Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Live streaming platform NiMO TV comes to the Philippines

Manila, Philippines – Make way for an epic game-streaming app as NiMO TV officially launches in the Philippines bringing in exclusive partnership with Rules of Survival and TNC Pro Team Dota 2.

NiMO TV, a game streaming app focusing on community interactivity through chat and virtual gifts expands in the Philippines following its successful launch in other Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.
NiMO TV features a user interface (UI) that streams top-trending games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Mobile Legends, Dota 2, Rules of Survival and live online access to esports events and tournaments through its front-page listing.  It also allows game streamers and viewers to chat with one another in its live chatting platform, with this feature NiMO TV aims to create an ecosystem, which involves streamers, viewers, brand sponsors, and celebrity players with hopes to build the streaming experience more interactive and fan-friendly.

NiMO TV continuously strengthens its pool of streamers in both novice and veteran gamers. One testament is an exclusive partnership with the Philippines’ Pride TNC Pro Team Dota 2, a globally recognized squad who cemented its legacy by consistently qualifying and winning different Dota 2 Championships in the World with total earnings of more than 126 Million Pesos throughout their professional career.   

One exciting event in the pipeline is the upcoming Rules of Survival – NiMO TV - Philippine Champions League tagged as one of the country’s biggest esports league with a combined pool prize of Php 500,000. A cash prize ranging from Php 25,000 to Php 100,000 awaits the sixth to the first place winners of the event.

With NiMO TV’s expansion to the Philippines, they aim to make a solid presence in the rapidly growing world of esports and game streaming.

Download the NiMO TV app at Apple app store and Google Play store. Click link here.


About NiMO TV

NiMO TV is a leading global platform that allows millions of gamers from all around the world to play and broadcast their games to other like-minded players building a community of players, gamers, and fans that drive conversation, and allows peer-to-peer rewards and recognition. Utilizing a high-quality interactive technology, audiences can interact with streamers, and gain access to exclusive esports events and tournaments, along with unprecedented access to the top streamers from across the region.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Helping Children Cope with Separation/Divorce

Not everyone is blessed with a complete and happy family. It is quite acceptable to see broken families, children dealing with step mothers or step fathers, or children dealing with a single parent. Separation or divorce is acquired by most couples who cannot deal with their relationship anymore, or simply cannot work things out between them any longer. When this happens, their children are the ones who suffer the most. They now encounter a state of depression, wherein they tend to think about what they had before as a family, their connection, their close relationship between each other. This often links to even more decrease in their happiness, causing further psychological problems if not dealt with as soon as possible.

When dealing with separation/divorce, the couple themselves need to analyze and think of what is going to happen with regards to their shared finances, their house, and most especially the custody of their children. It is critical for each parent to know what their children are feeling, since this is a state of anxiety not just for them, but also for their kids. Of course, feelings of depression cannot be avoided by everyone, since their lives are about to change, hopefully for the better. But separated is a hard stage to manage because all family members involved have feelings of anxiety and sometimes depression, which could make things even worse to handle or accept.

Children with separated/divorced parents can truly be unpredictable. Some may show optimism by showing that they are independent and mature with regards to their parent's condition. This can be seen when children are of proper age, and can understand this kind of predicament. Others may react differently, showing no emotions whatsoever. This situation must be guarded accordingly, since the child may suffer from anxiety or depression but is not capable of letting it all out yet. In this case, it is wise to let the child into family counseling, a good way to communicate and interact with their thoughts and emotions. In this way, they may be able to express what they are truly feeling about the situation, and the respective counselor can assess the child's behavior and can give an appropriate evaluation of the child. This can really help in finding peace within the child himself, and can also make him easier to accept the unfavorable situation. Younger children require at least one from the couple to be with them during these kinds of situations since they cannot take care of themselves without having at least a parent nearby. It would be recommended to try and talk to the child in a nice and loving manner, simplifying the events that are taking place. The child needs to know why his parents are not together anymore, so that he may not fall into a state of depression.  Giving extra time and effort to the children can be of great help to their emotional healing.  Children should be given the attention they need. Being able to communicate well with your children, asking them about their everyday lives, and just to be a part of their life can have a huge impact on their upbringing. Parents should continue to see, talk, and love their children even when the only option to take is separated.

Celebrate Your Child’s Firsts with Abbott

A Major Step in Childhood Nutrition Supports Better Immunity and Faster Learning Abbott is the first in the world to introduce human milk oligosaccharides (HMO*) in children’s growing-up milk, with 2’-FL HMO - a special ingredient that supports the development of a strong immune system now available in Similac GainSchool New Similac GainSchool is backed by clinically proven EyeQ Plus Nutrition System including DHA, Lutein and Natural Vitamin E as essential brain nutrientsWhen young children spend time in pre-school, they may be exposed not only to the wondersof   the   world   around them but   also   to   various   illnesses   that   could   interfere   with   theirdevelopment. Abbott launched the new Similac GainSchool with 2’-FL HMO, for childrenabove   3   years   –   the   first   growing   up   milk   in   the   Philippines   to   contain   the   immune-nourishing ingredient 2’- fucosyllactose (2’FL) human milk oligosaccharides (HMO*).1-4With more than 15 years of pioneering research in HMO* and more than 20 clinical and pre-clinical studies, Abbott has shown that HMO* can play an important role in helping to build astrong immune system, reduce infections, and improve a child’s digestive health.1,2,4,5In one of the biggest breakthroughs in childhood nutrition in the last decade, Abbott is thefirst company in the world to include 2’-FL HMO in its growing-up milk, for children abovethree years. 

In addition to supporting immunity development, Similac Gain School is also the only  growing-up   milk   in   the   Philippines   with   the   clinically   proven   EyeQ   Plus   NutritionSystem, which contains 10 essential brain nutrients with DHA, Lutein and Natural Vitamin E(NVE) that help support the development of brain connections for faster learning. 

At the launch event themed ‘Celebrating Firsts with Abbott’, Danica Sotto-Pingris, actress, TV host and mother of two children said, “Like any other mom out there, being on top of my children’s nutritional needs and overall health is a must for me. I want to ensure the things they consume help support both their growth and immune development. If they are strong and   well-equipped   against   sickness,   I   am   confident   they   will   learn   faster,   reach   their milestones and have a strong start in life.” 
“That’s why I am excited Abbott has introduced a new growing-up milk with nutrients to help strengthen a child’s immune system and support their cognitive development,” added Danica as she shared her experience of raising her children. 

*Not derived from human breast milk—more—Two medical and nutritional experts at the event, Dr. Jose Rodolfo Dimaano Jr., medical director   of   Abbott’s   nutrition   business   in   the   Philippines   and   Dr.   Ria   de   Guzman,   a developmental   and   behavioral pediatrician,   spoke   on  the  importance of nutrition   in   the overall development and growth of a child, as well as the science-based nutrition behind the new Similac GainSchool.The informative sessions expounded on the two vital nutritional factors that are incorporated in the new Similac GainSchool— 2’-FL HMO* for the support of gut health and the immune system, and the EyeQ Plus Nutrition System, for the support of brain development.  Dr Jose  Rodolfo  Dimaano Jr. explained, “HMO helps  strengthen the immune system  by nourishing the good bacteria in the gut, where 70% of the immune system exists. Keeping your child’s digestive system healthy also means strengthening their immunity.” 

In the Philippines, the most common cause of infections in young children is related to upper respiratory tract infections. 
HMO is associated with the reduction of up to 66% of these infections.
“Good nutrition provides a strong foundation for a child to grow and thrive. With Abbott’s breakthrough   science,   adding  nutrients such  as   2’-FL   HMO   and nucleotides   in the   new S imilac GainSchool growing up milk means a child now has more protection for stronger immunity," Dr Dimaano added. Similac GainSchool also contains nutrients that are essential in nourishing strong cognitive development. As per Dr. Ria de Guzman said, “One of the main pillars of pediatric health is cognition,   which   consists   of   learning,  acquiring   knowledge,   and   performing   executive functions. 

What I found interesting in Similac GainSchool with HMO is that it contains DHA,Lutein and Natural Vitamin E, all of which help support a child’s nutritional needs and can enable faster brain connections, for faster learning,” she said. 

About Abbott:

At Abbott, we're committed to helping people live their best possible life through the power of health. For more than 125 years, we've brought new products and technologies to the world –in nutrition, diagnostics, medical devices and branded generic pharmaceuticals – that create more possibilities for more people at all stages of life. Today, 99,000 of us are working to help people live not just longer, but better, in the more than 150 countries we serve.

Connect with us at, on Facebook at and on Twitter @AbbottNews and @AbbottGlobal. 

Abbott Media:
For the Philippines: 
Foo Wen Dee, (65) 6914 8538  
Patricia Malay, 0917 113 6974 
Soh Rosario, 0917 702 8402  

Thursday, November 8, 2018

On Choosing Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury attorney advertising is rising rapidly. Every time you turn on your TV or radio there are more personal injury attorney advertisements. Ironically, most personal injury attorneys and, in my opinion, most of the better personal injury attorneys, did not want to advertise and resisted for a long time.  
Image result for personal injury lawyer

That is quickly changing. Many of the better personal injury attorneys are now advertising because like it or not, they realize that advertising is not going away. So how does a seriously injured person determine whether a given advertising attorney is one of the better attorneys? 

First, the problem: anyone can advertise. Legal experience, skill or expertise in a particular legal specialty is not required to advertise. Attorneys with little or no experience, skill or expertise can advertise heavily in local phone books, billboards, television and radio advertising. 

These attorneys can claim huge verdicts where you to live to entice you to call quickly. Unfortunately, such claims may be very misleading. There are too many examples of attorneys with limited or no experience trying cases locally or anywhere else advertising heavily and making such claims. Historically, some of the biggest advertisers did not try cases at all and simply farmed them out to other attorneys in exchange for generous referral fees.

So how do you get beyond the advertisements to find a highly experienced attorney with expertise in your type of case? Think about what you would do before hiring any professional to help you with a very serious matter affecting your life. You would not just respond to the first TV commercial or call the person with the most billboards. You would do some research. 
Fortunately there are several easily accessible research tools. You can check the attorneys’ credentials by visiting these personal injury attorney.

“The Best Lawyers in America” is a national organization that lists by specialty the attorneys [and firms] in each geographical who other attorneys rate among the best in their specialty. As you would expect these attorneys are highly experienced in their fields. Look for firms who have several attorneys listed in the personal injury section – attracting such attorneys says a lot about the quality of the firm.
The American Board of Trial Advocates is another excellent resource because it has rigorous admissions standards and only admits highly experienced trial attorneys. This is very important because the better personal injury attorneys are all highly experienced trial attorneys
In serious matters affecting your life you want to know if in addition to superior experience and legal skills, the attorneys and firms also practice at the highest ethical standards. “Martindale-Hubbell” is a highly respected national publication that uses peer reviews to rate attorneys and firms on both the quality of their legal work and their ethical standards. Look for attorneys and firms that receive both an “A,” their highest legal quality grade and a “V” their highest ethical grade. 

Additional potential sources are other attorneys or friends and family who are familiar with the legal community. This can be especially helpful if they have had a positive experience with the attorney or firm they are recommending. 

After you narrow your search through such inquires and the web sites suggested above, go to the firm's website to learn more about their experience in the specialty that you need. Then meet with the attorney. Ask whether they have taught Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses. Attorneys who teach these courses are teaching other attorneys and are usually the most experienced and highly respected in their field.

Also ask who will be in charge of your case and who will try it. While it is common for less experienced attorneys to work on your claim, a senior attorney should be involved from start to finish. Your relationship and comfort level with the attorney is important. Look for an attorney that is courteous and is considerate of your time and who is responsive to your calls and questions. Don’t ever feel pressured to make a decision on the spot.

Following the suggestions above should quickly and easily help you get beyond the advertisements and get to a highly experienced attorney with expertise in your type of case.

Sunday, September 30, 2018


Every food connoisseur will tell you that it’s not only the ingredients that make food simply delicious.  Cooking that perfect dish requires culinary creativity and skill, and not to mention the right kitchen equipment like Tecnogas Italian cooking appliances, to ensure that each meal is cooked with passion and perfection.
Founded more than 65 years ago, Tecnogas, the legendary Italian appliance brand has made its way to the Philippines and showcased its line of remarkable cooking appliances that led to its establishment as one of the top premium cooking appliance brands in the country.
Whether it’s cooking simple pasta dishes or preparing a complete four-course meal, Tecnogas integrates Italian expertise and technology with its quality cooking appliances built only with top of the line materials that are designed to deliver excellent cooking results. Available in all sizes, colors, and styles, Tecnogas’ widest selection of Italian cooking appliances varies from cooking ranges, built-in hobs, built-in ovens, range hoods, table top ovens, and Vortex stoves that are simply an advantage to have in any kitchen.
Tecnogas offers four lines of cooking appliances that are built with high grade materials such as Sabaf and Defendi burners. Each has their unique identity with consistent, strong and elegant design for professional cooking experience. The PRO line series was inspired by the top of the line cookers used by professionals in the cooking industry; it is available in various colours that seamlessly integrate with your kitchen space and style. The NEXT Line series was designed with the strength of the Italian technology and modern engineering for power and efficiency. Meanwhile, the CUISINE Line integrates the best technology to let you experience the art of cooking. Tecnogas also built The TECHNIK series that features all sizes of cooking ranges that deliver superior quality to satisfy your passion for cooking excellence.
Every Tecnogas Italian cooker exemplifies the elements of durability and safety carefully engineered to give you only the best cooking experience. Tecnogas products are exclusively distributed by Appstar Global Distributor Inc. It is available in all leading appliance stores nationwide and supported with over 200 service centers across the country. Tecnogas also offers the longest warranty in the business with 2 years on parts 1 year on service.
To know more about Tecnogas, you can drop by their showrooms located at #28 D. Tuazon St. Quezon City, or outside Metro Manila in Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod, and Davao. You may also visit their website at or visit their Facebook page at 

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

5 Ways to Protect the Future You’ve Built for Your Family Lay the foundation for their future, and go beyond it

The future is made of the small, everyday decisions that shape the kind of life you’ve envisioned for the people you love. 
Starting a family? Scrimp and save to build your dream home. Striving to send your children to the best schools? Work hard at your day job and… your “rakets.” Planning to leave a legacy to your children and grandchildren? Wisely invest your earnings. 
But don’t stop there because things don’t always go as planned. Jobs are lost. Unexpected expenses crop up. Not all investments pan out. It’s not enough to just build a future, you have to make sure that your loved ones get to enjoy it, too, in the future. 
How to do that? Here are five easy ways to ensure that all your  hard work will not go in vain, no matter what! 

Set up an emergency fund 
Don’t let life’s unwelcome surprises—a major home repair, a health emergency, or worse, unemployment—throw you off guard. Make sure you have an emergency fund saved up that is at least 3 to 6 months’ worth of your living expenses. How to compute? Add up your expenses for a month (Don’t forget to include the monthly equivalent of your annual expense like school tuition, insurance premiums, taxes, etc.) and multiply it to three months (or up to six months). That’s how much money you should have, kept, right now! This is your financial safety net when the need arises.  

Pay your debts
Avoid debt at all cost! But if you have to have debt, prioritize paying them. If you don’t, all your mortgage, car loans, and other debts will be your loved ones’ burden. Yup, there’s no escaping them. And remember, don’t just pay the minimum. Pay in full and on time. Don’t let money that could have gone to your retirement fund or your kid’s educational fund just go to interest payments. 

Protect what you built
Don’t let uncertainties take away the things you worked hard for. Whether it’s the house that you’ve taken a loan for or the college education that you’ve been saving up for, make sure your family will get to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Insurance plans like Set for Tomorrow protect what you have built so you don’t have to worry about your family losing what you’ve worked for. This new product from pan-Asian insurer FWD Life Insurance Philippines has three affordable variants: Short Term Cover for your loans and financial obligations; Income Protector for your family’s living expenses and your children’s education; and Estate Protector for smooth transfer of wealth to your heirs. Want to calculate how much it’ll take to ensure your family’s better tomorrow, no matter what? Visit FWD’s calculator, CALI at and get a quote! 

Develop new skills
From volunteering to manage a project to finding a mentor and attending seminars, developing new skills add value to your career and is crucial for your growth (and promotions)! Don’t be scared to veer away from your corporate comfort zone. Turning on and upgrading hobbies like baking, photography, blogging, etc. could mean new streams of income for you and your family. The possibilities are endless when you don’t stop learning!

Diversify your investments 
Remember the old adage “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? That’s investment diversification in a nutshell. Diversification is investing in different funds from different companies and industries so you don’t run the risk of losing all your money when one of your investments suffers. That way, the money you intend to grow for your family’s future needs are secure.  

Want to make sure your tomorrow is made better today? Visit

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Oradian Takes their Toolset Closer to Rural Banks Via Information Roadshow

Ivan Matić, Oradian’s Business Development Manager, presenting their flagship core-banking product, Instafin. Making operations more secure and seamless for the country’s Rural Banks was the focal point of Oradian’s recent roadshow which made a sweep through the provinces of Davao, Cebu, Cavite and Pampanga. The four-city tour delved into the theme “Banking Efficiency and Security Through Cloud Technology” and was attended by officials and representatives from some of the top rural banks like Guagua Rural Bank, BPI Savings, China Bank Savings, Rural Bank of Digos, First Tagum Rural Bank and PNB Savings.
Yarden Bilovich, Business Development Manager
Sharing their expertise during the conference were Rey Lugtu, a noted Digital Transformation Thought and Action Leader who talked about “Digital Transformation in Rural Banking”; Kay Lugtu, who specializes in digital forensics and cybersecurity, who tackled “Data Privacy in the Age of Cloud”; and Christopher Tan, an Advocate for Best Practice for Data Security and Protection, who discussed the shift “From Disk to Cloud”.
Rey Lugtu, one of the keynote speakers, talked about the Digital Transformation in Rural Bank.

Kay Lugtu, one of the keynote speakers, addressing one of the main concerns of the financial institutions: Data Privacy in the Era of Cloud
Each session was capped by a discussion and demonstration of Oradian’s cloud toolset, which was designed not only for rural banks but also for microfinance institutions and cooperatives. Yarden Bilovich, Business Development Manager of Oradian says: “Our goal is to empower these entities, so they can keep up with the demands of digital transformation. By providing them with a secure and efficient toolset that combines big data and fast computing technology, Oradian hopes to ease the way these entities go about their day to day operations. In turn, we are confident that these organizations can take better care of the markets who rely heavily on them”.

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Bringing Your Story to Life

GoPro shares tips on how to make your shots extraordinary
Before you start shooting, think about the story you want to tell. How will you show your audience where you’re at, what you’re getting up to, and how the adventure ends? This saves editing time and helps you craft a more powerful story. 
GoPro, the leading action camera brand, shares some tips on how to make your content more exciting and interesting in achieving #FeedGoals. 

Let your friends know where you are—a wide static shot or location sign always works well. Show yourself gearing up, or take a time lapse of the backdrop to build excitement and set the scene. 

Who are the HEROES of your story, and what are they setting out to do? Capture moments that reveal personalities and allude to the adventure. 

Experiment with different mounts and perspectives to tell your story. Be sure to mix in body- or gear-mounted POV footage along with more traditional shots. 

If you just did something epic, show off those celebratory hugs and Hi5s. Or maybe things didn’t go so well – how would the crew react? Let the cameras roll as you pack it up and head back home as you post your captured moments on social media. 
Don’t forget to share your fun stories using the #GoProPH hashtag. For more information about GoPro, visit 

Don’t forget to share your fun stories through the #GoProPH hashtag. For more information about GoPro HERO 6, and accessories, please visit

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Island Rose Offers Lower Rates in All LBC Branches this October!

Flowers are gifts that warm the heart, no matter the day or occasion. This is why LBC is giving customers a chance to show loved ones how much they care by giving special discounts when they purchase from their partner Island Rose.

Under the promo,  Island Rose will offer a 12% discount for every order of 3 stem, 6 stem, 1 dozen and 2 dozens red rose arrangements from October 1-31, 2018.

With the special discount, a 3 stem rose is now priced at P704; a 6 stem rose is at P1,012; 1 dozen is now at 1,830; and 2 dozen now costs only P2,596.

In enhancing their offerings in all LBC branches nationwide,  Island Rose wants to remind customers that gifting flowers is not only limited to  Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day – and are the perfect tokens during  birthdays, anniversaries and graduation and even, during ordinary days when one just needs to send their love and thoughts to someone they hold dear.

So make someone feel special by giving them any of island Rose’s special flower arrangements.  Visit any of LBC’s hundreds of branches today!

LBC is the Philippines’ market leader in retail and corporate courier & cargo, money remittance, and logistics services. With a growing network of over 6,400 branches, hubs & warehouses, partners, and agents in over 30 countries, LBC is committed to moving lives, businesses, and communities and delivering smiles around the world. Listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange through LBC Express Holdings, Inc., LBC aims to deliver value to all of its stakeholders, as it has for over 60 years.  Founded in 1945 as a brokerage and air cargo agent, LBC pioneered time-sensitive cargo delivery and 24-hour door-to-door delivery in the Philippines. Today, it is the most trusted logistics brand of the Global Filipino. LBC can move it for you: visit, or call telephone +632 8585 999 (Metro Manila), 1 800 10 8585 999 (Provincial), +632 9086 522 (Solutions) and follow LBCExpress (Facebook and Twitter).


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Friday, August 24, 2018

The 55th PMAP Annual Conference

The People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) brings this year’s most exciting Annual Conference to date, the 55th Annual Conference on October 10-12, 2018 at the ASEAN Convention Center, CSEZ, Clarkfield, Pampanga. This full, trailblazing 3-day conference will gather some of the best minds and thought leaders in people management globally.
The amount of disruption expected in the next few years is daunting, relentless and coming quickly. The next 5 to 10 years will drive more change than the previous 50. As traditional businesses adapt to the realities of the new digital age – speedy time to market, intelligently enhanced everything, relevant and bespoke experiences – the implications for people management have been profound.  It is no exaggeration to say that the core differentiator for a successful organization today rests on its readiness.

With this as the foreground, this year’s theme is on point: FOCUS! Each of the letters in the word FOCUS stands for an element that will be covered in this year’s Annual Conference:

F – Future
Driven by accelerating connectivity, new talent frameworks, and cognitive tools, future of work is evolving rapidly; thus the entry of the gig economy, artificial intelligence and robotics, among others.

O – Outside In
We must have an outside-in / design thinking mind to reconsider how jobs and organization culture are created and designed; and adapt and learn quickly for future growth.

C – Collaboration
HR should be customer-centric – driving strategic business objectives and enhancing business performance by collaborating with leaders and the business, applying increased agility, flexibility, networking and alignment.

U – Unison
HR should champion unity of purpose and vision – ensuring singular cadence and momentum from different stakeholders to ensure organization success.

S -  Sustainability
Responding to stakeholder expectations will inevitably re-calibrate our business to include meaningful impacts, such as how responsibly we use resources today, how adequately we respond to issues like climate change, how we innovate as consumer behavior continues to shift towards emerging trends on health and wellness, and how accountable we are as an organization.

The 5 Plenary Sessions will tackle each of the elements and will be in different formats: panel discussions / presentations:
PLENARY 1: (F of FOCUS – Future) - Decoding the New Work Order: How Do We Win?
PLENARY 2: (O of FOCUS - Outside-in) - Blueprint of Tomorrowland: Will Our Organizations Thrive?
PLENARY 3: (C of FOCUS – Collaboration) - Digital Transformation: Key Enabler for better Workplace Collaboration
PLENARY 4: (U of FOCUS – Unison) - Championing Humanity Amidst Transformational Changes
PLENARY 5: (S of FOCUS – Sustainability) - Sustainability Agenda: The New Organization Imperative

The 15 Concurrent Sessions will tackle a variety of topics that will again focus on the 5 elements. Some topics to be covered: Face-Off: Human vs Robot, an interactive play with Modern Machines; Anatomy of Creative Courage: Designing Employee Experience (EX); Blockchain, bitcoins and the Currency of the Future; Solving Workplace Puzzles through Action Learning; Deciphering the Ultimate Filipino Worker; Writeshop on Total Rewards towards Gig Economy, among others.

On top of these sessions, we are again offering an exciting PMAP Expo; we are introducing the Idea Marketplace on the first night; and will be showcasing a bigger PMAP Awards Ceremonies on the second night, among others.

For more details about PMAP Annual Conference 2018, please visit or contact Rhona Bagarinao  726-1532 local 309 and Carol Alcances 726-1532 local 322.

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Devant celebrates with a bang via “15.15.15"

This 2018, home-grown TV brand Devant is celebrating its 15th year of providing high-quality TV products in the country. Entertainment has truly come a long way – from basic LCD TVs to the most recent feature-packed Quantum Ultra HD TVs – and Devant has been part of many Filipino households through these years of TV entertainment evolution by constantly providing a wide range of products that cater to the needs of the consumers.
As technology advanced throughout the years, smart devices have captured the attention of today’s generation and have become popular sources of entertainment. Due to the convenience it provides, smart devices have become must-haves for every individual in the era of tech-savy consumers. However, this development somewhat created a “bonding with myself” attitude, especially among members of Filipino families. Rarely will you see them talk and bond with each other at the end of the day because most of their attention is focused on their own devices.
Devant has always believed that regardless of how their day ended, it is of utmost importance that family members get together and enjoy common activities where they can share their feelings and other emotions while at the same time be entertained. Devant has continually advocated that families remain tied together, with the TV at the center of their precious family moments to help keep their tight bond and promote a stronger family relationship.
Want to spend family nights or weekend moments the best way possible? Whip up a steaming bowl of popcorn, or crack open those bags of chips, match it with your favorite drinks, and spend quality time with your loved ones by sitting in front of a TV and bond over your favorite movie or TV series. These precious moments are truly priceless compared to hits, likes or shares online.
As its way of giving back to its Filipino consumers for 15 successful years in the Philippines. Devant announces its latest exciting TV promo. Devant’s “15-15-15” Anniversary Promo aims to allow more families to own a big screen TV and help keep family ties deeply rooted than ever.
Starting from August 15 to August 19, 2018, customers may avail of Devant’s 49DL541 49-inch Digital TV with ISDB-T antenna at a special promo price of Php 15,000.00 only.
The promo entitles one customer to one (1) TV unit reflected in one (1) invoice and is available for straight or cash payment transactions paid in full amount within the promo period only. The TV product shall be a stand-alone unit, with no other premium items included. Other installment promos and cash discounts are not valid in this specific promo, and is also not applicable to Business-to-Business, institutional or corporate purchases.
The Devant “15-15-15’ Anniversary promo is available in leading appliance stores nationwide.
For more details, follow Devant on Facebook, visit their “15-15-15” Anniversary Promo website

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Friday, July 27, 2018

Menungang Eldew Cafe

I've been hearing and reading a lot of posts and good reviews of this new coffee shop in town.

Menungang Eldew means Magandang Araw in Filipino and Great day in English.

My friends and I decided to have our lunch at this newly opened cafe/resto.

Food we ordered are delicious, but I must say that the price is not that "pang-masa" kind. Ranges from 140-250 pesos. 

I love the idea of the low-cost materials for the built of the resto. Needs a little more improvements, but I think it's just ok because they're just new in the business (they just had their soft opening a few weeks back.)

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Coffee + Honey Facial Mask

I am really not into any beauty regime since I was young. 
I never like the idea of wasting time for beautification or whatsoever you want to do with you face. 
But since I have some coffee grounds available at hand, I decided to create a mask, just to try what is the after effect. Plus, I am currently having some issues with sprouting tiny pimples on my chin and forehead. 

Take a full big tbsp of coffee powder and add in one tbsp of honey. Mix well and apply on the faceand neck in circular motion. Keep for 20 minutes and rinse off. Along with gentle exfoliation, it will give you anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefit and honey as always will moisturize your skin.

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