Friday, January 6, 2012

Yzabel's Late Christmas Gifts

Indeed, it is better late than never at all!

Yzabel received a late Christmas gift from her Mama Medz, a pink school bag.

Pink School Bag
Pink School Bag from Mama Medz

Pink Bag

Later that day I went out to meet a friend in Trinoma. Since there’s a Toys R Us store I checked the Baby Alive doll she’s been wanting to have. I still have her money from the New Year’s Reunion, so I decided to buy on for her. Unfortunately it was no longer on sale. So I bought it for Php 1,499.00 (sale price was like Php 1,299.00).  The money she collected from prizes and ampao gifts from Ninongs/Ninangs and titas was Php 1,250.00 so I just added a few bucks more to purchase this doll.

Baby Alive "Baby All Gone" Doll
Baby Alive “Baby All Gone” Doll (Photo taken using SE X8 Phone)

I know this is kind of expensive for a doll. But I really don’t care. Yzabel is not the kind of a “Bilmoko” kid. I asked her what she wanted for Christmas as a gift. Originally she wanted an aPad, but changed her mind and wanted this doll instead. So as promised I’ll buy her this. Good thing is that she had cash gifts. LOL (daya ng mommy).  But would still buy her an aPad for her 6th birthday on May.

Look how happy she was upon seeing the doll.

Baby Alive "Baby All Gone" Doll
The happiest little girl that time! haha

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