Monday, August 17, 2015

On Stonefish incident in Coron, Palawan

This has been an issue for days now, and I just can't ignore the fact that somehow the victim is at fault here. But nonetheless, our deepest sympathy for the family that was left behind.

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First, my condolences to the bereaved family. It is just sad that things like this happen when we all just want to have fun.However, I can't help but comment on this issue. Siguro kasi nakaka relate ako bilang tour operator and bilang isang Palawe├▒o.
All creatures have their own forms of defending themselves whenever they felt threatened. Kung tao nga, ang daming kasinungalingan ng masasabi kapag cornered na and its their form of defense mechanism. Kaya be vigilant sa paligid. If you know you love the sea and para kang nagkakahasang kapag nasa dagat ka na, please protect yourself as well. As a tour operator, we advise guests to rent/use booties, wear proper swimming attire, wear life vest and practice safety first. If naka booties ka, naka wetsuit ka, trust me, you'd have better chances. Bottomline: Bantol lang yan. Tao ka. You know better. I can say this coz last time, I have guest who, despite several warnings, continually fooled around with the stonefish. Boom! The mishap happened and we rushed him inmediately to the nearest hospital after giving necessary first aid. He sufferred excruciating pain but was discharged at once. So case to case basis talaga sia.
However, this is a wake up call also, not only to Palawan but to all Provinces who patronize water activities. Are we equipped? Does our guides can actually practice the trainings given to them? Do we have a fool proof system that we can utilize when such crisis arise?
To all, shit happens. But we can avoid shit from happening. I, as a tour operator, wish only the best experience for my guests but I can not fulfill it all because it is a two-way process. Guest must also cooperate and follow instructions given.
Lastly, as a traveler myself, I learned that when you commune with Nature, you must recognize that you have to abide with their unspoken rules. We have to educate ourselves as well of the do's and don'ts. We have to respect and protect Nature and it will give back to us a thousand fold.
Again, my prayers for the departed.

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