Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I am flexible when I need to be.

When I have flexibility, I can adjust to changing situations. Whether I am at work, at home or with friends, I try to do everything I can to keep pace with what is happening.

One thing I can always count on is this: change is constant. And for this reason, I have learned to embrace change. Because I accept change, I can stay balanced whenever there is a diversion in life.

Trying to control everything about my life can get pretty frustrating. Therefore, it is wiser for me to go with the flow. I recognize the difference between things I can change and things that are beyond my control.

For those things beyond my control, I am flexible. For example, when people I know go through metamorphoses in their lives, I can compromise as they change and grow.

At work, I roll with the punches when projects and plans change. I accept that my supervisor may sometimes change his mind and that my work could vary as a result. I simply re-adjust and move on with my work.

At home, my partner occasionally makes suggestions about how we can do something differently, such as eat dinner later or take a walk in the evening instead of the morning. When these conversations begin, I remind myself to be flexible.

Today, I plan to re-commit to remaining as flexible as possible. I am pleased about my ability to be flexible. Life is much easier whenever I am willing to go with the flow.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I flexible when I need to be?
2. If being flexible is challenging for me, why is it such a struggle?
3. What can I do to embrace change and be more flexible?

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