Wednesday, August 19, 2020

McDonald's Safety Protocols

The fast food giant ensures superior heating, ventilation, and air conditioning facilities

for customer and employee safety

As the country adapts to the new normal, McDonald’s Philippines continues to re-assure its customers of its steadfast commitment to safety through its protocols and facilities.

Quality, service, safety, cleanliness and value have always been inherent in McDonald’s operating culture. Aside from complying with government guidelines, the company leverages on global standards on safety to better protect its people and safely serve its customers.


McDonald’s has already implemented various measures in their stores and different ordering channels through its M Safe program. Each store has a dedicated safety manager to ensure all protocols are followed by employees such as wearing of masks and/or face shields, use of gloves, daily submission of health check forms, temperature checks before and after every shift, and increased hand washing frequency to every 30 minutes, among others. The safety managers also ensure that customers are properly guided on the protocols in the store.


In addition, McDonald’s ensures customers that it uses fresh air ventilation and air conditioning mechanism in all its stores. Its fresh air supply system is certified by the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (Mandaluyong Chapter).


With its design, McDonald’s stores are equipped with the following, ensuring a safer environment in the store:

  • centralized air conditioners that are equipped with higher filtration systems
  • low air velocity for lower risk of the spread of airborne contaminants
  • proper air humidity and comfortable temperature where contaminants are less active
  • efficient utilization of outdoor fresh air for better ventilation


“We understand that consumers remain to be wary of their safety in shared spaces. Part of our commitment is to ensure that from our protocols to our facilities, we have the best systems in place for the safety of everyone, especially inside our stores,” said Kenneth S. Yang, President and Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s Philippines. “With these measures in place, employees are safe and customers can enjoy their favorite World Famous Fries or Best-Tasting Chicken McDo worry-free in any McDonald’s branch in the country.” Yang added.


“We commend McDonald’s for their continuous efforts not just in implementing preventive measures for their customers and employees, but also in ensuring that their stores are in the safest conditions to operate,” DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez said.


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