Sunday, April 1, 2012

Book Review: "The Adventures of Babadooga: Back to Big"

The Adventures of Babadooga: Back to Big written by Kristin Hamilton and illustrated by Noemi Faludi Varga was written for kids and kids at heart.

This is a tale of a little girl named Eva and her amazing adventures with a mischievous elf, Babadooga. Hold on to your imagination as Eva discovers an enchanting world filled with exciting creatures in the forest behind her house.

Adventure with Eva in the forest she fears, discover exciting characters, soothe the angry bees, rescue a caterpillar in need, and fly to the moon… all before dinner time!

This is the first book of the  5 part series.

This book/story was an instant favorite of my daughter. Upon reading it she couldn’t wait for the next story to be published.

The story surely will enhance every kid’s imagination. It will teach them to appreciate every little thing that exists, big or small.

Kristin Hamilton and her husband James are the founders of Red Heart Books LLC, a unique publishing company specializing in family and lifestyle literature. Red Heart Books focuses on digital publications as the earth-friendly future for children and a strong opportunity for talented authors.
In addition to writing and publishing, Kristin delights in the real adventures of their toddler, Price.

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