Saturday, October 19, 2019

Lola Auring's Place: A Nice Place to Dine and Chill

A new found place (kasi ngayon lang nakita).

My best friend asked us in a group chat if we can have a dinner out or just to chill out sometime..

Couldn't actually figured out where to go/stay since I'll be coming from my jog/run/walk session at the Sports Complex.

Told them to have a meet up somewhere near Libis, and they've decided to have some coffee. Arrived a little late, and told them I want to have some rice for dinner and that I can't have some coffee or else i'll stay up way late for later. Then my eyes came across the near place called Lola Auring's Place.

For me, it is somewhat a nice place to dine and chill with family or friends.

Spacious and clean. Just needs more electric fans or ceiling fans when it is humid.

Plus, more choices of pika-pika food as pulutan would be nice for those who loves to have some cold beers..
Sumptuous Pork BBQ. (Php20/stick)
Fresh Grilled fishes. (Php 120-200 depends on what kind of fish)
Silog Meals (Php110)
Drinks and Shakes (40-100)

Bucket of Beer is Php380

Will be coming back soon with my girls.. ;)

For they also offered some cool drinks and other foods also..

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