Saturday, June 20, 2015

Telesfora: Another Affordable Place to Stay in El Nido

It was another commissioned work for El Nido. I am about to cover a wedding event that will be taking place at the Big Lagoon. 

Left Puerto at around 6 in the evening and arrived El Nido by almost 12 midnight. Good thing there are tricycles available at the terminal at that time of the night. I asked to driver to bring me to Telesfora Inn, and he brought me at this place where new buildings/units are being constructed (of different Inn). 

Here's the reception area/lounge/restaurant. Fronting the beach area. Showcasing wonderful sunsets every afternoon..

 Isn't it just lovely!

With all the stuffs I brought, the driver is kind enough to help me carry all my things as we walked through the passage given to us going to the place where I am about to stay.

Stayed there for 2nights and 2 days. Very friendly staff. 

They served meals through out the day. But breakfast comes free with the accommodation. 

Small room but will definitely be enough for a resting place. 

Down side is that it is 15 to 20meters from the highway. But it has a very beautiful sunset beach view.

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