Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I am so OVER you

Monday is my Blog hopping day since last week. I was visiting some blog sites to comment on and leave remarks to get connected with. I have subscribed to more than 200 blogs now locally and internationally.

Tuesday morning when I read some reply post on one of the site I commented on. Its from the very familiar person who feel so famous that she thought I was there on the site for her. (Pathetic!).

I reached/arrived at that particular blog thru The Bloggers Link Exchange. Visited the page, read the latest post and left a comment. (Subscribed to it too.) Later did I know the page owner/writer was somehow connected to some pathetic person I know. 

The PP left a comment stating that Commenter #1 (happens to be me) is not stopping following her and wanting to be “in her world”. My initial reaction reading that post was “Duh! As if ka naman ateng!.. Gusto mo na namang ikaw ang nasa-LimeLight?! Ang EPAL mo din eh noh?


As much as I wanted to not to get “intertwined” with that PP again, circumstances like this are inevitable. I was really eager to post a reply on her comment, but I chose not to. I am still way better than her. I know that for sure, for keeping the “professional” attitude. 

The fact that the blog site doesn’t belong to either of us, leaving unnecessary comments or irrelavant notes is unethical just to draw some attention. Besides, what’s the point replying to her, let her believe what she wants to believe. Further, the owner has nothing to do with what had happened in the past. She doesn’t even know me. 

Recalling what our common friend told me months ago, that she said I was ruining her reputation online, DUH! she’s the one ruining that. I never talked to anyone about “the issue”, in fact it was her who did all the talking. It’s not really my fault if she’s affected to all the posts/tweets I made. She have all the GUILT in her that she can’t take and assumed that she’s all I cared to talk about. LOL

If I would want to ruin her reputation online, I can do that. The fact that there are some people I just need to be in contact with just to tell some things the PP did or have said against them. LOL there are a lot actually. Plus the fact that I can have an easy access to communicate with the ORIGINAL woman and tell that how her personal social accounts have been compromised.  (Uber pathetic dba?) _Even those poeple she’s in connection with right now, she uttered words against them before, be-littling their kids, commenting on their physical appearances, kesyo di naman maganda, and such blah blah blah.. 

But I’d rather not want to do that. I will let them find out who she really is. My parents taught me how to respect a person even they’re not so deserving of that respect.

Further, you must respect yourself first before you can have other people’s respect. With things you do and say signifies what kind of person you are.

Furthermore, making up stories that you know aren’t true just to “wash your hands” over something wrong you did is just making things worse and even complicated. 




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