Thursday, January 30, 2020

Ayahay Palawenyo Brewery: A Chillax Place to Stay

A few nights ago, I got an invitation to attend a media conference for Big Mountain Live Concert in Palawan. The venue was held in this pretty cozy place called Ayahay Palawenyo Brewery.

The place was actually a resto bar that offers craft beers which were originally made/produce at the same place. The said brewery was the first and only craft beer in Palawan. 

While waiting for the program proper, we were served with 2 shot glasses of beers (Amber and Palaw'an Flavors). 

The American Amber Ale- This classic beer is a merry mixture of brisk hop flavor and golden copper color to make a refreshing pint that is still flavourful enough to enjoy the whole year round.

Palaw'an Or Honey Kolsch- An old but popular German-style beer with our equally famous Palawan honey from the Southern Palawan tribe, Palaw'an.  Pale color, light body and smooth mouthfeel with a subtle floral character.
I love the taste of Palaw'an over that of Ambog. It's just sweet and no tangy after taste. :)

I just find this place perfect to chill out with friends on weekends or Friday nights. Top up with great tasting beers and food to devour as you chill with good music on the background..

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