Monday, March 20, 2017

Comfort and Headphones

Perhaps the last thing that anyone would think of when it comes to buying headphones is comfort. With all the information out there on the net and in shops no one tells you the most obvious fact and that is ‘try it on before your buy it’. It is all very well spending upwards of $1,000 dollars - for you super rich out there! - on a new set of headphones only to find them so uncomfortable that you avoid putting them on! So what do you look for in comfort? Well, first decide if you like the sound right inside your ears or outside. If outside, do you want the ‘circum’ style which sits around the ear or the ‘supra’ style which sits right on the ear? All have good points and bad points and it is up to the user which style to buy. The circum style like Sony studio headphones sits around the ear and gives a slightly muffled sound as if the user is sitting in an auditorium whilst the supra style feels like the instruments are right there next to the ear. Whichever one is preferred make sure that the material on the ear pads is comfortable. Many have leatherette style coverings which can get a little sweaty in hot conditions. Velvet style pads do not have this problem. For portable headsets personally I don’t like ear bud styles because they make my ears hurt!! Having tried them out on several occasions I have to vote for the other styles mentioned here.

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Musical Instrument for your Child

Many parents want to encourage their children to learn to play a musical instrument, to encourage their musical development. The first instrument is often a music keyboard. 

These are reasonably priced and stimulate an interest in music even in very young children. Ask your school music teacher for advice, because some of the very low cost keyboards are very limited. The higher priced keyboards play notes softer if they are hit less hard, more like a piano. 

Your child may enjoy the sound of a particular instrument. This can be a major motivational factor, so it is a good idea to go with the child's ideas, at least initially. 

Many children change the instrument they play in the first few years of their music education. Many children may find it easier to play woodwind instruments like a clarinet than brass instruments like trumpets and trombones. 

Woodwind instruments do not require the lip vibrations that brass players need. Most children's choice of instrument is a matter of chance. It depends on what instrument is favored by visiting music tutors. 

There are more professional violinists than players of any other instrument. This is one reason parents often encourage their children to take up the violin. 

Buying a violin is a tricky business. You can buy a violin for less than 70 dollars on the Internet. Should you buy it? Never. A violin is not just a pair of shoes. Shoes are designed to be used and thrown away when they wears out. 

A well-made violin will last for hundreds of years. The 70 dollar violin above should just be thrown away. Buying one for your child is a waste of 70 dollars. 

If your child is taking up the violin, or any instrument, it might be an idea to rent rather than buy, until you see how your child takes to the instrument. That is the point at which you should consider buying. Buy the best instrument you can afford. 

Price is definitely linked with tonal quality. Listen to a range of violins, pianos or trumpets being played by the musician in the retailers. You will notice differences between the different instruments. Always buy a musical instrument you and your child like the sound from. 

Musical training will attune the child's ear to any deficiency in the instrument you buy, and this will detract from the pleasure he or she gains from playing it.

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