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Monday, August 15, 2016

Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Short Trip to Nagtabon Beach

I was so thrilled that Nanay was finally home with us (from Manila). So I asked the whole family if they wanted to have some visit at the beach, and they said YES! Nagtabon Beach is a pretty awesome beach located at the west coast of Puerto Princesa City.

I've been to this place a few times, but purely work related. This time around, I was really excited because I'm with the fambam and my girls surely will have so much fun at this beach.

We arrived there a bit earlier and the rain was heavy with gusty wind. Nonetheless, the little girls all jump off the van and went ahead to the shore and play at the sand while it's raining.

The girls just played around at the shore and just wait for the heavy rain to stop before they went wet and wild at the sea. Big waves, as in big tall waves were present that time because of the gusty wind brought by storm Lando.

Mikyla and Moirah are definitely loving the beach, stayed there that long, only the heavy rain made them go off the beach/sand.

We brought a lot of food and drinks for the whole gang. I remember paying Php300.00 for the cottage and our entrance fee.

Grilling areas are available if you guys want to make some ihaw-ihaw there, just make sure you bring your own coal to fire. :)

They also have a spacious parking area there. The only down side of this beach resort is that they only have one comfort room/changing area, that is not really convenient if there are a lot of guests/visitors coming in 

None the less, we all enjoyed that short trip and will definitely be coming back with the rest of the family!

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