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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Metrobank's Fun Savers Club

Growing up, I wasn't that privilege enough to have money of my own to start saving at a young age. Hence, I said to myself, if ever I have a child/children of my own, I will make it sure that they'll be able to start saving young.

So since my youngest daughter just had her 7th birthday, she was able to raised some money from her monetary gifts coming from her godparents, relatives and friends.

As planned, the money will be used to open up a bank account for her to start saving some money for her future..

No other bank in mind for me but Metrobank. I had my first born's account opened here too way back 2013.

Early today, we went to the bank (I was on-leave for work). Filled out some forms and waited for the approval of bank account opening. 

At first we had some issues of enrolling for the ITF (In-Trust Fund Account) for I no longer have my married name ID - my name ticked on their system with my married name on it (on my eldest daughter's ITF account).. Good thing Moirah Yngrid was able to write her full name many times to fill out forms and she's good to have her own personal sole bank account. :)

All that was needed was Php500.00 for the amount to open the account, school ID (for she's a student) and that's it!

Better teach the kids on saving up at the very young age.. :)