Thursday, June 25, 2020

7.7 Havaianas Sale on Shoppee

Our country is a tropical country that often gets hit by typhoons, monsoons, and becomes prone to flooding. The country also experiences long months of hot weather due to the El Niño phenomenon, thus flip-flops or slippers are a common sight in the country, whether during the hot weather months and the rainy season slippers became a necessity for everyday use, these are two reasons why slippers are a staple of foot wear among the Filipinos. Slippers became the number one footware.   Havaianas is a brand of flip-flops that have been around the country for quite a while, Havaianas a famed brazilian brand became a favored brand when it came to flip-flops for the very reason it became famous in other parts of the world, becoming known for their stylish and practical use. Because of the stylish slippers that Havaianas offers it became a highly coveted brand early into its establishment in the Philippines, a brand that was equated to a luxury brand when it comes to flip flops

The stylish rubber slippers are easily paired with any of your everyday outfits with the many designs that they offer, one example of this would be the iconic flip-flops with the brazilian color as its theme, yellow slippers and green straps with the Brazil flag on it, which you can find using this link [100% rubber]Havaianas Brasil Flip Flops. You can find all kinds of Havaianas slippers for all kinds of styles both for children and adults, simple designs that inspire simplicity as well as designs with themes like Star Wars that can stimulate the imaginative mind of anyone wearing it, the versatility offered by the Havaianas brand is almost limitless. You can pair it with your tapered jeans, your shorts, and any type of casual wear from the beach to the streets. Fashionability and stylishness is the foundation of the Havaianas Flip flops and all these slippers can be found on Shopee on your browser with this link or find it on the Shopee app which you can download from Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore on your mobile phones.

This coming July 7, 2020, Shopee will be holding the 7.7 sale that offers a site wide discount as well as giving anyone free shipping with a minimum spending of Php 0 , that’s right any item that you buy regardless of the price is eligible to the free delivery being offered by Shopee. In partnership with Shopee, Havaianas like many other brands will also be participating in this 7.7 sitewide sale and you can grab yourself or someone else as a gift, a pair of slippers with a 40% discount that comes along with free shipping, take advantage of the large discount as well as the free shipping to save the most money for yourself. A pair of Havaianas flip flops are the perfect gift to give to yourself or to your friends and family, the stylish and practical pair of slippers that are perfectly acclimated to the environment of the Philippines.

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