Saturday, June 9, 2018

Oradian Impacts Global Markets with Cloud Technology for Rural Banks

The true measure of how companies make an enduring dent in society is through the way their services change and impact the markets they serve. And Oradian, which has introduced cloud technology to financial institutions, has become an essential tool for rural banks whose market is composed mainly of small farmers, fisher folks and small entrepreneurs.

Founded in Zagreb, Croatia, Oradian is composed of a team of Fintech experts from a unique combination of industries: microfinance, financial inclusion, and technology. With the mixed use of their experience and know-how, Oradian’s presence now spans seven countries with a concentration in the Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana and Croatia.

Hinged on a strong base of investors which already includes Playfair Capital, Day One Capital, CRE Venture Capital, Finance in Motion and Credo Ventures, Oradian was able to attract two more investors into its fold: Middleton Enterprises which focuses on economic development in the UK; and, Goodwell Investments which focuses on financial inclusion, Fintech and inclusive growth. On the strength of these resources, Oradian immediately began to expand to other markets to reach its mission of enabling financial institutions to grow and serve more clients. 

In June 2017, Oradian entered the Philippines and became the first cloud-based banking platform approved by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas for rural banks’ core banking operations. Not long after, Oradian forged a partnership with the Asian Development Bank and Cantilan Bank to boost financial inclusion in vulnerable communities. Since then, Oradian has built a community of over 30 institutions apart from Cantilan Bank, and now includes 1st Valley Bank and Peoples Bank of Caraga. 
Simultaneous to the expansion, Oradian was able to secure international awards for the work they have churned out. At the European FinTech Award 2017, Oradian won as Most Innovative Banking Software. It was also honored as Best Microfinance Enabler Platform and Microfinance Empowerment at Cashless Africa 2017.
With a growing funding base and worldwide accolade , Oradian is well on its way to becoming the clear default of financial institutions in need of a reliable and secure cloud-based banking tool meant to better the lives of the communities they serve.

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