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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Tried Dining at Ombu Kusina

So, here we are situation at Sequoia Hotel. Heavy rain pouring. Can't leave the hotel for we are having a hard time getting a taxi and can't even book at Grab..

Hence we decided to try this resto in the hotel, called Ombu Kusina. We heard they were serving authentic Filipino Dishes. 
Photo taken earlier when we arrived at the Hotel, Sun is still UP and shining.

Inquired about the rate of their buffet, Php 480/pax

The place looks so classy and fresh. At first I don't really like it here, by mere looking at it you can say that the rates of the food here are not for the "pang masa" type/kind. 

We tried their Pork Sinigang and Laing. Sorry no photos taken due to the fact that we're already hungry and didn't bothered photographing the food, until we realized we wanted to blog about it..

But anyways, the sinigang was good, laing was just fine just that it's not so authentic as I've thought it was. Over creamy and a bit bland for my taste..  ;)

As you can see on the above photo, Laing was half filled still. But I loved the idea of having extra bowl of soup for the Sinigang in Miso Fish.. ;)

We were able to try their famous frozen Brazo de Mercedes.  The slice costs Php 180.00. It's superb! Delicious as it is from the reviews. The frozen ice cream part really compensates the sweet and fluffy taste of the cake.  A must try!