Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Moirah Yngrid's 8th at Cooper's Beach Resort

Celebrated my daughter's birthday at this resort located at Sitio Katumbal, Bgy. Lucbuan, Puerto Pricesa City. (KM 57 to be exact!) 

Cooper's Beach Resort is the first resort build in barangay Lucbuan and one of the 3-star resort in north-east part of Palawan. It is a European/Filipino style of pension houses made for a classy and traditional looks of both. Cooper's Beach Resort also offers accommodation with fine dining restaurant that serves variety of dishes. A coozy beach bar, swimming pool, jacuzzi, spa/massage room, mini fitness gym and a diving school. 
Their swimming pool was originally intended to train those first timers to do scuba diving, hence the depth of the pool is from 5ft to 9ft. Not safe for kids who doesn't know how to swim.The Big Beach Bar is available for those who want to stay up late. 



Their staff were very accommodating and we're well taken cared of during our stay.
One thing I don't like about the resort is that their beach front is not that enticing enough to swim to.

Family Room for 4 is 4,500 promo rate is 2,400. Good thing that they're in promotional rates when we booked our stay. (Extra person is 600.00 with breakfast). Their promo runs until February 2021. 

To sum it up, the girls had fun at the large, deep swimming pool the resort have. The food were awesome also, prepared with love by their nice and accommodating staff. 


Planning to go back sometime soon!



Friday, January 8, 2021


GUESS PHILIPPINES makes holiday shopping a breeze with its new online shopping experience 18 December 2020 - GUESS strengthens its online presence and brings a more convenient shopping experience to its Philippine customers by launching the GUESS Mobile App. 


Perfect for the holiday season, the GUESS Mobile App provides a faster, easier, and more user-friendly way of browsing through the latest GUESS collections online, giving customers a new and seamless shopping experience. 

Complete Online Selection Customers can easily browse and shop Guess’ newest arrivals and exclusive offers, including the latest GUESS Holiday collection featuring Michele Morrone. Save, Shop, and Share Customers can save their favorite items with the Wishlist feature and share their top picks with their friends and followers on social media Points and Rewards Guess List members can link their accounts through the mobile app to gain points and avail of exclusive rewards this season. 


The GUESS Mobile App is now available for Android and will be available for Apple next January. Download the Guess Mobile App at the Google Play Store now at LINK. Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/GUESSPhil/ for more updates and visit www.guess.com.ph for more information

Monday, January 4, 2021

BDO Unibank honors Filipino artist David Medalla

A LEGACY TO HONOR. David Medalla visited the BDO Corporate Center Ortigas during the inauguration of his sculpture, “Cloud Canyons No. 31,” on August 31, 2019.

BDO honors Medalla’s legacy BDO Unibank honors Filipino artist David Medalla, who passed away on December 28, 2020. It commemorates Medalla’s legacy with the continued display of his sculpture, “Cloud Canyons No. 31,” at the lobby of its Corporate Center in Ortigas (CCO). “Cloud Canyons No. 31” found its way to CCO for bank employees, clients, and visitors to enjoy in 2019. 

Before coming home to the Philippines, it was exhibited in the Hepworth Wakefield art museum in England when Medalla was one of the shortlisted artists for the inaugural Hepworth Wakefield Prize for Sculpture in 2016. 
It is made of plexiglas tubes, wood, fibreglass, water, soap, and oxygenators, and is part of a series often referred to as the “bubble machines.” Mara Coson, who oversees the BDO Art Collection, said of Medalla’s passing: “David Medalla was magnetic. He lived a life that drew people in while he himself could not be contained. He left the world with stories so wild and infinite they can never all be told. 
“Medalla was born in Manila in 1942, with literary and visual genius uniquely attributable only to his bright spirit. His biography is too vast for a short note, and is kept alive by the many who encountered him along his life’s adventures, strangers and friends, periods from explorations of kinetic art in the 1960s and beyond to performances anywhere, and travel whether physical or otherwise. He spent his life around the world, at home everywhere and still home was also the Philippines, where he died peacefully. 
“More than ever, we must make sure the bubbles of Cloud Canyons No. 31 continue endlessly and fully in our care—and most of all, welcome to the public to experience these clouds for always. We will do Medalla proud. “When you visit the bubble machine, I encourage you take a moment to wish David the best for his next life, as he dances with ease among the brightest galaxies.”

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