Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I wasn’t raised that way. I know how to appreciate and give thanks to every little things that happened to my life.  Be it a negative thing or a positive one.

What’s being ungrateful is a when you talk shit about a person who has been a friend to you. When you talk shit about the family who gave you the man you’re living with right now. When you talk shit things against the family of your so called “better-half”. When you talk shit those people who’s been nice to you. Ungrateful is when you’re doing things that would ruin your employer’s trust. Tsk tsk tsk. 

Up until now you can’t even move on with your life. You kept on bothering your self with things you shouldn’t be bothered about.

Up until now you can’t accept the fact that some people can normally exist and live a happy life without you in their lives.  

Up until now, deep inside you, you’re still living a miserable life. Aren’t you tired of stalking? Aren’t you tired of peeking and viewing other people’s profile? People that you loath and hate?— by using dummy accounts? 

You can’t  deny this. Because you’re here right now reading this. Such a PITY.. 

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