Thursday, January 7, 2010


Upon seeing this on tumblr, i made up my mind not to post any photos taken today.

This photo/word art brought me to nostalgia. I remember the very person whom I first heard these words made out of the word FINE..

Reminisce..Reminisce.. hahahaha

5 or 6 years ago at the law library(reviewing that time kasi midterms or finals).. when KIM approached me asked me how i was.. i simply said “I am FINE”.. he asked what kind of “fine”.. i just said “Fine as in fine. Im OK.” and then i said thanks for asking.. KIM told me that the word FINE has another meaning other than just being fine.. and he enumerate the words corresponding to each letters of the said word. So that is! hahahaha

nah.. just being NOSTALGIC..

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