Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Visit to Malabon Zoo

Last time I was in this place I am with Mikyla, when she's about 2 years old. Now, I went back to visit this zoo again of course with Mikyla and now with Moirah who's turning 2!

Way back in 2008, the entrance fee here is just Php90.00 for adults and Php50.00 for kids. This year, it's flat rate of Php150.00 with discounts on Senior Citizen and students.

We had our small snack break at the small park/food area the zoo have. They had this small store with some snacks being sold. But it's better if you can bring your own food. :)

So much has changed from the last visit we had. I was expecting to see Marimar- the famous orangutan (she was a baby back in 2008). Unfortunately, didn't saw her this time around. She was already sent inside the house as the care taker informed us. Though there was still a photo-op with the orangutan.

I just feel sad for my bunsoy, she wasn't able to see those huge breed of monkeys. Mikyla also looked and asked for those orangutan.

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