Friday, December 9, 2011

5 Years Now

Most of the people in my network now doesn’t really know that Yzabel’s daddy  is already dead. Maybe others thought that I am just a single mother left by the man who fathered my daughter. That wasn’t the case. Much as I wanted to be it that way (para naman kahit papanu nakikita pa ng anak ko ama nya), but not. This date 5 years ago, Zei (Zeus Belmonte Teves) departed us, due to heart enlargement complicated with cirrhosis. I really never saw that coming by then. All the while that he’s been undergoing treatment, we thought that he’ll survive it with the help of medical maintenance. But, life’s full of surprises. He gave up.   At around 6AM of December 10, 2006 when Rena (Zei’s sister) sent me an SMS informing me that they rushed her Kuya at Chinese Gen. (we weren’t living together). He’s in coma na that time. I went there to see him, Mama and the rest are all teary eyed. Saw him in that stretcher in the ER, so helpless and almost lifeless, I felt like wanting to faint. But, told myself to be strong. We’re all in tears. Then the Cardiologist talked to Mama, informed her that each time Zie had an arrest, it’s only making his heart less and less chance of survival. If he does, he’ll be totally a vegetable-like. Mama talked to his sisters and me, since Zei was already being assisted by a respirator. Whispered to Zei’s ears “Dad, if you’re so tired na, it’s ok to let go. Yza will be ok.” Then a few more moments, we all said our goodbyes to him..  All of us. Mama, Papa, Rena, Vane and all the cousins and aunts and uncles who were there. I can’t barely breath that time. It didn’t sunk into my mind that he’s gone until the time I went back home to fetch Yza. I just hugged the then 7month old baby and cried so hard. I pity her having no father to grow up with (knowing how it felt to be a tatay’s girl). Right at this very moment tears are falling as I am writing this blog. Memories of him so vivid still. All his makukulit antics. Now, seeing this little girl growing up looking just like him, it made me realized that I am still blessed despite of the things that happened. Oh, she got her Daddy’s mole in the face! haha And some of her dad’s attitude is so apparent in her now. (mana-mana nga lang talaga).   I can’t thank Zei enough for giving me the chance to be a mother to this little pea..

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