Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Product Review: HerSkin Rejuvinating Set

I tried using this #HerSkin Rejuvinating Set for the last three weeks now.. But unfortunately, it doesn't suit my skin. 
This is my face prior using the rejuvinating set. My main goal is that to eliminate the blemishes and dark spots due to pimples.  

First week I had minor pimple break outs. But I can feel my skin tightened and turning glass skin look, but the breakouts are unstoppable.

The soap was very nice though, baby powdery scent and smoothy feel on the skin.
This photo was taken almost second week using the set. The skin is a bit clear but you can see some tiny pimples..

This photo was taken more than 3 weeks of usage.. and I hate the fact that I had breakouts. Further, when having pimples, the mark tends to leave dark spots. The dark spots are greatly visible on my face having a light complexion..

I am not saying that the HairSkin Rejuv is not a good product, it just that it doesn't suit/fir my skin type. Hence I stopped using it to avoid additional break outs..

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