Book Review Policy

The Policy

My Entertainment Nook accept review requests in the Romance, Young-Adult, Steampunk, SciFi Romance, Paranormal, almost all genres that I enjoyed reading on,  I accept review copies from large publishers, eBook publishers, and from requesting authors. I also am more than willing and happy to accept requests from independent publishers, but if they’re not in the genres that we mentioned above, I will most likely decline.
Whilst I do my best to review books in a timely manner, in some cases, there might be a delay. Also, please be aware I do not and cannot review every book I receive, and I can’t accept every review request.

We accept review copies in paperback generally, but it's also fine to receive e-copies.
I am super honest in our reviews, so pretty please with sugar on top, don’t go sending me hate mail if we give your book a bad review. I am critiquing the book, not the author personally

When and How I Will Review

All books sent to me are considered for review, but I do not guarantee a review for any title and I will no longer be participating in any blog tours at all. I am working as a literary agent now, so if I read a book that I love, I will write about it. If I do not love it, I will likely not take the time to write about it at all, but anything written will constitute my honest opinion. In addition, priority will be given to books I am able to consider for Bloggers Recommend (to be considered books must be received at least 4-8 weeks before publication date). Books arriving later than that, particularly those arriving after pub date are much less likely to ever be read and reviewed.

Accepted formats:

I accept audio and print books. Bound galleys and ARCs are fine, as are finished paperbacks or hardcovers. I am currently accepting few/no ebooks, as my ereader is full of manuscripts. I will not accept books available ONLY as ebooks, except the occasional short story by traditionally published authors who have longer form stories available in print. My preferred method of receiving ebooks is through NetGalley, where is listed as a Review Organization Accepting NetGalley Titles. Under no circumstances do I accept Kindle books, or anything available only through Amazon.

Unsolicited Books
I will do my best to review unsolicited books when they appeal to me. If I am not interested in an unsolicited book, I will attempt to pass it on to another blogger who may review it, but I may also donate it to the library. I cannot guarantee reviews of unsolicited books.

Self-Published Policy:

Previously, we had a policy of not reviewing any self-published books on the blog. This has now changed. We will be reviewing self-published books, but we will only be reviewing copies that we have solicited or bought ourselves. This is due to the vast number of self-published titles that are out there.

Rating Scale

Our review guide is a 5 Stars form grade. This is what we grade on:
5(+/-) = OMG, the book totally rocked the awesome train all the way to awesomeville.
4(+/-) = We really enjoyed the book, and it was a good solid read.
3(+/-) = We liked it, but there were some issues with it.
2(+/-) = We didn’t like it because of a LOT of issues we found with it.
1(+/-) = We really, really disliked your book.
DNF = We did not finish it because we got so frustrated that the temptation to chuck the book or eReader against the wall was very strong.

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