Saturday, February 23, 2019

Heavy Meals at Artisans

It's a routine for us, fieldworkers to have lunch out when we are at the main office for month-end reports or just plainly being at the main office.

Last day, we wanted to try El Txoco, the new resto/cafe a few blocks away from the office. But to our dismay learning that they only serves/caters for snacks or merienda and no rice meals.

Good thing, there's a nearby (actually, just a few steps away) resto. Called the ARTISANS. Mexican (I think) restaurant in town.

Looking at their menu, got me by surprised (Shocked at the PRICES). The cheapskate in me reacting violently.. But lo, and behold! when the food we ordered arrived, shocked me even more! 

Servings were actually good for two!!! Prices were between Php325-Php600 or more, depending on the kind of meals you order.. But I think it is justified for value. 

We were served with sumptuous heavy meals. Even their waffles are good for 4-5 persons..

My tummy was full and still heavy until night time..  ;)

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