Friday, January 27, 2012

Oh.. Hope I can fix you..


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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Praying for the Best

I could still remember the moment I decided to add him as a friend on Facebook.

We have a lot of friends in common. Other than that, I knew him way back in college. 

He’s a member of a famous group during our time. haha 

He never changed. I mean the way he looks, it’s just that he’s a grown up man now.

All I know about him is his name. Just that. 

I am a regular visitor of his page. Looking at his photos. Liking his posts of mostly quotations about life and love.

But it’s just that. He never say a word or anything from the day he accepted my request.

After a while, was so surprised that a message popped out of my Facebook page. From him. Asking me if we have met or if he knew me. (Torn. Thought that he doesn’t want me to be on his list).

Told him that I knew him and that he definitely didn’t know me. (I am a nobody as compared to him-being a member of a known group in the campus).

Chat for a while.. He asked for my number (haha! kilig factor to the max).. Call. Text.. One thing led to another. Later I woke up being in a relationship with him. 


For the past 5years of my life, I have been in and out of relationships. Well, actually I just had 3 relationships after Zei. There were flings and plainly dating stuffs, but nothing serious.

For a while I decided not to have a commitment and just enjoy life being a single parent. Was somehow “traumatized” from the previous one I had (A total dickhead who wasted my time. LOSER BIGTIME!)

But then, I don’t know why for some reason I accepted Mharn’s offer. I am taking the risk again. Hopefully this time it’ll work out. Praying that God will continue to guide us both as we walk the journey of life as a couple.

I am not having the worries this time. He’s from my place, certified single. If ever he’ll do something bad, I’ll eventually know it soon enough. hahaha (Well, I know he won’t. I trust him.)

It’s about time to be happy in love. I feel secure with his love. Just praying for the best.



It's Been a While

I have missed a lot of blog posts due to work. From 40hours/week now I am working 60hours/week. Thank God for all the wonderful blessings.

2011 is not so great a year for me, but still I am thankful for so many changes and challenges happened that year. It made me stronger and a better person.

I don’t believe in luck. All things happened and will happen for reason/s.

January so far is great! Had so much fun with few exciting events. Blogging is more fun now that I have met some few friends, interacting with fellow bloggers. Getting some invites to some events because of blogging.

Friendship bonds with high school and college friends were being rekindle, reunited with my best sets of friends from LHS.

Mikyla Yzabel is doing great so far as a graduating kindergarten student. Though she’s still that talkative. 

Can’t wait for more surprises to come my way as 2012 unfolds.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I wasn’t raised that way. I know how to appreciate and give thanks to every little things that happened to my life.  Be it a negative thing or a positive one.

What’s being ungrateful is a when you talk shit about a person who has been a friend to you. When you talk shit about the family who gave you the man you’re living with right now. When you talk shit things against the family of your so called “better-half”. When you talk shit those people who’s been nice to you. Ungrateful is when you’re doing things that would ruin your employer’s trust. Tsk tsk tsk. 

Up until now you can’t even move on with your life. You kept on bothering your self with things you shouldn’t be bothered about.

Up until now you can’t accept the fact that some people can normally exist and live a happy life without you in their lives.  

Up until now, deep inside you, you’re still living a miserable life. Aren’t you tired of stalking? Aren’t you tired of peeking and viewing other people’s profile? People that you loath and hate?— by using dummy accounts? 

You can’t  deny this. Because you’re here right now reading this. Such a PITY.. 

The Amazing Light Show

Trails to Antarctica

Sea Lion Show

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Feet - crank Dat.

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Tamaan Affected!

May nakapagsabi sakin dati, minsan daw masyado akong pranka,ang sakit ko daw magsalita. Kaya napaisip eto sinabi ko sa kanya. “Ang kutsilyo man ay matalim. Pero hindi ka masasaktan, kung hindi ka TATAMAAN..”

Friday, January 6, 2012

On Having a Mistress

Do you know why married people have affairs? It’s not because of sex. It’s because they grumble instead of being grateful.
Your spouse has 90% of what you need.
But because you’re not grateful for that 90%, you search for that missing 10% in a mistress. Someone fresh. Someone prettier. Someone more affectionate. Someone who smells nice.
But when you go home, your wife smells of paksiw. 
She isn’t affectionate because she’s tired, taking care of the kids the entire day.
So you have an affair. At first, it’s exciting. It makes you feel wonderful.
But one day, you’ll wake up and realize you’re holding Miss 10% in your arms. You’ve lost your Miss 90% to get Miss 10%.


You think an extramarital affair could cost you just your marriage. Think again! It could just be more fatal than that.A novel Italian research reveals that illicit affairs can leave you with crippling migraines, especially for people who already suffer from regular headaches. This could be so serious that it can even kill you.

According to the researchers, a person who is cheating in marriage undergoes the stress of shuffling both married life and a secret lover. This may cause the cheating partner to suffer from serious migraines which in turn may lead to ballooning in a blood vessel in the brain. Called as aneurysm, the condition could be potentially fatal.

On Bathroom Lightnings..

Whenever I am so exhausted and exasperated with work, one of my stress buster is staying in the bathroom showering on a lukewarm water. It helps me soothes and feel a little relax somehow. The room filled with aromatic scents and was dim-lit, that was just perfect!

When I was younger,  I always dreamed of having a very spacious bathroom with tub and a very appealing/conducive bathroom lighting. With Victorian designs and lighting fixtures that can make your mind relax and put all the worries away.

Bathroom lighting accessories are usually basic yet are very essential component in our day-to-day activities, since the bathroom is the place we visit the first thing in the morning. During early morning and later evening, dim light  best suits the place. Other than that, bathroom lighting should additionally be appealing and fully functional for everyday use.

 Aside from it being efficient and appealing, having the best set of bathroom lighting somehow shows your personality. Your distinct taste.

When choosing your bathroom lighting fixtures, you must not only consider the design or the aesthetic appeal, but also the functionality and efficiency of the lights. It should serve its purpose of giving the bathroom proper lighting and in addition giving the place a sense of beauty by having a perfect design fit for it.

Yzabel's Late Christmas Gifts

Indeed, it is better late than never at all!

Yzabel received a late Christmas gift from her Mama Medz, a pink school bag.

Pink School Bag
Pink School Bag from Mama Medz

Pink Bag

Later that day I went out to meet a friend in Trinoma. Since there’s a Toys R Us store I checked the Baby Alive doll she’s been wanting to have. I still have her money from the New Year’s Reunion, so I decided to buy on for her. Unfortunately it was no longer on sale. So I bought it for Php 1,499.00 (sale price was like Php 1,299.00).  The money she collected from prizes and ampao gifts from Ninongs/Ninangs and titas was Php 1,250.00 so I just added a few bucks more to purchase this doll.

Baby Alive "Baby All Gone" Doll
Baby Alive “Baby All Gone” Doll (Photo taken using SE X8 Phone)

I know this is kind of expensive for a doll. But I really don’t care. Yzabel is not the kind of a “Bilmoko” kid. I asked her what she wanted for Christmas as a gift. Originally she wanted an aPad, but changed her mind and wanted this doll instead. So as promised I’ll buy her this. Good thing is that she had cash gifts. LOL (daya ng mommy).  But would still buy her an aPad for her 6th birthday on May.

Look how happy she was upon seeing the doll.

Baby Alive "Baby All Gone" Doll
The happiest little girl that time! haha

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1st Day of 2012

It’s always been a tradition of the Belmonte-Teves Family to hold a reunion or a small family gathering at thier humble abode in Cogeo, Antipolo.

We spent our Christmas in Palawan. Spent 10 days there. Decided to leave for Manila on the 31st to be able to attend the yearly gathering.

And indeed it was a blast celebrating the 1st day of the year in Cogeo, Antipolo.