Monday, October 12, 2020

Aloe Vera, The Clean Beauty Holy Grail Reshaping Hair Care

As attractive as they look like in a pot, aloe vera plants have been hailed as a natural ingredient with many positive skin benefits for thousands of years. Aloe vera leaves are full of gel-like texture that are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fatty acids. Aloe Vera also contains enzymes that repair dead skin cells, while moisturizing the skin. It is rich in vitamins C and E which are nutrients that improve the skin's elasticity, for a firmer and youthful look. 

Back in 2018, the rise of aloe vera gel tubs have taken over the Philippine beauty community. Aloe vera’s ability to soothe and provide hydration to the skin, boosted its popularity in the ever-humid country. And now aloe vera is proving to be an effective ingredient not only for the skin care world, but also the hair care industry. Experience Plant Powered Showers with the Benefits of Aloe Vera In its raw form, aloe vera can be used as a mild cleansing agent that gets rid of dirt and product build-up, while leaving hair smooth and with more volume.
But if you're not into rubbing plant leaves on your hair, you can also experience #PlantPowerInEveryShower with Herbal Essences bio:renew blend shampoos that contain real aloe vera, kelp, and histidine. It hydrates each strand to provide frizz control, adds shine, and nourishes dry hair — making hair soft, manageable, and smelling great. Herbal Essences bio:renew shampoos are crafted with an amino acid called histidine, which acts as superfood for the hair trapping and neutralizing the elements that can cause damage in the hair — such as pollution, sun exposure, and even shower water. 
With the power of aloe vera, and other plant based ingredients, Herbal Essences bio:renew shampoos are pH-balanced and free of parabens, silicone, and colorants which make it color-safe to use for color-treated hair to bring out it’s natural beauty. 
Clean Beauty Transparency in Every Bottle Transparency and sustainability are at the core of Herbal Essences bio:renew. As a catalyst for clean beauty, Herbal Essences continues with its mission to provide safe and non-toxic hair care options. 
And with the continued commitment to ingredient transparency in every bottle, all the high-quality botanicals and REAL plant extracts used are harvested sustainably and responsibly through various partners from all over the world. 
So, when they put a plant on our bottle label, it means it’s truly in there. Plus, all other plant and mineral ingredients undergo limited processing, which ensures a minimal blow on the carbon footprint. It’s never too late to join the clean beauty community this holiday season. 
Treat your scalp and hair with the best of nature and science in a bottle. Shop the Herbal Essences bio:renew range through Lazada or Shopee and experience #PlantPowerInEveryShower.

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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Mayor Vico Sotto and other local and international innovators joins 57th PMAP Annual Conference


The young and innovative Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto, who rocked the local political scene with his creative and pro-people leadership style, will be one of the plenary speakers of the upcoming 57th Annual Conference of the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP)this coming October 21-23, 2020.


PMAP, the preeminent organization of people managers and HR practitioners founded in 1956, continues to push for a national people-first strategy in addressing human capital management issues especially during these difficult times. 


During the 3-day virtual conference, global and local experts and leaders were invited to showcaserelevant and timely presentations anchored on the conference theme “Sharp Focus. Future-Ready.”

Sotto will deliver a talk entitled “Building a Culture of Trust in the Era of Disruption” on Day 3 of the conference. This is expected to complement the opening keynote speech of Mr. Peter Cheese, Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) on Day 1 who will present “Developing a Resilient Workforce to Thrive in Uncertainty.”


Day 2 of the conference will feature sixteen (16) concurrent sessions where attendees can customize their learning experience by choosing four topics they want to attend under the categories Developing Digital Leaders, Innovations, Outside-In HR and Advocacy sessions.


Some of the notable speakers this year includes Ms. Annela Heytens, Head of HR of Amazon Web ServicesMr. Bobby Castro, President & CEO of Palawan Pawnshop & Palawan Express PadalaMr. Kais Marzouki, Chairman and CEO, Nestle PhilippinesDr. Ramon SegismundoFounder and CEO of 1-HR.X; and other well-respected leaders from both the private and public sector.


Spearheaded by PMAP’s Conference Chairperson, PMAP Vice President Lin Mukhi, the conference’ discussion will sharply focus on how to future-proof organizations in the digital age, creating an agile talent management and development, HR Innovations, ethics and HR governance, deepening HR competencies, employment relations and social protection. 


To be part of the conference, you may email or or visit and 


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Saturday, October 10, 2020

A “Dentistry of Excellence” is Taiwan’s promise to the world

(From left) Vicky Ku, Regional Manager, DHEF ; Sam Yap, Sales Manager, DHEF
; Ryan Lu, Product Manager, Young Optics ; Ivy Wang, Project Sales Manager,
Dentmate ; Beender Yang, International Sales Manager, Saturn Imaging Inc. ;
Emmanuel Felix Lespron, Regional Manager,EPED Inc.

Five Taiwan Excellence Award winners demonstrated their groundbreaking and state-of-the-art products for the dental materials and industry during a virtual product launch called “Dentistry of Excellence” that took place recently. 


The five Taiwan Excellence Award winners were EPED’s real-time imaging system, Saturn Imaging’s all-in-one digital solution for implantation, Dentmate’s innovative LED light solution for dentistry, Young Optics’ 3D printer with outstanding optical technology, and DHEF’s Endodontic Handpiece and dental imaging scanner. The event was jointly organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), Taiwan’s foremost trade promotion body, and the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs.


According to the latest report by the World Health Organization (WHO), 30 percent of elderly people at age 65 and up in the world are toothless; thus, the demand for oral care products will continue to increase.


It is estimated that the global dental implant market demand will reach its peak in 2026, where business opportunities are expected to reach about US$570 billion. Dental materials made in Taiwan cover 94 percent of the entire global dentistry product line, and the output value is expected to reach US$10 billion by 2025. These figures clearly show the vaunted manufacturing power and might of Taiwan in this growing industry. 

“The existing medical environment, advanced health insurance data system and electronic and automated mechanical integration technology are the great assets in this field. Over the past decade, products from Taiwan have shown the world its innovative and pioneering power and technological advancements in the dental industry.” said Leonor Lin, President and CEO of TAITRA, at this online product launch campaign.


As a trusted world partner, Taiwan Excellence selected products that best represent the image of Taiwan’s dental material and product industry. 


During the product launch, the award-winning and leading company in the field of minimally invasive surgery EPED presented IRIS and SimEx, which provides super flexible and exceptionally customized solutions in dental training as well as dental impressions and dental curriculum. Saturn Imaging, which specializes in 3D diagnosis and implant planning software, on the other hand, showcased its ImplantMax that provides an all-in-one solution for guided implantology, ranging from digital treatment planning, surgical guide fabrication, to surgical guide verification. The all-in-one approach streamlines guided implantology and greatly increases the throughput of digital technology in implantation practice.


Dentmate, a top dental equipment provider, for its part, offered its Dental Curing Light and Headlight that is not only lightweight but also easy to operate. Meanwhile, Young Optics, which is engaged in research, design, manufacture and sales of optical components, presented its Digital Light Processing 3D Printer that offers stable printing materials with constant parameters where 12 models can be printed within 3 hours to meet dentists’ needs more efficiently. Finally, DHEF, one of Taiwan’s leading digital dental equipment makers, presented the Digirex PSP Scanner that packs a powerful image processing system into a small machine, and its Endomax Brite that helps improve visibility and safety for root canal treatments.


All of these innovative and reliable products provide better care for users and enable long-term care facilities in order to save time, costs and improve services. Taiwanese companies are also confident in providing the best products for global users to fulfill their unique and discriminating demand.


The last activity of Taiwan Excellence Healthcare Train series, the “Taiwan - ASEAN Medical Device and Innovation Forum,” will be held on October 16, 2020 where participating companies will share Taiwan’s latest medical technologies. 


To join, please go to this link:

# # #



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