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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Are You Being Disrespected By Your Mate?

There is a trap that many of us fall into because for the most part girls are socialized to be sweet, accommodating, passive, well-mannered etc. When we grow up and get into relationships, many of us don't really know what to do in response to disrespect.

     It's a little like we're frozen. Shocked. Disappointed. Now What? Well, there is a % of women who will not put up with any form of disrespect in their relationships. One incident and they bail. Probably a good idea.

     But then there is the rest of us - who either get temporarily outraged or upset, but like a bitter pill - we swallow it and move on. This is NOT a good idea.

     No matter how many partners you may meet in your lifetime, there should always be at least one requirement - that you are treated with respect from day one until the end.

Look for areas of respect when...

1. You are intimate. He should respect your likes and dislikes.

2.You are talking to each other. He shouldn't speak to you like an angry dad or like you're an idiot.

3. You are arguing. Even in the heat of battle, you shouldn't be disrespected. If it gets that heated - someone should walk away.

4. He is around your friends and family. If he doesn't treat your friends/family with respect, then he doesn't respect you. They are an extension of you.

5. You are ending it. Even if the relationship is over and there are hurt feelings - he should have enough respect for what you did share to end it or accept the end with class.

Quick Tip: You teach others the amount of respect they will pay you. Even your worst enemy will respect you if you demand it. Demand what you are worth everyday.

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