Monday, October 21, 2019

Friends For Keeps

Friends are not easy to come by. Genuine friends are even harder to find. Hence, making friends is not easy. Therefore, when we have friends we must put in effort to keep the friendship alive. 

We can engage with people in various ways to attract and bring them closer to us. Smile is one of the easiest and most contagious methods. People like to see happy faces greeting them. When you smile, you transmit joy and happiness to them. It also symbolizes the gladness in you in meeting them.

Whenever we meet people, always address them with their name. Addressing someone by their name indicates our interest in establishing friendship with them. It shows we are taking interest in them and it will make them take note of our interest in return.

We need to relax whenever we are with someone. This will make them feel comfortable to be with us. Whenever someone is comfortable with one another, they will tend to get closer to each other. Friendship will blossom from here.

When we communicate with the other person, ask questions that will help them to open up and start talking. Nevertheless, do not ask questions that are too personal in nature. This will cause them to feel uncomfortable with our presence. Perhaps, they may even find excuses to walk away.

One of the crucial points in communication is listening. Be a good listener to the other person. Listen to what the other person has to say. Listen attentively. Respond appropriately. We do not need respond with words. Body language and appropriate gestures are good enough to show that we are listening.

It is always easy to make friends and maintain friendship if we have common interest. Try to find common grounds where you can share common interest like hobbies, etc. We can spend many meaningful hours or even days engaging with each other sharing knowledge and information on common interest. Whenever we spend meaningful time together, bonding will take place.

Whenever there are people who share their opinion, differences in opinion will surface. We need to learn how to respect the differences in opinion, as it is a positive sign that both people are prepared to share their ideas and thoughts. Explore the ideas that are put forward and perhaps, you can learn something new from it.

Always be generous with compliments. Give compliments when called for. Give it sincerely and people always appreciate positive feedback. Everyone needs feedback to improve and move forward in his or her life and career.

Generally, people like to join to social functions to meet fiends and associates. Make effort to keep in touch with them by inviting them to do be part of any social functions. The functions may not be parties. It can be any charity work, outdoor activities or even family outings.

Overall, we need to make effort to the flame of friendship burning as bright as ever and for as long as possible. Friendship is for life.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Lola Auring's Place: A Nice Place to Dine and Chill

A new found place (kasi ngayon lang nakita).

My best friend asked us in a group chat if we can have a dinner out or just to chill out sometime..

Couldn't actually figured out where to go/stay since I'll be coming from my jog/run/walk session at the Sports Complex.

Told them to have a meet up somewhere near Libis, and they've decided to have some coffee. Arrived a little late, and told them I want to have some rice for dinner and that I can't have some coffee or else i'll stay up way late for later. Then my eyes came across the near place called Lola Auring's Place.

For me, it is somewhat a nice place to dine and chill with family or friends.

Spacious and clean. Just needs more electric fans or ceiling fans when it is humid.

Plus, more choices of pika-pika food as pulutan would be nice for those who loves to have some cold beers..
Sumptuous Pork BBQ. (Php20/stick)
Fresh Grilled fishes. (Php 120-200 depends on what kind of fish)
Silog Meals (Php110)
Drinks and Shakes (40-100)

Bucket of Beer is Php380

Will be coming back soon with my girls.. ;)

For they also offered some cool drinks and other foods also..

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Cebu Pacific Flying Direct to Hong Kong from Puerto Princesa City

Great News to all Palawe├▒os, It's now easier to travel to Hong Kong! You don't have to take a connecting flight because starting November 17, 2019, Cebu Pacific is flying from Puerto Princesa to Hong kong (Vice Versa) 4 times weekly (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday) Fare Promo starts now for as low as P1, 888. 

“We will be flying four times weekly, two schedules sya, 3:35 ang alis sa Puerto Princesa arrival there is 6:30 that’s for Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, yung Saturday flight is leaving ng 4pm and arriving there at 7pm, hindi naman ganun kalayo ang difference natin so  masusulit nyo ang stay in Hongkong once your there, because the flight to Puerto are scheduled at night.” Lim said.
In line with the launching of the said route, fare to PPS-Hongkong is also in promo, lowest base start at P1,888, while Piso Sale is also ongoing for travel period from Nov 17 up until March 28, 2020.

“Before namin buksan ang ruta na to, we conducted studies about it, although we’ve seen a decline sa tourist arrival ng Hongkong, mainly from the mainland of Hongkong but from the rest of the world were good, Hongkong is still fine, in fact Cebu Pacific never reduce our flight frequencies to Hongkong, so we fly from Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Clark and then etu mag uumpisa tayo nito.” Lim added.
The demand for the PPS-Hongkong route is not only for tourist, one major factor is the Overseas Filipino Workers to which some are Palawenos, opening the route a month before Christmas is a perfect timing, Honkong being a largest aviation hub is also a gateway for westerners to Asia, and having the said flight is bringing them directly to world’s best island.
“We’ve seen there is a demand not only for tourist and business, even for OFW’s in Hongkong, would be easy for them to fly back home in Palawan, were opening it right before Christmas para mahabol na nila kung uuwi sila ng Christmas dito.” Lim explain.
Aside from the said route, Cebu Pacific also announce Cebu-Busuanga route twice weekly, plus the all-new Halal certified meals they serve on board that already start this October.
Cebu Pacific has four domestic routes in and out of Puerto Princesa, to and from Manila, Cebu, Iloilo and the newest one is Clark starting also by November 17.  They started operating in Puerto Princesa in the year 2003 with the PPS Manila route, they hold the largest capacity share flying out and in of Puerto Princesa compare to other airlines.

By end of 2019, Cebu Pacific forecast in flying about 1.1 million passengers in out of PPS, upgrading of their aircraft is also ongoing as they committed to have 1 modern aircraft monthly in order to open more routes, so far they have a total of 74 aircraft and airbus, they target to fly 200 million passengers come 2020.

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