Monday, November 24, 2014

My Sideline Tea Shop and Bar Experience

Been hearing this place for quite sometime now and I am intrigued with what others were saying.
So I decided to make this as one of the venue for my pre-nuptial photoshoot with one of my clients for December wedding.

Collections of teas were present at the Bar, with different kind of teas. :)

Added factor of a must-see gallery of artworks made by the local residents. You'll love the paintings and canvas hanging on the wall.

 A new place in town that offers yummy home-cooked tasting food!

They offer a very affordable beer!

I love their concoctions of teas fused with fruits and other flavors..

My clients were late that day, so i decided to try ordering some. food, backed mac and cheese and lemonade fused with lemon grass were what I ordered

A closer look of this flavor-full baked mac and cheese, personally made by the owner of the place, Miss Patty Bagano.

Oh by the way, their pastas are freshly made by the delicate hands of Miss Patty.. :)

I hope you guys can visit this place too, when you visit Puerto Princesa, it's just a few blocks away from the airport. :)

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Clean Your Plate" Is Not Always The Way To Go For Healthy Kids

According to obesity researchers, the United States obesity rate has more than doubled for preschoolers and adolescents-and more than tripled for ages 6 to 11-over the past 30 years. Obese children are at greater risk for health problems such as diabetes and heart disease, and often carry these problems into adulthood. 

So, how do parents help children, and the entire family, eat healthier, both at home and away-from-home?

"Talk to your pediatrician, family doctor or registered dietitian to determine the healthiest weight goals for the entire family," said nutrition expert Jenifer Bland-Campbell, "then make a plan to tackle the issue."

She offers these tips to help parents help their families eat more healthfully:

 Eat at least one meal together daily, at regular intervals to discourage snacking. 

Prepare healthy dishes for the whole family, not just special foods for an overweight child.

Don't use food as a reward, comfort or punishment.

Watch portions. "Clean your plate" is not always the way to go. 

Eat slowly. It takes almost 20 minutes for the brain to register that the body is full. 

Encourage water or skim or 1% milk instead of high-calorie, sugary drinks. 

 Getting kids to eat at least five servings of vegetables and fruits each day will not be easy, but focus on the colors to make it more fun. Visit for more tips.

Use low-fat or fat-free dressings, mayonnaise and dairy items at home as if they are the full-fat versions. Kids will take your cues. Ask for the same items on the side when eating away-from-home.

 Take the stairs. When you go shopping, park the car farther away from the store and walk.

Limit television, video games or computer time.

Replace mayonnaise and cheese on burgers or sandwiches with catsup, mustard or barbecue sauce.

Stick with items that are baked, broiled, steamed or poached-not fried.

Ask for nutritional information when eating out. 

Look beyond the children's menu, often limited to fried, high-calorie, high-fat foods. Split one healthier adult entrée between two children.

Ask for a takeout container and put some of the food in before you eat.

Ask that bread, beverages and tortilla chips be served with the meal, not beforehand.

"Parents can help children reach wellness goals by first making healthy changes at home, then teaching kids what to do away from home," said Bland-Campbell. "Healthy eating does not happen overnight, but children take cues from their parents and will learn behaviors over time."

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

All About Allergies And How They Affect The Human Body

If you have ever tried inhaling some pollen from plants, or eating something and finding out afterwards that you’re covered in red blotchy spots or some other nasty effect after you eat, then you have experienced firsthand the effects of Allergies.

When you ingest something that causes an allergic reaction in your body, the immune system is said to be hyperactive to this material, and with that, the immune system activates to quash what it sees as a threat. But it’s actually not, and is quite harmless and garners no excess bodily reaction in other people.

In common usage, an allergy is an adverse reaction toward what is called an allergen, or specifically,
the material that causes the allergic reaction. 
What Happens When You Come In Contact With An Allergen?

Once the body’s immune system releases antibodies as a response to the allergen, it causes the release of histamine into the bloodstream, which is what causes you to get teary-eyed and have a runny nose or whatnot.

Common Allergens In People

Probably the most common source of allergic reactions in most people is in their food. Whether its
shellfish, or mushrooms, or even something mundane like a vegetable, allergic reactions from food are quite common.

And if you’ve been stung by an insect and notice excessive swelling from the locality of the bite, then
you’ve got an allergic reaction from that bite.

There are even cases of extreme allergic reactions to bee stings, resulting in anaphylactic reactions.
Chemicals and medicine also fall into the category of being a common source of allergic reactions.

If you’ve got to have antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor, make sure that your body doesn’t have an allergy to materials in your medicine.

Treatment and avoidance of allergies

Should you suspect that you’re having an allergic reaction to something, consult your doctor so that he or she can refer you to an allergist, which is a type of specialization for doctors in the field of

He or she can do the testing on your suspected materials and verify your suspicions and prescribe
medicines or give your advice on what to do about your reaction. But sometimes, antihistamines are not enough, though that’s the most common medicine to combat allergic reactions.

Sometimes you have to avoid contact with the allergen at all costs, as enough exposure could possibly lead to disastrous results in your body.

Make sure you know exactly what materials you are allergic to so that you can avoid even trace quantities of it in other things.

Avoidance is also a good method of preventive treatment, since you won’t have allergic reactions
when you aren’t exposed to allergens.

One method of treating allergens is to give a person immunotherapy, exposing the person with the allergy to minute quantities of his or her allergen.

The immune system learns to cope with these materials, developing immunity and preventing future allergic reactions. This is particularly effective for airborne particles, less so for food allergies, which might cause reactions even though you’ve undergone treatment.

Almost all people have allergies of one sort to another, and it varies widely when it comes to what
they’re allergic to. Once you find out your allergen, you can avoid it and prevent unpleasant reactions from your body, or even get treatment so that you can develop immunity and remove the allergic reaction from your body.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Atmosphere Lounge & Restobar: Classy Yet Inexpensive

Another night out or date night with my dear husband. We first had our dinner at one of our fave Vietnamese Restaurant in the city (Bona's Chaolong House).

Then we decided to have a short drink. We first went to this bar and grill and had a bottle of beers each..

Then we moved to another bar, until we decided to finally transfer to a more intimate lounge, Atmosphere Lounge and Restobar, which is located at Baltan Street.

Was a bit surprised for the so affordable foods and drinks here, and the cozy place it is. Love the songs they're playing, it's as if it's a dream date my hubby gave as gifts for me.. :)

You can see on their menu that the prices are very affordable, but I tell you, the food they served us are so delicious! :)