Monday, February 4, 2019

Free “Bazi Reading” for Château Royale guests during the “Year of the Pig”

In celebration of the coming Chinese New Year, Château Royale Hotel Resort and Spa guests on
February 9 will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience they will never forget.

As a special treat to its “Year of the Pig” checked-in guests, Château Royale Hotel Resort and
Spa will have a Bazi reading expert who will be ready to accept Bazi reading and consultation.

“Bazi Reading” or “birth profiling” is a statistical tool used to analyze a person’s birth date and
time in order to read and understand that person’s assets and liabilities. Among these include
health, marriage, career path and other life’s important activities and foresee high-probability
events. This reading will help provide individuals a good understanding of who they really are,
their potentials for success.

All readings are done scientifically with no amount of superstition whatsoever. The readings’
results are provided in order to help enable people make wiser decisions or do realistic
adjustments in their lives that will help shape or affect their future.

To avail of the Bazi consultation, checked-in guests should only register with the Concierge and
will be asked to prepare at least 3 specific questions that the Bazi master will answer. For a
deeper reading, guests will be asked of their birth date and hour of birth. If no hour of birth is
provided, only limited advise on business, children and lovelife will be provided.

The Bazi Reading at Château Royale Hotel Resort and Spa for the Chinese New Year will be
offered for only P5,688 to checked-in guests instead of the usual P8,888. This comes with a Bazi
chart to be given onsite and sent as well to guests’ email.

In the email, a personality reading will also be included so that clients are guided and they can
have a better understanding of themselves. For those with families, it is suggested that they
provide the Bazi expert the hour of birth of the spouses and their children so that their
questions may be answered better.

“Every Chinese New Year, it is common that you find people seek guidance from the stars, and
now with Bazi reading, they can get guidance about life’s future happenings through numbers
and done in the most scientific way possible. At Château Royale Hotel Resort and Spa, everyone
is family, and what better way to make family bonding better during Chinese New Year than to
provide them with a family experience they will truly cherish, just like every time they stay
here,” explains Marie Abolencia, Château Royale Hotel Resort and Spa’s Director of Sales and
So head on out to Château Royale Hotel Resort and Spa for that unique Chinese New Year
experience you will never forget. Château Royale Hotel Resort and Spa is located at Km. 72,
Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas. For more about Château Royale Hotel Resort and Spa and its
wonderful Christmas offerings, call (02) 742-8016, (+63)917-5015478, (+63)917-7035876, or
(+63)917-7046183, or email You can also visit

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