Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's Been a While

I have missed a lot of blog posts due to work. From 40hours/week now I am working 60hours/week. Thank God for all the wonderful blessings.

2011 is not so great a year for me, but still I am thankful for so many changes and challenges happened that year. It made me stronger and a better person.

I don’t believe in luck. All things happened and will happen for reason/s.

January so far is great! Had so much fun with few exciting events. Blogging is more fun now that I have met some few friends, interacting with fellow bloggers. Getting some invites to some events because of blogging.

Friendship bonds with high school and college friends were being rekindle, reunited with my best sets of friends from LHS.

Mikyla Yzabel is doing great so far as a graduating kindergarten student. Though she’s still that talkative. 

Can’t wait for more surprises to come my way as 2012 unfolds.

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