.
  1659. RAMOS, Jeni Eunice A.
  1660. RAMOS, Marivic S.
  1661. RAMOS, Mary Louise M.
  1662. RAMOS, Mikhail Ivan G.
  1663. RAMOS, Patrecia A.
  1664. RAMOS, Rexford P.
  1665. RAMOS-GOMEZ, Kimberly N.
  1666. RAPISTA, Neil Michael B.
  1667. RASALAN, Mark Darel S.
  1668. RAVANES, Klive Erick D.
  1669. RAZ, Strawberry H.
  1670. RAÑESES, Raziele R.
  1671. RAÑOLA, Allysa Ria C.
  1672. REAL, Jess Archee R.
  1673. REALIN, Reuel Angelo P.
  1674. REBLORA, Ana Carmela Erika V.
  1675. REBURIANO, Antonette R.
  1676. RECILLO, Christine Edelane M.
  1677. RED, Sunshine S.
  1678. REFORMINA, Giovanni Edrose T.
  1679. REGALADO, Anna Regina C.
  1680. REGALADO, Franco Antonio F.
  1681. REGALADO, Mica Janine B.
  1682. REGENCIA, Lyle Ariane M.
  1683. REGIS, Faye Michelle L.
  1684. REGONDOLA, Antonio Lorenzo F.
  1685. REGONDOLA, Rechelle C.
  1686. RELEVO V, Vertillano C.
  1687. REMOROZA-PARCON, Emi Rose S.
  1688. RENON, Mary Grace L.
  1689. REOJA-BONITA, Ana S.
  1690. REONICO, Charmaine T.
  1691. REOTUTAR, Ma. Theresa L.
  1692. REQUINA, Daisy F.
  1693. RESTAURO, Cyrus I.
  1694. RESULTAN, Mary Kathleen G.
  1695. RESURRECCION, Glorybelle C.
  1696. RESURRECCION, Quenee L.
  1697. RESURRECCION, Rica A.
  1698. REVADILLO, Clarence Gabriel D.
  1699. REYES, Abigail T.
  1700. REYES, Eduardo L.
  1701. REYES, Ervin John R.
  1702. REYES, Jan Dennis S.
  1703. REYES, Katrina N.
  1704. REYES, Lorenz Vergil T.
  1705. REYES, Ma. Celina Noreen D.
  1706. REYES, Regine Constance C.
  1707. REYES, Ruby Mae F.
  1708. REYES, Samantha
  1709. REYES, Shiela G.
  1710. REYES, Teoti N.
  1711. REYES, Xandra Jizelle Q.
  1712. REYES, Zaire Xandra M.
  1713. REYNANTE, Maria Luisa M.
  1714. RIBUYACO, Janah Erika C.
  1715. RIEGO, Jake Jefferson S.
  1716. RIEGO, Jofrank D.
  1717. RIGUERRA, Paolo Miguel G.
  1718. RILLO, Paul Michael D.
  1719. RIVAS, Mark Anthony B.
  1720. RIVERA, Francis James T.
  1721. RIVERA, Jared S.
  1722. RIVERA, Juan Rafael G.
  1723. RIVERA, Richelle Joi F.
  1724. RIÑA, Mercedita A.
  1725. ROA, Annamhel Monique C.
  1726. ROA, Ma. Ina G.
  1727. ROA, Vonn Aurelius C.
  1728. ROBIS, Lorraine Grace M.
  1729. ROCK, Sheila L.
  1730. RODIS, Raymond Clarence Y.
  1731. RODRIGUEZ, Aira Marielle R.
  1732. RODRIGUEZ, Alena Marie A.
  1733. RODRIGUEZ, Fatima Miana J.
  1734. RODRIGUEZ, Lila B.
  1735. RODRIGUEZ, Stefan Henry P.
  1736. ROJAS, Chilzia T.
  1737. ROJAS, Jun Dexter H.
  1738. ROJAS, Keisha L.
  1739. ROJAS, Leonila Rosario J.
  1740. ROJAS, Rina G.
  1741. ROJO, Katrin Anthea R.
  1742. ROLDAN, JR., Rolando A.
  1743. ROLEDA, Manuel M.
  1744. ROLUSTA, Oliver Jay A.
  1745. ROMANO, Diannee B.
  1746. ROMERO, Rea Kristina C.
  1747. ROSALES, Annie Rose B.
  1748. ROSALES, Louie Leister I.
  1749. ROSALES, Sarah Dominic G.
  1750. ROSARIO, Hannah Jezel I.
  1751. ROSARIO, Karine Joy M.
  1752. ROSILLO, Ronnil C.
  1753. ROXAS, Francis Arwin R.
  1754. ROXAS, Rosanne Veronica M.
  1755. RUDELA, Jeroshie P.
  1756. RUERAS, Gilbert Allan M.
  1757. RUFINO, Cherish G.
  1758. RUIZ, Steven Charles R.
  1759. RUMUSUD, Johnlee M.
  1760. SAAVEDRA, Emmanuel L.
  1761. SABANDO, Angelito
  1762. SABANDO, Fydah Marie B.
  1763. SABIDO, Armand Rey P.
  1764. SABILI, Francis Meynard P.
  1765. SABLAN, Justine Abigail C.
  1766. SABLAON, Mary Karrel Nicollete L.
  1767. SABRIDO, Julian Rey S.
  1768. SAGSAGO, Jeldawn Jacel Nairra C.
  1769. SALATAN, Hannalet Jemy D.
  1770. SALAZAR, Demrev C.
  1771. SALAZAR, Jastine Faye M.
  1772. SALDIVIA, Guia Karla V.
  1773. SALES, Daryl Matthew A.
  1774. SALES, Marnelli A.
  1775. SALES, Vito Gerardo R.
  1776. SALES IV, Manuel B.
  1777. SALINAS, Karis Dawn M.
  1778. SALISA, Gadzmin I.
  1779. SALOMON, Emmanuel K.
  1780. SALUDSOD, Kathryn Zyra N.
  1781. SALURIO, Maria Catherine G.
  1782. SALVACION, Julienne Therese V.
  1783. SALVADOR, Aices P.
  1784. SALVADOR, Jheraldine Mae T.
  1785. SAMILLANO, Geline Joy D.
  1786. SAMONTE, Lora Althea M.
  1787. SAMONTE, Michevelli B.
  1788. SAMPIANO, Christine B.
  1789. SAMSON, Zeth Lorenzo Z.
  1790. SAN AGUSTIN, Kevin Timothy T.
  1791. SAN DIEGO, Rachel Mae M.
  1792. SANCHEZ, Cherry May B.
  1793. SANCHEZ, Jessa Carmela C.
  1794. SANCHEZ, Rodmarc P.
  1795. SANCHEZ, Severino Miguel B.
  1796. SANDIALAN, Bai Sandra U.
  1797. SANDOVAL, Anthony B.
  1798. SANDOVAL, Christopher SJ.
  1799. SANGALANG, Carmina Marie M.
  1800. SANTIAGO, Maureen Monlore T.
  1801. SANTIAGO, Pamela F.
  1802. SANTIAGO, Reymar H.
  1803. SANTIAGO, Senando Angelo R.
  1804. SANTIAGO, Tj G.
  1805. SANTILLAN, Ralph Kevin H.
  1806. SANTOCILDES, Isobelle Ann E.
  1807. SANTOS, Aaron Gabriel H.
  1808. SANTOS, Alexander, Jr. G.
  1809. SANTOS, Aloi Renz P.
  1810. SANTOS, Burnt Edmond C.
  1811. SANTOS, Carmela B.
  1812. SANTOS, Dianalyn P.
  1813. SANTOS, Earl Mark Johnson C.
  1814. SANTOS, Ihna Alyssa Marie O.
  1815. SANTOS, James Clifford T.
  1816. SANTOS, Joseph Gilbert P.
  1817. SANTOS, Katrina Mae C.
  1818. SANTOS, Lorelie M.
  1819. SANTOS, Ray Paolo B.
  1820. SANTOS, Xamantha Xofia A.
  1821. SANTOS-JAVIER, Lee Anne L.
  1822. SANTOS-LOPEZ, Anna Maria M.
  1823. SAPON, Fritz G.
  1824. SARABUSING, Jeffrey B.
  1825. SARACANLAO, Rachel Jellan R.
  1826. SARIBONG, Joana Krissle C.
  1827. SARMIENTO, Arian Vina L.
  1828. SARMIENTO, Ulpiano Z.
  1829. SARMIENTO, Victor Greg C.
  1830. SARSOSA, Rochelle Marie S.
  1831. SARUCAM, Shayanne J.
  1832. SATUITO, Manuel C.
  1833. SATURNINO, Anjelo D.
  1834. SAYO, John Andrew A.
  1835. SAYSAY, Erick John Paul P.
  1836. SAYSON, Catherine G.
  1837. SAYSON, Richard L.
  1838. SAÑADO-BELLEZA, Jezah Frannie S.
  1839. SAÑEZ, Siegfried Kiel B.
  1840. SEGUNDO, Jennica C.
  1841. SEGUNTO, Milagros B.
  1842. SEMBRANO, Ira Mari J.
  1843. SENDAD, Sandy B.
  1844. SENIQUE, Alyssa Paulina R.
  1845. SERVITO, Bounteous M.
  1846. SEÑERES, Franchesca Marie S.
  1847. SIBAL, Lea Marie Anne N.
  1848. SIBAYAN, Shawn Michael A.
  1849. SICAT, Maricel T.
  1850. SICCUAN, Jan Boris A.
  1851. SIDNEY, Sherryl Wynne B.
  1852. SIGUENZA, Crystaline A.
  1853. SILOS, Michelle U.
  1854. SILVA, Juan Rafael Antonio Gerardo S.
  1855. SILVA, Marben B.
  1856. SILVA, Maria Patricia T.
  1857. SILVA, Michelle Josephine Eden M.
  1858. SILVA-KO, Kecealyn B.
  1859. SILVESTRE, Marlon Obispo
  1860. SINGAYAN, Ariestedes P.
  1861. SINGSON, Jean Ben G.
  1862. SIOCO, Demetrio Ronaldo L.
  1863. SISON, Flor Marie Carmeli Y.
  1864. SISON, Jaulyne Tyndyl S.
  1865. SISON, Marjo Marie B.
  1866. SOCRATES, Tomas Iñigo P.
  1867. SOGUILON, Andres C.
  1868. SOLIS, Jesse Pauline B.
  1869. SOLIS, Jose Miguel B.
  1870. SOLIVA, Francis A.
  1871. SOLON, Sheila Marie O.
  1872. SONGCO, Angelica A.
  1873. SOPOCO, Allen Adrian M.
  1874. SORIANO, Federico C.
  1875. SORIANO, Gienah M.
  1876. SORIANO, Le Belle A.
  1877. SORIANO, Veronica Regina C.
  1878. SOTTO, Joge Nelson Czar M.
  1879. SUACO, Rod Ryan S.
  1880. SUAN, Bea B.
  1881. SUAN, Marry Megalith F.
  1882. SUBIJANO, Alex Christopher M.
  1883. SUDARIO, Jane Claire P.
  1884. SULLANO, Gawriil June S.
  1885. SULTAN, Joharey L.
  1886. SUMEDCA, Daniel P.
  1887. SUMIOG, Lyndon Melvi C.
  1888. SUNDIAM, Samantha Marie C.
  1889. SUNGA, Anna Gabrielle L.
  1890. SUNGGOD, Norfatimah D.
  1891. SUNIO, Reno T.
  1892. SURALTA, JR., Agapito L.
  1893. SURLA, Kristine Angela M.
  1894. SUYOSA III, Philemon Romualdo S.
  1895. SUYU, Ricky James L.
  1896. SY, Sophia L.
  1897. SY, Steven Angelo Michael C.
  1898. TABANGIN, Rene Emil L.
  1899. TABARREJO, Vincent Banjo C.
  1900. TABAS, Regine Karla G.
  1901. TABAÑAG, Ivy Noreen F.
  1902. TABOADA-OLEDAN, Venus Faye G.
  1903. TACUGUE-LOPEZ, Irene May M.
  1904. TACULOG, Mark Bernard S.
  1905. TADEO, Justine Phillip O.
  1906. TAFALENG, Ferdinand N.
  1907. TAGAO-MORALES, Renmarie F.
  1908. TAGLE, Renz Arwyn B.
  1909. TAGUBA, Jasmine M.
  1910. TALI, Sarah Jean Zerossa A.
  1911. TALIB, Elvie P.
  1912. TALIÑO, Thaddeus Darius V.
  1913. TAMAMA, Alladin S.
  1914. TAMBANILLO, Mary Rose Ann R.
  1915. TAMBAOAN, Jemelle Louise Anne Q.
  1916. TAMORO, Jeanelle Reina V.
  1917. TAN, Benedict Alexander C.
  1918. TAN, Charles Jason G.
  1919. TAN, Clyde E.
  1920. TAN, Divine Grace A.
  1921. TAN, Estelle Marie R.
  1922. TAN, Iris Jane A.
  1923. TAN, James Bryan J.
  1924. TAN, Jeth Lester A.
  1925. TAN, Juan Carlos Miguel B.
  1926. TAN, Rudejane S.
  1927. TAN, Tess Marie P.
  1928. TANDOC, John Karol D.
  1929. TANGGOR, Al-nashier S.
  1930. TANGO, Christine Faith M.
  1931. TANGONAN, Karen Ann F.
  1932. TANTUICO, Kathleen Felise Constance D.
  1933. TAPEL, Amelea L.
  1934. TARAN, Katherine Alexandra R.
  1935. TAYAG, Reynaldo Dennison L.
  1936. TAYAO, JR., Alfredo S.
  1937. TAYO, Amor Leilani M.
  1938. TE, Ma. Julienne Ysabel T.
  1939. TEC, Natasha Kim R.
  1940. TEE, JR., Antonio M.
  1941. TEJADA, Ernest Godfrey L.
  1942. TEJANO, Daryl Noel Q.
  1943. TEJANO-SOLATORIO, Shieryl C.
  1944. TEMANIL, Antoinette G.
  1945. TENORIO, April Grace M.
  1946. TERRE, Gena Myrtle P.
  1947. TERUEL, Ma-yr-zar Martin B.
  1948. TIANSAY, Don Josef L.
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  1950. TILOS, Charliemagne A.
  1951. TIMBANCAYA, Gabriela Victoria A.
  1952. TIMTIM, Kimberly Loide A.
  1953. TINDUGAN-PEREZ, Karen S.
  1954. TINGA, Fraulein D.
  1955. TINIO, Junnel Q.
  1956. TINSAY, Jeorgia Marie T.
  1957. TIPAN, Jorela Marie F.
  1958. TIU, Glen Marvin Y.
  1959. TIU, Kim Ivan B.
  1960. TOLEDO, Enzo Emmanuel P.
  1961. TOLENTINO, Alexander S.
  1962. TOLENTINO, Jeffrey Roy R.
  1963. TOLLINO, JR, Ireneo O.
  1964. TOLOMIA, Paul P.
  1965. TOMARONG, Camille Annalyn M.
  1966. TOMAS, Brian Mey R.
  1967. TONGOL, Javier Benjamin M.
  1968. TONGSON, Aldous Maru R.
  1969. TORAL V, Carlo Valeriano H.
  1970. TORAYNO, Marc Van Andrew A.
  1971. TORMIS, Butch Jason C.
  1972. TORMIS, Crystha Joyce Marie S.
  1973. TORRENTE, Krishna Thea A.
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  1975. TORRES, Nicole Patricia P.
  1976. TORRES, Niño C.
  1977. TORRES, Rosette Joy DF.
  1978. TRESVALLES, Kris G.
  1979. TRIA, Joylyn I.
  1980. TRIA, Justine Mikaela M.
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  1982. TRINIDAD, Rey-an N.
  1983. TUASON, Jannelle J.
  1984. TUASON, Patricia Gianina C.
  1985. TUAZON, Danilo A.
  1986. TUAZON, Mitchel Q.
  1987. TUBAL, Michael Jordan M.
  1988. TUBOG, Rishel A.
  1989. TUDAYAN, Vincent Jan N.
  1990. TUICO, Erica U.
  1991. TUMAGAN, Leopoldo T.
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  1993. TUNGOL, Regina Anne S.
  1994. TUPAS, Re Charles P.
  1995. TURO, Francine P.
  1996. UAYAN, Jasonmer L.
  1997. UBAY-UBAY, Princess Kimberly V.
  1998. UCKUNG, Maeriam S.
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  2001. UMOSO, Harley T.
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  2006. USMAN, Norhainie J.
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  2011. UY, Richard Brett S.
  2012. UY, Ronne Kendrick C.
  2013. VALDEZ, Myra I.
  2014. VALENCIA, Emmanuelle Nicole L.
  2015. VALENCIANO, Aylwyn Maria S.
  2016. VALENZUELA, Charry Mae B.
  2017. VALENZUELA, Sharmaine G.
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  2028. VEA, Cristopher C.
  2029. VELASCO, Vanessa Elaine V.
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  2040. VIBANDOR, Jo Marie Angeli P.
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  2053. VILLANUEVA, Charlemae Z.
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