Saturday, March 28, 2020

Weekend 13: Quarantine Perks

This Corona Virus pandemic is making us panic due to paranoia of everything.. Lack of food, getting infected etc, etc..

But one thing I am somewhat thankful for this situation is that I get to spend more time with my daughters and parents. I know that I am not a perfect mother for them, but hell who doesn't want that uninterrupted bonding moments with them for 2 long weeks!

These two got more time to bond and play together, also more time to be like 'cat and dog'.. Well at least they're together.

 Our mornings were filled with first thing picture taking, and just before sleeping picture taking again.

I feel sorry for those who were asked to be at the front-line (the frontliners) fighting the COVID19, for they can't be with their families. I just pray them well to survive the situation and be of good health despite being overworked for the community.

Despite these two giving me headaches and making my blood pressure shoots up, I love the idea that we're always together. More groupies.. More cooking sessions.. and of course.. more food trips together at home.

Although I keep on praying that this pandemic will not stay that long.. For the good of everyone/everybody.

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