Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Praying for the Best

I could still remember the moment I decided to add him as a friend on Facebook.

We have a lot of friends in common. Other than that, I knew him way back in college. 

He’s a member of a famous group during our time. haha 

He never changed. I mean the way he looks, it’s just that he’s a grown up man now.

All I know about him is his name. Just that. 

I am a regular visitor of his page. Looking at his photos. Liking his posts of mostly quotations about life and love.

But it’s just that. He never say a word or anything from the day he accepted my request.

After a while, was so surprised that a message popped out of my Facebook page. From him. Asking me if we have met or if he knew me. (Torn. Thought that he doesn’t want me to be on his list).

Told him that I knew him and that he definitely didn’t know me. (I am a nobody as compared to him-being a member of a known group in the campus).

Chat for a while.. He asked for my number (haha! kilig factor to the max).. Call. Text.. One thing led to another. Later I woke up being in a relationship with him. 


For the past 5years of my life, I have been in and out of relationships. Well, actually I just had 3 relationships after Zei. There were flings and plainly dating stuffs, but nothing serious.

For a while I decided not to have a commitment and just enjoy life being a single parent. Was somehow “traumatized” from the previous one I had (A total dickhead who wasted my time. LOSER BIGTIME!)

But then, I don’t know why for some reason I accepted Mharn’s offer. I am taking the risk again. Hopefully this time it’ll work out. Praying that God will continue to guide us both as we walk the journey of life as a couple.

I am not having the worries this time. He’s from my place, certified single. If ever he’ll do something bad, I’ll eventually know it soon enough. hahaha (Well, I know he won’t. I trust him.)

It’s about time to be happy in love. I feel secure with his love. Just praying for the best.



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