Sunday, September 11, 2022

Will Try the 3rd Time Around for the ATTY.!

After the result of the BBE came out and haven't seen my name on the list of the passers, I cried a little while at work..
Talked to my loved ones, and decided to try again on the next examination schedule.

Time, effort and money.. I don't have that much. But I am having my faith. No more available leave credits for me, all means are exhausted already and having no extra income from the business. It's really tough.
But then, mind and body is determined to push through, so go on!
Found out early days of August that I already served the terms of the previous Study Leave contract, so I am still eligible to use the remaining 3months for my SL credits.
Submitted all the clearances, and already booked an apartment/condo unit where I am going to stay for 2-3 months. 

And today, I am on my way to Manila to start reviewing again for the upcoming Bar Exams. I'll be taking all the chances I have to get the dot I've been dreaming of since college days.

I am somewhat blessed to have a great support system. My parents and my partner goes hand in hand in helping me out emotionally and financially.

I will try to give all my best and take all the risk now. Giving all the faith and praying that God will grant me my heart's desire. 

Will update you every now and then about this journey.


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  1. Huuuuuugs ate!!! Will be praying for you!

    1. Hi Erika!!! Thank you!!!

      Will you be taking the Hernando Bar na ba??

  2. Good luck on your bar exam! I know you're going to get it this time!

  3. Keep the faith and keep your head on straight. I know you're going to rock it this time!

  4. Good luck on this attempt to pass the bar! Your strong efforts will prove worth it in the end.

  5. I understand that receiving discouraging news can be challenging. However, it's important to remember that a setback doesn't equate to a permanent denial. I have a gut feeling that your upcoming examination will yield positive results and bring good news.

  6. Best of luck on the bar exam! I hope you ace it this time!


  7. While you didn't get the results you want, good for you for continuing to pursue your dreams. It isn't easy, but it sounds like you are thinking positively.

  8. That's the spirit! These things are just bumps in the road. You can do it! Rooting for you!

  9. How exciting! Good luck on your exam. Can't wait to here how well it goes for you.

  10. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't pass. I really hope that you get a good result on the next exam. Good luck!!

  11. You will be successful because you haven't given up. Go get it. We believe in you.

  12. Wish you the best of luck and we believe in you will do great. May the god bless you with the best luck and help you to achieve your dreams.