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Monday, November 24, 2014

My Sideline Tea Shop and Bar Experience

Been hearing this place for quite sometime now and I am intrigued with what others were saying.
So I decided to make this as one of the venue for my pre-nuptial photoshoot with one of my clients for December wedding.

Collections of teas were present at the Bar, with different kind of teas. :)

Added factor of a must-see gallery of artworks made by the local residents. You'll love the paintings and canvas hanging on the wall.

 A new place in town that offers yummy home-cooked tasting food!

They offer a very affordable beer!

I love their concoctions of teas fused with fruits and other flavors..

My clients were late that day, so i decided to try ordering some. food, backed mac and cheese and lemonade fused with lemon grass were what I ordered

A closer look of this flavor-full baked mac and cheese, personally made by the owner of the place, Miss Patty Bagano.

Oh by the way, their pastas are freshly made by the delicate hands of Miss Patty.. :)

I hope you guys can visit this place too, when you visit Puerto Princesa, it's just a few blocks away from the airport. :)

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