Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You gotta' kiss the frog!!


As usual,  I found it hard to repose under the light of the moon last night.  So I turned on my ever faithful companion my, my computer, and searched for some of the movies that have been donated to me thru the internet.

I watched the Princess and the Frog.  The lastest disney cartoons that has black people starring on it and a full jazz music which I really enjoyed.

Prince Naveen: [to Tiana] You are my Evangeline

Who is Evangeline?  Evangeline is the most effulgent star that people wished upon.  Evangeline was the name given to it by Ray (a firefly),  it’s number 1 admirer.

We all have our own Evangeline, a star that will light up our world everytime that our night is in somber.  BUt really, sometimes our Evangeline is not what we thought they are.  Sometimes you won’t see them when you really need them.  Sometimes you’ll see them fall but not for you.  And the only thing that you’ll remember about them is how they used to light up your sky.

You’ll remember the good things and not the bad.  And that what hurts the most.   But eventually,  the’re will always a new star that will light up your world.

Just wish that it won’t go away.

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