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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Her 2nd Pandemic Birthday

Since its pandemic season still and the city is under ECQ, we can't travel to Port Barton or to El Nido this time around.  But then the situation changed because of the Covid Pandemic, that we weren't able to travel for two consecutive years. 


Little sister was so excited to woke the birthday girl and sing her the birthday song!

Yzabel was actually in deep slumber. Good thing Yngrid was easily woken up, as we prepped the mini cake for her sister. 

It's her 15th and we prepped some gig for her. Made the maƱanita for her 12mn as the date changed.  
I went home early from work to arrange our rooftop nook with some decors. Just to pump up her celebration. 


She got 2 cakes! One sponsored by her tito Richard and one from me and Yngrid. She's so happy about it!  
Since it's gonna be just us, family and no friends or relatives coming due to the restrictions on getting together, I didn't bother cooking the food, but just ordered on a caterer and just those food the girls wanted. 



Spaghetti, chicken mac salad, beef caldereta, chicken cordon blue and fried chicken  is that that I ordered, with her favorite Sushi platter, sponsored by her tito Richard again. :) (Nakabudol eh!)

I asked a couple of close friends to come over, but because of the MECQ sitaution, they can't. Mary Grace was able to drop by, coming off from work she went straight here.. Yzabel invited just one friend to come over, and she just stayed a short while.

I guess my teen had fun and enjoyed her day despite the fact that it was just us. She said she loved all the food served specially the Sushi platter! It was her favorite! 
By the way, my suppliers are the following:
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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Moirah Yngrid's 8th at Cooper's Beach Resort

Celebrated my daughter's birthday at this resort located at Sitio Katumbal, Bgy. Lucbuan, Puerto Pricesa City. (KM 57 to be exact!) 

Cooper's Beach Resort is the first resort build in barangay Lucbuan and one of the 3-star resort in north-east part of Palawan. It is a European/Filipino style of pension houses made for a classy and traditional looks of both. Cooper's Beach Resort also offers accommodation with fine dining restaurant that serves variety of dishes. A coozy beach bar, swimming pool, jacuzzi, spa/massage room, mini fitness gym and a diving school. 
Their swimming pool was originally intended to train those first timers to do scuba diving, hence the depth of the pool is from 5ft to 9ft. Not safe for kids who doesn't know how to swim.The Big Beach Bar is available for those who want to stay up late. 



Their staff were very accommodating and we're well taken cared of during our stay.
One thing I don't like about the resort is that their beach front is not that enticing enough to swim to.

Family Room for 4 is 4,500 promo rate is 2,400. Good thing that they're in promotional rates when we booked our stay. (Extra person is 600.00 with breakfast). Their promo runs until February 2021. 

To sum it up, the girls had fun at the large, deep swimming pool the resort have. The food were awesome also, prepared with love by their nice and accommodating staff. 


Planning to go back sometime soon!