Friday, August 24, 2018

The 55th PMAP Annual Conference

The People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) brings this year’s most exciting Annual Conference to date, the 55th Annual Conference on October 10-12, 2018 at the ASEAN Convention Center, CSEZ, Clarkfield, Pampanga. This full, trailblazing 3-day conference will gather some of the best minds and thought leaders in people management globally.
The amount of disruption expected in the next few years is daunting, relentless and coming quickly. The next 5 to 10 years will drive more change than the previous 50. As traditional businesses adapt to the realities of the new digital age – speedy time to market, intelligently enhanced everything, relevant and bespoke experiences – the implications for people management have been profound.  It is no exaggeration to say that the core differentiator for a successful organization today rests on its readiness.

With this as the foreground, this year’s theme is on point: FOCUS! Each of the letters in the word FOCUS stands for an element that will be covered in this year’s Annual Conference:

F – Future
Driven by accelerating connectivity, new talent frameworks, and cognitive tools, future of work is evolving rapidly; thus the entry of the gig economy, artificial intelligence and robotics, among others.

O – Outside In
We must have an outside-in / design thinking mind to reconsider how jobs and organization culture are created and designed; and adapt and learn quickly for future growth.

C – Collaboration
HR should be customer-centric – driving strategic business objectives and enhancing business performance by collaborating with leaders and the business, applying increased agility, flexibility, networking and alignment.

U – Unison
HR should champion unity of purpose and vision – ensuring singular cadence and momentum from different stakeholders to ensure organization success.

S -  Sustainability
Responding to stakeholder expectations will inevitably re-calibrate our business to include meaningful impacts, such as how responsibly we use resources today, how adequately we respond to issues like climate change, how we innovate as consumer behavior continues to shift towards emerging trends on health and wellness, and how accountable we are as an organization.

The 5 Plenary Sessions will tackle each of the elements and will be in different formats: panel discussions / presentations:
PLENARY 1: (F of FOCUS – Future) - Decoding the New Work Order: How Do We Win?
PLENARY 2: (O of FOCUS - Outside-in) - Blueprint of Tomorrowland: Will Our Organizations Thrive?
PLENARY 3: (C of FOCUS – Collaboration) - Digital Transformation: Key Enabler for better Workplace Collaboration
PLENARY 4: (U of FOCUS – Unison) - Championing Humanity Amidst Transformational Changes
PLENARY 5: (S of FOCUS – Sustainability) - Sustainability Agenda: The New Organization Imperative

The 15 Concurrent Sessions will tackle a variety of topics that will again focus on the 5 elements. Some topics to be covered: Face-Off: Human vs Robot, an interactive play with Modern Machines; Anatomy of Creative Courage: Designing Employee Experience (EX); Blockchain, bitcoins and the Currency of the Future; Solving Workplace Puzzles through Action Learning; Deciphering the Ultimate Filipino Worker; Writeshop on Total Rewards towards Gig Economy, among others.

On top of these sessions, we are again offering an exciting PMAP Expo; we are introducing the Idea Marketplace on the first night; and will be showcasing a bigger PMAP Awards Ceremonies on the second night, among others.

For more details about PMAP Annual Conference 2018, please visit or contact Rhona Bagarinao  726-1532 local 309 and Carol Alcances 726-1532 local 322.

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Devant celebrates with a bang via “15.15.15"

This 2018, home-grown TV brand Devant is celebrating its 15th year of providing high-quality TV products in the country. Entertainment has truly come a long way – from basic LCD TVs to the most recent feature-packed Quantum Ultra HD TVs – and Devant has been part of many Filipino households through these years of TV entertainment evolution by constantly providing a wide range of products that cater to the needs of the consumers.
As technology advanced throughout the years, smart devices have captured the attention of today’s generation and have become popular sources of entertainment. Due to the convenience it provides, smart devices have become must-haves for every individual in the era of tech-savy consumers. However, this development somewhat created a “bonding with myself” attitude, especially among members of Filipino families. Rarely will you see them talk and bond with each other at the end of the day because most of their attention is focused on their own devices.
Devant has always believed that regardless of how their day ended, it is of utmost importance that family members get together and enjoy common activities where they can share their feelings and other emotions while at the same time be entertained. Devant has continually advocated that families remain tied together, with the TV at the center of their precious family moments to help keep their tight bond and promote a stronger family relationship.
Want to spend family nights or weekend moments the best way possible? Whip up a steaming bowl of popcorn, or crack open those bags of chips, match it with your favorite drinks, and spend quality time with your loved ones by sitting in front of a TV and bond over your favorite movie or TV series. These precious moments are truly priceless compared to hits, likes or shares online.
As its way of giving back to its Filipino consumers for 15 successful years in the Philippines. Devant announces its latest exciting TV promo. Devant’s “15-15-15” Anniversary Promo aims to allow more families to own a big screen TV and help keep family ties deeply rooted than ever.
Starting from August 15 to August 19, 2018, customers may avail of Devant’s 49DL541 49-inch Digital TV with ISDB-T antenna at a special promo price of Php 15,000.00 only.
The promo entitles one customer to one (1) TV unit reflected in one (1) invoice and is available for straight or cash payment transactions paid in full amount within the promo period only. The TV product shall be a stand-alone unit, with no other premium items included. Other installment promos and cash discounts are not valid in this specific promo, and is also not applicable to Business-to-Business, institutional or corporate purchases.
The Devant “15-15-15’ Anniversary promo is available in leading appliance stores nationwide.
For more details, follow Devant on Facebook, visit their “15-15-15” Anniversary Promo website

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