Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Measure Your Content Curation Success: A 10 Question Scorecard

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Excerpted from article on Content Marketing Institute:
"in our era of limited time and budget resources, how do you measure the quality of your day-to-day and week-to-week content curation efforts?
As Joe Pulizzi writes, “Your job, like that of a museum curator, is to unearth the best content on the planet in your niche, so that your museum doesn’t close down for a lack of visitors.”

To help you gauge the quality and consistency of your content curation efforts, I’ve created the simple worksheet below. Here, find out how you can use it to score your ability to discover, share, and improve your efforts to create “the best content marketing on the planet” on an ongoing basis.

1. Relevance
2. Uniqueness
3. Context
4. Adding value
5. Concise
6. Visual engagement
7. Organization
8. Efficiency
9. Tracking
10. Serendipity

Here are a few bonus tips for making the most of your use of the content curation scorecard:
- Use three-hole paper
- Scoring Binders and divider tabs
- Commit to consistency
- Make it a group effort
- Comments…”

Each element and final tips are analyzed with more information and some external links to other posts. Read full original article here:

"Content Curation Scorecard for Content Marketing Success" from Roger Parker on SlideShare:


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