Monday, February 29, 2016

Keeping love alive and being ageless

When people hear the popular Tagalog phrase “Walang Forever” (there’s no forever), they would either laugh out in “kilig” (romantic excitement) or simply shrug their shoulders or raise their eyebrows in disbelief. 

But in sustaining relationships, it’s really about trust and open communication between the partners when trying to keep the love alive. More than this it's also about having spontaneous fun, maintaining an unbelievable amount of humor but more importantly, keeping yourself beautiful, youthful and ageless.

And this is what HyC150 does,  the potent anti-aging supplement that is today's fountain of youth. It offers what others cannot—provide you with active energy, health, vitality aside from ageless beauty you yourself won’t believe until you’ve tried it. It’s something no expensive cream, salon or treatment center can offer because it comes from within when you drink one sachet every day.

So what makes HyC150 the premium drink among today’s women, and even men? It's easy to carry it around with you wherever you are. And it dissolves easily even with ice-cold water.

HyC 150 premium formulation is 2015 Monde Selection Gold Award winner. It has 5,250mg of Collagen in every pack. Collagen is HyC 150’s “firming nutrient” for that youthful-looking skin. It stops early signs of aging like wrinkles and age pores, and helps neutralize any negative effects nature’s elements may bring to the skin, especially during the summer season where you want to go out and frolic in the sea and sand.  It is the only product in the market today with 150mg of Hyaluron, also known as "nature's moisturizer" that keeps skin hydrated, making it supple and dewy plus keeps the bones fully lubricated for mobility and reduces osteoathritis.

There are other nutrients in this award winning potent  “fountain of youth” that are equally important and should not be ignored. Elastin, for example, a highly elastic protein found in the body’s connective tissue, helps maintain skin flexibility and elasticity.

Vitamin C, on the other hand, is the main antioxidant that helps protect the body from infection and provides it with a stronger immune system. Ubiquinol helps boost energy and has anti-cancer properties.   It helps block various harmful toxins from entering our bodies. It fortifies blood vessel walls, nerve tissues, organ linings against pollution’s injurious effects, nourishment despite an unhealthy and poor diet, and of course the normal ageing problems.

HyC 150 also helps protect and radiate the hair and scalp because of its Biotin nutrient,  vital to help keep glowing hair everyone can truly admire.

They say “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” and that still holds true. This season of love, start taking one sachet every day of HyC 150, the only true health drink you can use to keep not just your love for each other alive, but your look and skin as ageless as it can be.

It’s beauty and vitality that anyone can safely say will last “forever.” 

HyC 150 is manufactured by FINE Japan Co. Ltd.  It is available at selected Watsons stores nationwide and online at Lazada ( or its website (  “Like” us on Facebook (; follow us on Twitter (#HyC150) or Instagram (@HyC150), or call (02) 546729709177750779.

 Mahalagang Paalala: Ang HyC150 ay hindi gamot at hindi dapat gamiting panggamot sa anumang uri ng sakit.

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