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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Authentic Indian Food House in Puerto Princesa City

Biryani Rice meal -
Biryani is popular throughout the Indian subcontinent, as well as among its diaspora. It is also prepared in other regions such as parts of AfghanistanIran, and Iraq.

As my best friend and I enjoyed walking on Baywalk, we happened to pass by this small restaurant situation at the left most part of the park (if you're from Malvar). Since we've been strolling for an hour, she told me to check this out and dine in. For she's been intrigued about one of her friend posting a photo of the Biryani meal on Facebook.

The place is actually nice, alfresco despite being small. We decided to order Chicken Biryani (Php 250.00) and followed with Beef Keema Paratha.

All authentic Indian Food. It was my first time trying the Biryani, hence there's nothing to compare it with.

Served hot. Aromatic it is because of all the herbs and spices put into it. Truly a trademark of an Indian food. That chili pepper on it spiked the taste! Ginger so potent, all in all, it's really a great meal! 
Next we tried the Beef Keema Paratha (Php180.00). Wheat bread filled with ground beef and some herbs and spices.. This one is somewhat like a quesadillas or panodillo, a thin bread-like with fillings. 
We left the place happy and with a full tummy!

You may call/text them to have your orders delivered at your doorsteps.
Just checkout their FB page: Chohans Kebab and Biryani Food House or call them at this mobile number:  09672644357

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