Monday, September 29, 2014

Shakey's Pizza Making Workshop

Last month, I had a great time bonding with my eldest daughter. I enlisted her and registered her to Shakey's Pizza Making Workshop ( Shakey's Rizal Avenue, PPC Branch).

Too bad, it was already the last batch for the year and that they already had 4 batches prior. 

The registration fee was just Php100.00. But the worth of the workshop was more than that.  Participants will create a solo pan pizza with three flavors to choose - chicken bbq, Hawaiian and pepperoni. My daughter loves Hawaiian flavor, so I chose that one for her.

The certificates, given after the workshop.

Kids will also learn how to make friends and communicate with fellow participants for they offer fun games before the actual pizza making starts.

Of course, all the kids had fun playing. They've won some prizes plus a free ICE CREAM!!

After the fun-filled games, a short briefing and little introduction was made by the host/instructor.
They they started the workshop by teaching what to do with the ready-made pizza dough.

They actually showed the step by step process in making pizza. They also explained that it is no longer necessary to wear gloves while prepping the dough, because the bacteria will also be killed when cooking the pizza at the convection oven.

There were crews assisting participants too. Showing the kids how to properly knead the dough. Assisted the participants in putting oil on the screen,etc.

After doing all the process properly, now it's waiting time. It's just a couple of minutes before the pizza was served. 

My daughter showing off the pizza she just made. Now, it's time for her to eat this one. :) Served with a glass of iced tea and their free ice cream!

Good thing I brought her here, she had fun and wanted to repeat this one. I just hope they'll have more workshops like this in the future. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

[Press Release] Introducing: G.I. Jane Collection by BUM

MANILA, Philippines – On Monday, September 22, BUM Equipment will unveil its launching of G.I. (Girl It’s) Jane collection named after one of its youth brand ambassador Jane Oineza, who is fresh from her successful third finish in a recently concluded Pinoy Big Brother All In Edition, a hit reality show of ABS-CBN Channel 2.

BUM’s move to provide Oineza with a collection named after her does not just spotlight the young star’s crowd-drawing potentials, but as an inspiration to the youth of today to be uniquely strong and brave amidst any criticism.

There are two categories for this particular collection—The Statement Shirts and the Skater Tops with Skirts.

Jane Oineza’s Statement Shirts
Once there was this quote that perfectly describes Jane, “It’s hard to be yourself in a world that wants you to be like them.” But when she was just one of the housemates, she was brave enough to hold onto what she strongly believed in. Thus, the statement shirts were born.   

The statement shirts texts will read: ‘I am Misunderstood’, ‘I’m Real’, and ‘I am Stronger’, respectively and are all printed on black shirts. These speaks of Oineza’s transformation for the past months, which truly defines ‘who’ she is as an individual, as a young talented celebrity. 

Oineza, being a youth brand ambassador is a reflection of a young woman who is brave enough to face all the critics and stay true to herself, no matter what. 

This collection will be the first one to come out in the market on the said mentioned date and can be purchased at all BUM boutiques nationwide.

Jane’s Skater Tops and Skirts
Being a young lady, apart from being a celebri-TEEN, she prefers the preppy look. Jane is the ideal image who projects that aura of a ‘privileged’ lifestyle. She stays simple and fresh-looking with her choice of clothing combining it with the accessories without overpowering her real personality, that’s what she is.

As young lady who just blossomed after celebrating her 18th birthday inside the PBB House, Jane Oineza along with BUM, a thriving brand apparel is launching three variants of skater tops and skirts under the G.I. Jane collection as well. 

Though black in theme, the Skater Skirts comes in three designs; black skull print, white skull print and diamond pattern print. While G.I. Jane skater tops are spandex long sleeves with accentuations to differ one tops from the other. These items can be bought in pairs or can be bought separately.
The said girly-themed collection will soon be available in November this year. Also, these will be exclusively available in all SM department stores. 

Jane Thoughts on these Collections.
“I am excited with the collection. And it truly is me. It spells out who I am on and off camera,” Jane shares.

The collections are something that any young lady would grab and own several pieces because of its message and the design. The G.I. Jane collections do not just reflect Jane’s personality but can be identifiable by any female growing up in the world of ‘peer pressures’ and stay committed to her ideals and do not conform to the standards dictated of the ‘world’ around her.

“I do hope that even with the line of clothing via BUM, I can be a living testimony to girls out there to standout and not just be one of the many girls corrupted by any sort of ideals.”

To know more about BUM latest collection-- G.I. Jane, visit its social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram via @officialbumph or visit its official website

With its humble beginnings in 1992 producing apparel exclusively for boy’s teens, tapping the market segments B, C & D levels, BUM EQUIPMENT, INCORPORATED trademarked and patented a totally different entity from the imported Brand of the same name and had successfully grown into a full line of apparel wear. It continuously upgrade new product lines and creates extensive marketing and advertising methods  to  determine the customer’s needs, wants, and expectations. It offers goods with services, programs and activities that would eventually institutionalize the brand BUM

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Visiting the Local Museum: The Palawan Museum

Since my first born have no classes for 1 week, I decided to bring her to our local museum. For her to know something about our heritage, our history. 

Tagging along her little sister, who enjoyed sight seeing. But there's one thing she's afraid of, the lady mannequin doing the "Pagdiwata" dance. 

Looking at those old jars and life-sized creatures on display amazed the little one.

Big sister was all out of carrying her little sister, for the latter to see those tall displays. :)

We spent at least half an hour roaming the 2 floors of the Museum. Also on display but not in photos are the artworks of our local painter, Jonathan Benitez. 

The Palawan Museum is located at H.Mendoza Street, (Old City Hall Building). Right wing side of the Mendoza Park Stage. Entrance Fee is Php10.00 for kids and Php50.00 for adults. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

[Press Release] The Urban Food Collective Weekend Market

To all our dear friends in the South, THE URBAN FOOD COLLECTIVE Weekend Market is opening soon near you! The market would showcase well-curated selections of both food and non-food purveyors.

To join as a purveyor, please visit

If your products fall under any of these categories, you may submit your application:








Unique finds


Arts & Crafts / Handicrafts

Pop-up shops



October 18-19, 25-26, 2014

November 8-19, 15-16, 22-23, 29-30, 2014

December 6-7, 13-28, 2014

The Urban Food Collective (TUFC) understands that food brings people together, that food is at the center of some of life’s best moments. Its vision is to be the premiere food community in the country.
Current, informative, and educational, TUFC aims to be the food hub where people can share their passion for gastronomy.  TUFC’s online community will feature everything food – articles and recipes, exciting deals featuring the country’s best culinary fare, and “The Urban Food Collective Marketplace” which will retail unique food items and implements. To bring the online community even closer together, TUFC will champion various food lifestyle events, where foodies can meet and indulge in their passion for unique flavors and gustatory delights.
What’s love for food when you have no one to share it with? Let The Urban Food Collective be your community for food. Stay hungry for the good things in life.

The Urban Food Collective Weekend Market:
The Urban Food Collective Weekend Market is a carefully curated collection of purveyors. Located in CommerCenter, Alabang’s newest lifestyle mall, it is a place where people can comfortably gather, browse, and shop. It will be a venue for patrons to find a bevy of treasures from gourmet, specialty foods to local, artisanal arts and crafts. The Weekend Market’s activities and pocket events will give them the opportunity to learn new things or simply engage with the community.
For purveyors, it will be an opportunity to showcase their goods to a truly discerning crowd, while providing them with a gateway to other business opportunities with The Urban Food Collective.  Also recognizing its responsibility to society, The Urban Food Collective will donate a portion of the proceeds from the Weekend Market to the Taguyod Bayan foundation, helping rebuild communities affected by typhoon Haiyan in Sara Iloilo.
See you at the market! Where you can find good food, good things, and goodwill.
Follow The Urban Food Collective on Macintosh HD:Users:a_tor14:Desktop:use dis fb.png/tufcph and Macintosh HD:Users:a_tor14:Desktop:Twitter.pngMacintosh HD:Users:a_tor14:Desktop:Instagram-Logo-1.jpg @tufcph

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

[Trailer] The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1

Here's the preview of the The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1

I know, you guys are all excited to see the movie! Who isn't?! Although the story line on the book is kinda slow for me and a little boring at some point, but it ends pretty well. :)

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 is an upcoming 2014 American science fiction adventure film directed by Francis Lawrence with a screenplay by Peter Craig and Danny Strong. 

It is the first of two cinematic parts based on the novel Mockingjay, the final book in The Hunger Games trilogy, written by Suzanne Collins, and the third installment in The Hunger Games film series, produced by Nina Jacobson and Jon Kilik and distributed by Lionsgate. The film stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Julianne Moore, Jeffrey Wright, Donald Sutherland, and Philip Seymour Hoffman. It is the sequel to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and will be followed by the concluding entry, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2.

The story continues to follow Katniss Everdeen who, after escaping the Third Quarter Quell, becomes a reluctant hero and symbol of hope for the nation of Panem. Principal photography for both parts of the film began on September 23, 2013 in Atlanta, before moving to Paris for two weeks of filming and officially concluding on June 20, 2014 in Berlin, Germany.

Part 1 is scheduled to be released on November 21, 2014 in the United States, and has landed atop Fandango's list of most-anticipated films for 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

[Press Release] MAGIC! Coming to Manila on October 22

MAGIC!, one of today’s hottest bands that brought us the smash hits “Rude” and “Don’t Kill The Magic” is coming to Manila on October 22 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resort’s World Manila for their first-ever concert tour.

When something is meant to be, you just know it immediately. It's as if there was a divine plan or universal synergy fusing the right elements together at the right time for the right situation. That's the feeling Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer Nasri experienced the first time MAGIC! jammed. During a writing session in 2012, he heard collaborator and guitarist Mark Pelli strum a reggae-tinged riff, and something clicked.

"I'm a huge fan of The Police, and I always wanted to do my own project that merged reggae, rock, pop, and a little soul for quite some time," he affirms. "The moment Mark began playing, it felt natural. We had this vision, and it all tied together instantly. We began recording, and the sound was so locked in on every song. That's even where we derived the band name. Everything simply worked like MAGIC!"

That sound distills Caribbean flavor, arena-size bombast, and glistening melodies into an undeniably intoxicating musical potion. Soon after that initial jam, drummer Alex Tanas and bassist Ben Spivak joined the fold as the quartet entered a Los Angeles studio to record its full-length 2013 debut. There weren't any boundaries or rules [read more]. It was all about following that collective muse. "We started recording, and it was so easy," adds Nasri. "We're all from Toronto originally. We know the same streets, and we grew up on the same music. It's the real thing." It's also real catchy. The first single "Rude" coasts from a Jamaican guitar twang and danceable beat into a downright irresistible refrain. At the same time, the singer's cheeky storytelling pops out vividly. "I had this picture in my head of a guy asking a father for his marriage blessing and getting rejected," he says. "It's fun, soulful, easy, and you know the hook right away. That's what we want our songs to do."

Elsewhere, "No Evil" builds up into an anthemic chant, while "Let Your Hair Down" is meant to get bodies grooving. "I think that one will be a favorite for a lot of the ladies—or at least I hope," laughs Nasri. "It's about letting loose and having a great time."

That's what MAGIC! do best. As one half of the in-demand writing and production duo The Messengers, Nasri has penned music for everybody from Justin BieberPitbull to Chris Brown and Christina Aguilera. He garnered a Grammy Award in the category of "Best R&B Album" for Chris Brown's F.A.M.E. in 2012. However, he's formally embarked on a new phase in his already illustrious career. "I want everybody to join us on this MAGIC! adventure," he concludes. "It's a stressful time out there, and people are struggling to find hope in balance. This music is meant to put you in a good mood. We want to bring people together to have a good time. It's not about us. It's about the music. We want you to be a part of that energy and a positive musical world."

Tickets to MAGIC! Live in Manila will be on-sale beginning Friday, September 19 via or call 374-9999 or 891-9999. Follow Wilbros Live for more information and updates (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @WilbrosLive)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

UAAP Cheer Dance Champion 2014

In 2013, NU won it's first-ever title besting favorites UP Pep Squad and UST Sallingawi Dance Troup. Not to be outdone are the rest of the schools: UE Red Squad, FEU Cheering Squad, Ateneo Blue Babble Batallion, DLSU Animo Squad, and Adamson Pep Squad.
National University (2014 Champion)

Since the Cheerdance Competition started in 1994, UP and UST lead the pack with 8 gold medals each. Including silver and bronze awards, the former leads the rest of the league with 18, while the latter isn’t far behind at second with 14.

This year, NU won as Champ again for the 2nd time with their breath-taking stunts and clean routine. But I must say UP did a great job promoting the advocacy of EQUALITY on their routine. 

I love the music the squads use for their routines! Quality sounds produced just like that of using an API 512c Preamp.

What I didn't like was that when UP was called to be the 1st runner up, they don't have any reaction, I mean they're just seating there, not happy (as obviously shown) with the result. 

Ateneo De Manila University

Adamson University

De La Salle University

Far Eastern University

University of the East

University of the Philippines

University of Sto. Tomas
(Photos grabbed from Rappler's site. With Credits to Josh Albelda & Mark Cristino)

UAAP Cheerdance Competition Winners:
Champion: National University (677.5 points)
1st Runner-Up: University of the Philippines (658 points)
2nd Runner-Up: University of Sto. Tomas (625 points)

Group stunts competition:
Champion: FEU (258.5 pts.)
1st Runner-up: UST (251 pts.)
2nd Runner-up: NU (239.5 pts.)

NU took home P340,000 as UP received P200,000. UST, meanwhile, had P140,000.

Friday, September 12, 2014

To Make a Witch by Heather Hamilton-Senter

To Make a Witch by Heather Hamilton-Senter
(Sword of Elements #1.5) 
Publication date: October 1st 2014 
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

At her old school, Lacey found herself on the wrong side of a conflict between Celtic gods. Making a new start in an exclusive boarding school in New Orleans, she hopes to forget that she was once on the verge of becoming a powerful witch—and everything she has lost since then.

When a gruesome murder occurs in the very heart of Westover Academy, Lacey senses a connection between it and the desecration of the tomb of Marie Laveau, the Voodoo queen. Haunted by a trauma in her past and the resulting OCD, Lacey must solve the mystery before she becomes the killer’s next target.

Circumstances beyond her control may once again make Lacey McInnis—cheerleader, scholar, and all-around good girl—a witch.


Heather grew up in a family where books of myth and legend were used to teach the ABCs and Irish uncles still believed in fairies. Raised with tall tales, she has always told stories too- first as an actor and singer, then as a photographer, and now as a writer. 
Heather lives in rural Ontario, Canada happily raising three children ranging in age from 6 to 18 with her biggest fan, her husband Steve.

Author links: 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Preparing for a Wedding

This year, my oldest brother will be tying the knot with his long time partner. The wedding is set this coming December, a few days before Christmas. 

Now, being the photographer, I'll be covering their big day. But was actually thinking of doing some DIYs for venue decorations and church styling. This is to avoid paying much for the decorations only.

Just a few more weeks and we will be having our pre-nuptial photo session. Looking or still searching for the best venue for that event. Was also thinking of giving them some party before saying their I DOs. 

Very good thing that there are sites that provides tutorials of DIYs and sites that provides party ideas like Classy Bachelorette Party Ideas.

Hoping that our plans will work. Actually I am excited for the forthcoming wedding.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William to have a second baby

Yes, you read it right. Prince William and his wife Kate have announced that they are expecting their second child.
Clarence House made the announcement just after 10am this morning saying the couple were “very pleased” to make the announcement.
The happy news comes less than two months after the first birthday of their first son George.
The Queen and members of both William and Kate's families are "delighted" with the news, Kensington Palace said.
Kate is said to be suffering from acute morning sickness, as she did with her first pregnancy, and is being treated by doctors at Kensington Palace. She is no longer joining her husband on a planned engagement in Oxford today.
And I am also delighted to know this news. Hoping and praying that it'll be a baby girl this time! :)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

David Blaine In Manila!

MANILA, Philippines - Is he for real? Or is he a con job? Filipinos can decide for themselves when the world’s most intriguing magician hits Manila for a one-night-only live show. Magician David Blaine, who has been wowing and spooking audiences worldwide with his trailblazing brand of magic for almost two decades, is set to cast a spell on Philippine audiences in a 90-minute live show on Sept. 12 at the Araneta Coliseum, accord ing to promoter Renen de Guia of Ovation Productions.
This is not an entirely new venture into the world of magic by Ovation Productions, having promoted another popular magician also by the name of David in Manila in 1989 — David Copperfield.
Dubbed Real or Magic, Blaine’s first-ever show in the Philippines will feature a slew of tricks that have blown the minds of anyone who has ever seen videos of his “street magic” performances. The 41-year-old magician’s Manila stopover is part of his first Asian tour.
The show’s title references Blaine’s TV special last year in which he performed inexplicable tricks to the stupefaction of celebrities such as Will Smith, Kanye West, Ricky Gervais, Katy Perry and Harrison Ford.
Born in New York to Puerto Rican-Italian and Russian parents, Blaine became an overnight success at 24 when he debuted his Street Magic in 1997. The show, in which he performed minimal yet enigmatic tricks for impromptu audiences on the street, was a success.

Eschewing the glitzy Vegas-style showmanship of magicians like Copperfield, Blaine’s less-is-more approach, lazy Brooklyn drawl and ultra-cool manner — not to mention his dark, brooding looks — won him a great league of fans across the world who just can’t seem to believe what they see.
Later, Blaine expanded his magical repertoire by featuring himself in a series of spectacularly staged death-defying endurance performances, some of which were inspired by his idol Harry Houdini. The endurance performances have seen Blaine: Sealed in a coffin-like box at the bottom of a three-ton tank of water for a week, encased in ice for 63 hours, standing unsecured on top of a 30-meter high narrow pillar for 53 hours and dangled in a plastic cube above the Thames for 44 days with only water to sustain him. He even managed to break a Guinness World Record in 2008 live on The Oprah Winfrey Show when he held his breath underwater for 17 minutes and 44 seconds — the record has since been broken. Meanwhile, the last spectacle saw him being zapped by a million volts of electricity produced by eight Tesla coil towers for 72 hours.

While the magician who’s been called our generation’s greatest probably won’t replicate such endurance tests for his live show, audiences can be assured that they’ll be feted to other head-scratching Blaine specialties — from card tricks to pushing needles through his arm to twisting off a chicken’s head and putting it back on. But is it magic? Is it real? You decide.

David Blaine: Real or Magic Live in Manila on Sept. 12 at the Araneta Coliseum is presented by Ovation Productions in cooperation with AXN, The Philippine STAR, Manila Bulletin, Business World, ABS-CBN, MYX,,,,, Manila Concert Scene, Philippine Concerts, SoundCheckManila,, 105.1 Crossover, 96.3 EasyRock, Retro 105.9, Monster Radio RX 93.1, and Mellow 947. Tickets prices are P6,500, P5,500, P4,500, P3,500, P2,000 and P1,000. They are available at Ticketnet outlets or online via or call 911-5555.)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Good Music Depends on Good Speakers

Every good music depends on the high quality output of speakers being used while the song is being recorded. If your stereo system doesn't sound as good as it used to, it may be time to replace the speakers.

Is the bass weak? Pull off the grilles to see if the foam surrounds have disintegrated. Dull highs? Maybe the tweeters are blown.

Even if there's nothing wrong with your speakers, odds are that a new pair will sound (and look) way better. Speaker technology has improved a great deal over the years. 

Maybe you're starting from scratch, rather than replacing an old pair of speakers. Either way, this article will help you make a good choice.

Come home and listen to your favorite music or watch a movie in thrilling surround sound with a fantastic set of speakers. To place your order, call us toll-free at 800-449-9128

Friday, September 5, 2014

Hit Broadway Musical ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Tickets Go on SALE!!!

Belle, Beast, Gaston, Mrs. Potts, Lumiere and other much-loved Beauty and the Beast characters come to life on January 11-25, 2015 as Ovation Productions brings the original  Broadway spectacular  to the CCP Main Theatrestage! Experience Belle and the Beast’s wonderful and unique love story in this one of a kind Broadway musicalwhich turns 20 years old this year! Tickets go on sale starting Tuesday, August 12.
 Beauty and the Beast is the classic story of Belle, a young woman in a provincial town, and the Beast, who is really a young prince trapped in a spell placed by an enchantress. If the Beast can learn to love and be loved in return, the curse will end and he will be transformed to his former self. But time is running out. If the Beast does not learn his lesson soon, he and his household will be doomed for all eternity.

The production is directed by Rob Roth and choreographed by Matt West. It features costumes designed by Tony Award winning Ann Hould-Ward, lighting designed by Natasha Katz, scenic designed by Stanley A. Meyer, sound designed by John Petrafesa Jr., and music supervision by Michael Kosarin. There is also music by Alan Menken, lyrics by Howard Ashman, a book by Linda Woolverton, and additional songs with music by Menken and lyrics by Tim Rice.

Daily showtimes except Mondays are 8PM with matinees at 2PM Saturdays and Sundays at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Main Theater, CCP Complex. 

For inquiries: Call Ticketworld at 891-9999 or log on to or, and

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fashion Police Won't be the Same without Joan Rivers

Rivers, 81, had been on life support at Manhattan's Mount Sinai hospital, where she was taken after she stopped breathing at the Yorkville Endoscopy clinic last Thursday.

Rivers was undergoing an apparently minor elective procedure at the clinic when she suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest, according to the New York Fire Department.

Paramedics took her by ambulance to Mount Sinai Hospital, about a mile from the clinic, where she was initially listed in critical condition.

The outpatient clinic is now being investigated by the New York State Department of Health, spokesman James O'Hara said.

"She passed peacefully at 1:17 p.m. surrounded by family and close friends," Melissa Rivers said in a written statement.

The funeral for Rivers will be at Temple Emanu-El in Manhattan on Sunday, according to temple spokeswoman Elizabeth Fezrine. Details, including the time and if the public will be allowed to attend, are not yet known, she said.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


It’s going to be the romantic date concert of the season as former Westlife front man Shane Filan returns to the Philippines for his first solo major concert.

The much awaited concert happening on October 1, 2014 at the World Trade Center Manila is part of Shane’s ongoing You & Me World Tour to promote his debut album.

From the biggest hits of his former group, songs from his debut album and some of the most requested tunes from his fans, Shane promises there’s going to be a favorite for everyone in the crowd.

“I know a lot Filipinos are romantic so I’ve prepared a list of songs that’s going to make you sing, dance and fall in love again,” he said.

Shane also hinted about doing a few covers of some classic love songs and teased about an unexpected mashup that will surprise even his long time fans.

This will be Shane’s first ever major show in Manila after the Irish Boyband’s sentimental farewell tour back in 2011.

Last year, Shane came back to Manila to promote his Everything to Me EP and promised all his fans to come back for a solo concert and share his debut album.

The new album is dominated by up-tempo and mid-tempo songs, a reflection of his own record collection, mixing pop, soul, country and even a hint of traditional Irish music. It has also been well received by fans and critics who described as a “progression from Westlife’s sound… the end result is a collection of adult contemporary songs that mix a variety of musical styles.”

Shane revealed that he took inspiration from the likes of The Lumineers, Train and Mumford & Sons when writing and recording the album.

"I got off to a really good start, Shane said adding, “Everything to Me felt like beginners' luck, but I didn’t know how good it was. Then the label were phoning, going "This is great!" I’d shown to myself I could do this and that took the pressure off.”

The album features writing credits and production from the likes of Steve Mac, Wayne Hector, Nick Atkinson, Paul Barry, Cass Lowe, Patrick Mascall, Kylie Sackley, Brandon Hood and Martin Terefe, who has also produced songs for big name artists such as Lana Del Rey, Enrique Iglesias, LeAnn Rimes, Faith Hill and Jason Mraz.

Presented by Midas Promotions and co presented by FOX and Star World, Shane Filan You & Me Tour Live in Manila 2014 will be held on 1 October 2014 at the World Trade Center Manila. Also presented by the following media partners: MYX, Mellow 94.7FM, 99.5 Play FM, Business World, Manila Bulletin, The Philippine Star, Top 40 Magazine,,,, Manila Concert Scene, Philippine Concerts, SoundcheckMNL, Rappler, ClickTheCity, Special thanks also to MCA Music, Astroplus/ Astrovision, Odyssey Music and Video Store, TicketNet, World Trade Center and the official residence of Shane Filan You & Me Tour Live in Manila Diamond Hotel.

Tickets to the show are on sale through SM Tickets (; tel: 470-2222), Ticketnet (; tel: 911-5555), and TicketWorld (; tel:891-9999) from 16 June 2014.

Shane Filan You & Me Tour Live in Manila 2014

Date:                     Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Time:                     8pm

Venue:                    World Trade Center Manila

Tickets:                   PHP 4,500 (Platinum Seated), PHP 3,000 (Gold Standing), 
                              PHP 2,000  (Silver Standing)

Our ticketing partners apply a customer service fee to all tickets purchased via its network. This fee is additional to the face value of the ticket and is payable upon purchase of tickets. Visit Shane Filan official website: